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Top 20 Courses After 12th in India - Check All Courses

Update on 08 Nov, 22

Top 20 Courses After 12th in India - Check All Courses

Top 20 courses after the 12th:

After the 12th it is a pretty baffling question in the minds of the aspirants to choose the suitable course for them. Students encounter so many difficulties to choose one course as there are numerous professional courses that students may select. Lack of proper education is what confuses. They do what their parents and friends say to them. They do think about what is best for them. Through this article, scholars from Science, Commerce, or Arts streams, will be able to find details about good professional courses after the 12th. This will help students fight off the confusion and thus help them make the right and informed choice. There are numerous Top 20 Courses After 12th in India from which the aspirants can pick the best for them.

List of Top 20 Courses After 12th in India:

It is not requisitive to become an engineer, doctor, or teacher and follow typical Induan Culture. There are some courses that are specially designed for someone creative and talented. Here is the list narrowed below which showcased the Top 20 Courses After 12th in India

1. Chartered Accountant:

Becoming a CA is not a piece of the cake. CA seeks the financial affairs of businesses and companies following the laws set by Government authorities. CA tasks include examining tax affairs, looking into financial transactions through auditing, creating necessary reports, etc. To become a CA one has to complete the Chartered Accountancy (CA) Course After the 12th (or 12th equivalent courses) and become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Once CPT is cleared, learners have to appear for CA Intercourse. After completing the CA Inter exam and doing Information Technology Training Course, one may appear for CA Final exam.

2. National Defense Academy and Naval Academy:

One who wishes to give his life for the nation then may go into the Navy. After the 12th one may join National Defence Academy or Naval Academy. Graduating from NDA and Naval Academy gives scholars the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree. Apart from the merits to join NDA initially you have to join the Indian Army, Indian Navy, or Indian Air Force at a good rank after which as an Indian Armed Forces officer you are entitled to excellent facilities and attract immense respect in the society.

3. Space Technology:

In today's era of technology, India has ranked topmost power in space sciences and technology. Our country has several accolades in space technology. India is the only country that launched 105 satellites using a single rocket, in the year 2017. In 2014, India became the first country to put an orbiter on Mars which was the first attempt. One can make an exceptional career in the Space Technology field. Many top courses can be pursued by the students after the completion of class 12th.

4. Police Services:

The job of the police is considered one of the most respected and honored jobs in India. After the successful completion of class 12th, a man or woman can easily become a police constable. Working for the Indian police forces requires immense courage, a sense of patriotism, and self-sacrifice for the welfare of society. One can easily get promotions depending on seniority and can also get opportunities to do the prestigious Indian Police Service exams later.

5. Fine Arts:

One who is creative and has universal talent can go for painting, designing, textile designing, etc courses. This is a quite specialized field that gives wings to one’s creative instincts and helps them to achieve their passion and dreams. One can go, for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, or Bachelor of Arts (B.A Course) after the completion of class 12th. After this one can make an excellent career in design-related fields.

6. Pharmacy Courses:

The Pharmacy courses give all details about the salts and medicines. After the 12th one can go for a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm Course). Pharmacy courses standard, you have the option of making a career in pharmaceutical companies, the Food and Drug Administration, and various other government agencies. Bachelor in Pharmacy can be opted by the students after class 12th. India’s pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a boom. The country is being promoted worldwide as a medical tourism destination.

7. Nutritionist & Dietetics:

For becoming a dietitian, one needs to have a compulsory bachelor's degree in Dietetics. Nutritionists can go into research as well as work as nutrition consultants and advisors, public health and health promotion officers, community development officers, quality and nutrition coordinators, food technologists, etc.

8. Airline Cabin Crew:

A career in an airline cabin crew has a lucrative and bright future. An airline cabin crew has to travel the world. A job in this field is very interesting and always in vogue. Numerous courses can be pursued by the aspirants. In India, the airline cabin crew is commonly called Air Hostesses for females and Flight Stewards for males. After the completion of class 12th, one can go for short courses to become a cabin crew.

9. Culinary Arts:

One who has an interest in cooking or has a passion to cook for the Culinary Arts Course is best. A degree in Culinary Arts can fetch a great job as a chef at some of the topmost hotels and restaurants in India and abroad too. After the 12th Bachelor's in Culinary Arts can be pursued by the students. They teach you how to make mouthwatering recipes and pastries.

10. Forensic Sciences:

After so many advances in various scientific fields, India after so many years still lags in forensic sciences. In India of the country's size, population, and crime rate, there are only seven Central Forensic Science Laboratories that serve the entire nation. Forensic Science Course is the program that is mostly pursued by the aspirants after the completion of class 12th. After the course, one can get a job at a National Investigation Agency, as a forensic investigator with police departments, and other law enforcement authorities in India.

11. Metallurgy:

There are not so many metallurgy courses in India but few provide bachelor and diploma courses in Metallurgical Engineering. Metallurgical careers in India are always on the rise. After completing a course in metallurgy one can get a job in automobile companies, mining firms, and government departments.

12. Banking, Finance & Insurance:

Job in the banking sector is fruitful and bright as it gives numerous opportunities to work. there are three courses in the banking sector that can be opted for by the students such as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Course) in Banking & Finance, BBA in Banking and Insurance, and Bachelor of Science in Banking & Finance. If one desires to work in nationalized banks then he needs to give entrance exams while private and cooperative banks will hire directly. You can also pursue Banking Courses after 12th.

13. Radio Jockey:

Radio Jockey is a person who hosts a radio talk show, plays music, or topic of discussion, by interacting with the audience. One who has a sweet voice and loves his voice should become RJ. There are numerous short-term courses to become a radio jockey. The duration of these courses may vary from 3 months to 6 months. One needs to have excellent interpersonal skills, voice, and sound knowledge about music.

14. Medical Diagnostics:

If you are dying to work in India’s healthcare sector but can't able to Become a doctor, then there are still numerous career options that are available in front of students. Medical diagnostics is a booming industry in today’s scenario. Top courses in the medical diagnostics field include Bachelor of Science (B.Sc Course), B-Sc in Radiology and Ultrasound, and B-Sc in Radiography and Imaging Technology.

15. Classics:

If one has a keen interest in the history of India then students should go for classics study. Top universities in India offer Undergraduate courses after the completion of the 12th standard. These courses help the students to make a great careers as a historian and archaeologists. These are rare and top courses and hence the demand for your skills will be high.

16. ITI Courses:

There are more than 180+ ITI Courses in engineering and non-engineering sectors which are now available through 1,700 or more Industrial Training Institutes. ITI certification is highly respected in India and recognized in foreign countries too.

17. Bartender:

Thinking to be a bartender may make you laugh but trust me it is not an as bad idea as you think so. Let me tell you that qualified bartenders are in great demand and highly respected. They are in great demand at topmost hotels and resorts, event management companies, and tour operators. There is a six-month professional bartender course. Indian bartenders are also hired by all major cruise lines in India and the world too.

18. Fashion Technology:

One who loves fashion and has a good fashion sense can go for the Fashion Designing Courses. Follow your passion and go for a fashion design course. Opt for the Bachelor of Science- Fashion Technology course after the 12th. Or one may start his own brand of fashion wear or work for top designers.

19. Fitness Instructor:

After the 12th standard, there is numerous fitness course that one can opt for to become a fitness instructor. A typical fitness instructor course lasts only about three to six months. One will be able to learn about exercises, gym equipment, aerobics and yoga, and other fitness techniques. As a certified fitness instructor, you can make a great career with sports clubs or even state-level teams and gyms.

20. Aviation:

An aviation career is so bright and lucrative. There are Numerous Aviation Courses After the 12th which can be opted for by the students. Bachelor of Airport Management, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Heavy Aircraft Maintenance, and Diploma in Avionics are some of the top courses in the aviation sector. One can fly high after pursuing Aviation courses.

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