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Qualities of a Good English Tutor

Update on 2024-04-15

Qualities of a Good English Tutor - Best Online English Tutor

Best Online English Tutor:

English is the world’s universal language. While it is not included in the list of the world’s difficult languages to learn, non-English speakers find it confusing. 

If you have just moved to an English-speaking country, you need to learn to speak the language as soon as possible. If you are a student, you are going to have a hard time understanding your lessons without proper knowledge of the language. 

While English is being taught in school, it would take time before you learn the language, primarily if it is not being taught in the country where you came from. The best option now is for you to hire an English Tutor. Below are some of the good qualities that you should look for when hiring a tutor.

The tutor should be a native speaker

Forget about immersion when you want to learn the language. It does not matter if the tutor can’t speak your language fluently; what matters is how well they speak English. Of course, not all native English speakers are good tutors, and many non-native English speakers teach English very well. However, only native speakers can help you understand specific aspects of their language as well as their culture. 

The tutor should be friendly and approachable

You need to feel comfortable with your tutor for you to learn faster. Different personalities usually don’t work well together. If you don’t feel at ease with your current tutor, it is alright to find a new one. You may need to try a few tutors before you find the one that suits your personality, and that is fine. Tutors will not take it personally if you stop taking their class.

The tutor should be accessible

An excellent tutor is always available and accessible. They should provide you with all their contact information, such as an email address and phone number that they use regularly. They should inform you about the best time to contact them if you have any questions regarding your lessons.

The tutor should be patient and understanding

A tutor should understand that you will not understand everything quickly. They are willing to review the lessons with you as much as needed.

The tutor should be energetic

You are not in the mood to learn every day. A lively tutor who provides fun activities will make your sessions go by quickly. A tutor with good energy and enthusiasm can motivate you to learn more.

The tutor should encourage independence

A tutor’s job is to guide you. You need to learn your lessons alone, allowing you to figure some things out alone. You will never learn if your tutor always helps you with the answers. However, if they see you struggling, they are still there to help you.

The tutor should be confident

Tutor should be confident with their lessons. Whether they are a native speaker or someone who has the proper experience, they can answer your questions without you doubting if they know what they have said.

Often, finding a good English tutor is not easy. Whether you’ve found the best one quickly or it took you a long time, you need to be patient through the process.

You may not get all these qualities in an individual. However, the important thing is for you to learn and speak the language as quickly as possible.

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