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Top 10 Hacks to Be Quick Learner

Update on 2024-04-15

Top 10 Hacks to Be Quick Learner | How to Learn Quickly

You don’t need a doctoral degree or a Buddhist monk for a great functioning brain. You just have to follow three simple steps, that is, feeding the brain, the second one is rewiring of the brain and the third one is brain loves challenges.

Cater to your Brain

To learn quickly, this can be the most important trick. If the engine that is running you doesn’t have the required power, it will not work at optimum speeds. Our brains need Omega and other healthy fatty acids and a mixture of this diet, most importantly Omega 3. Always eat healthy food and the best ingredients to consume is green leafy vegetables, fresh meat.

Everything is related to Circadian Clock

Get enough sleep. Most of the people don’t get proper sleep. This, in turn, affects your Circadian Rhythm (The sleeping pattern).  You can set the rhythm by aligning your timings according to the sun. Taking less caffeine and sugar also helps. By setting your time with the sun and it’s a pattern that is natural. This is turn will help the brain to get rid of insomnia and you can wake up fresh in the morning. Take help of different apps that are available in your smartphone. There are many apps available in your play store or app store that will help you wake up early.

Bringing Awareness in your Life

The simplest way of practicing steps to be a good learner is practicing presence and awareness in your day to day life. Start with what you are doing and focusing your whole energy in only that task. If someone is talking to you and discussing something and in your mind, you are thinking about the sports match that went good last day inside your brain. Just take five minutes of your life and completely focus on the things that are happening in front of you. This will completely relax you and silence the constant thinking mind.


Yoga has the power to give your body and your mind the rejuvenation at the same time. Yoga is a simple practice of stretching of your body that will help you regain control and rewiring of the brain. This, in turn, will help you bring awareness to the moment.

Work on the rewiring of Emotions

The old emotions that don’t work. You are carrying them around and this baggage is slowing you down. You are stuck in your emotions and this is causing the rest of your life. A simple way to come out of your old thinking is practicing meditation. This will help you relieve you of your negative associations. You can easily leave your baggage of thinking behind. Yoga and meditation is the key to acceptance of different aspects of life and helps you move forward in life.

High-Speed Reading

There is a great amount of knowledge that is out there. To consume all of that is a big task. You need to know some ways through which you can gain this knowledge fast. Speed Reading is the key to that. Learn this technique and you will be an incredible learner fast.

Writing with pen and paper

When you write something physically it has a special effect on your brain. It gets stored in your brain easily. You can remember things much more easily f you start writing all the important things. The body-brain connection becomes much stronger if you start the act of writing all the things.

Reinvigorate Yourself

Creativity is destroyed when life becomes routine and monotonous. Your same day to day can be the killer of your creative mindset. Stop binge watching content. Stop wasting money on non-useful things and take a new art class or a new hobby.  Build your skills that you like and think about how you can use these skills in your future.

Listen to Great Musicians

It’s proved in research that listening to music like Beethoven, Mozart can help fire great neurons in your brains. Classical and relaxing music can help reduce pain, stress. It has the power to stop seizures and even relieve you from insomnia.

Habit Formation

The theory says, if you ked doing the same thing again and again, this is how a habit is formed. If you start reading books daily and keep doing that, it will slowly convert into a habit. Try to make healthy and productive habits in your life that will help you in the future.

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