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What is Better School Life or College Life

Update on 2024-04-15

What is Better School Life or College Life - School Life Vs College Life

What is Better School Life or College Life:

When we talk About School Life or College Life, they are two very different phases of life. They can be defined as salt and sugar. They surely look alike but are totally different in taste. From childhood to teenage, school tries to prepare you for your life as an adult. Whereas in college, the teachers teach adults how to transition from a teenager to a professional of corporate life. 

Believe it or not, our life as a school student is actually more disciplined than it can ever be as a college student. Adding to that, when we were in school, disciplinary rules and protocols bound us. Though we always wanted to defy it, there was always a fear of being punished or caught. Whereas college life though bounded by rules, hardly mattered for the students as college life is all about doing what you feel like.

Yet both hold their own charms and leave us with glorious memories, wonderful friendship and a lot of skills and knowledge. Now without any further ado, let’s have a look at the things which divide the school life experience from that of college.

School Life Vs College Life:

Environment In Learning: When it comes to the learning environment, the two educational systems are way different from one another. That being said, in college you are actually no more compliant learner. Group discussions or active participation in the classroom is encouraged by the professionals and you make the learning effort on your own. Whereas in high school teachers seriously run after you and push you every time to study and improve your marks or grades in examination. 

Dress Code: In every school, there is a uniform or a defined set of clothing given by the school administration for all its students. You are actually bound by the school rules to wear the dress code and wear a neat and clean uniform every day you come to school.

Attendance: It can be one of the major differences between the two student lives that we live. In school, attendance was one of the compulsory things. If we even missed out a day, we had to apply for a sick application duly signed by our parents or local guardian. On the other side, attendance is taken very casually by the students in college. A lot of colleges have introduced a minimum attendance percentage for the students which they need to follow to be able to sit in the exam. For mass bunk or proxies, it was an unheard concept in school but in college, it seemed to be the only thing in the student's mind.

Friends and Roommates: Back in school, no matter how unmanageable you were as a teenager, every time you used to go through a problem, your parents were the first people you rushed up to. Though school friendships are great and you keep a lot of secrets with your friends but you still depend on your parents for many things.

But in colleges, there is no such thing as privacy. When you are living in dorms or hostel rooms, you are mostly sharing your room with your other roommate. Friends are the only people on whom you can rely when you want some company to celebrate or when you need a shoulder to cry on. 

Being in college life can be an overwhelming experience and it also leads to becoming on the happiest phase of your life. On the other hand, the school has charms on its own. One can never forget their school or college life and it’s definitely true. 

Now that we have known the vast difference between “Which Life is Better College Life or School Life” I hope you have got an answer.

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