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Technical Writer Salary In India

Update on 2024-04-15

Technical Writer Salary In India In 2024

Details of a Salary of Technical Writer in India

India is a plural nation. Thousands of people live here. And in this largely populated country, you’ll find a favorable percentage of people into technical content writing. A lot of young students these days are doing content writing to sharpen their skills in writing & earn some money.

But most of you might be wondering how much a technical content writer earns in India or how much a technical content writer's salary in India in 2024 could be.

Well, here is your answer; you will learn everything about a technical content writer & the technical content writer's salary in India in 2024 here:

Technical Writer Salary in India

What Does A Technical Content Writer Do?

Technical Content writers are highly skilled individuals who frame technical manuals or develop content for different products. The product could be anything. And so are the contents they create. In general, technical content writers communicate to the consumers and spread awareness about the products through the content.

Whether it's off-page content or on-page content, the technical content writer is the wordsmith to strategies and creates them. And also guides us about the product.

What Is The Need For Technical Content Writing In 2024?

Technical Content writing is important for us to educate the consumers; the audience about the product in the simplest way. The way consumers can grasp it completely. Technical content writing consists even more important these days because of the advanced technology and a lot of web-based products.

Since its difficult to educate everyone about technological or web-based products using only the product description or aggressive marketing. To put it simply, technical content writing helps to upgrade the value, performance, and user experience of complex products through content & content marketing.

What Is The Salary of a Technical Writer In India In 2024?

The technical writer's salary in India in 2024 depends upon various factors - experience, skills, and nature of the job: whether full-time or part-time. In general, those with experience working as a full-time content writers will get a decent package in comparison to the freshers.

However, if we will take a look at the data, the average salary of a technical content writer per annum will be around 3.9 Lakhs. But that of a fresher or freelancer will be around 1.8 LAP.

So again, we can't define the salary of a technical content writer in India in 2024. But we can exactly make a rough estimation based on the figures and the data present with us. Moreover, the technical content market is growing rapidly, and thus, one can easily make a decent living through content writing.

Salary of a Technical Writer in India

Eligibility Criteria of a Technical Content Writer In India

At times, people think that what qualities they should have to be a technical content writer. What are the eligibility criteria? You know what? There is nothing so specific & stagnant about a technical content writer in India. Even you can be a technical content writer in India.

But all that you need to be a technical content writer in India is marvelous writing skills. You have to be a wordsmith; you must be someone who could easily break complex terms into simpler lines to ensure that consumers across the nation could connect with the product.

  • If we will talk about the minimum eligibility criteria required to be a technical content writer, then there is no such line. You don’t need any special qualifications.

  • However, you must be 18 years old & must have passed your 12th std.

  • You need extremely sharp writing skills and must have a good vocabulary.

  • In case, you are a graduate, then that will be an advantage for you to pursue the clients.


Although the technical writer salary in India in 2024 is excepted to be around 3-4 LAP, the technical content writers in top firms like Google, Deloitte, and Microsoft easily earn around 8.9 LAP. So, we can conclude with the fact that salary depends upon the experience of the writer and the firm.

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