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Private Colleges in Canada

Update on 2024-04-15

Private Colleges in Canada - Check Ranking, Courses & Tuition Fees

Details of Top Private Colleges in Canada

Canada is a well-regarded higher education destination that welcomes international students to enroll in undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. Both public and private colleges in Canada are able to offer the courses. While private universities in Canada rely on tuition fees, scholarships, and private donations to meet operational expenses, public institutions are supported by the Canadian government.

As of right now, public institutions dominate higher education in Canada. However, a large number of Canada's first colleges were private establishments. The federal state of Canada is made up of numerous provinces.

The ability to award academic degrees to several private colleges in Canada has been granted during the past few years by various provincial authorities.

For international students looking for an affordable degree then Canada is a fantastic opportunity. Both national and international students can take Canada's affordable tuition fees. Additionally, you'll be studying in a highly developed nation in an English atmosphere. Canada's educational system is regarded as being on par with that of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Russian Education atmosphere.

Many international students choose to study in Canada because of the reasonable tuition costs, the ease and comfort of living, and the top-notch reputation of the universities. So here are some of the best private colleges in Canada that offer various programs.

List of the Best Private Colleges in Canada

1. St. Mary's University - 

This university, which was originally established in 1986 as St. Mary's University, is now a well-known private university in Canada. It provides a wide variety of courses and programs in liberal arts, education, and sciences and is accredited by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

According to Maclean's 2024 rankings, the university was placed fourth out of 19 Canadian universities with a focus on undergraduate education. These are a few of its most popular courses. This college's yearly tuition is 29,000 CAD ( Approx INR 17,00,000 ).

St. Mary's University, Canada

2. Quest College - 

This private, non-governmental university is a more recent development. The usage of the block plan in the curriculum is regarded as unorthodox across the nation.

This university has five divisions instead of typical departments:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences

According to Times Higher Education, it is the seventh most beautiful campus in all of Canada. This college's yearly average tuition is 34,000 CAD ( Approx INR 20,00,000 ).

Quest University, Canada

3. Trinity Western University - 

One of Canada's major independent Christian liberal arts universities is Trinity Western University. It was established in 1962, is situated in Langley, British Columbia, and annually enrolls about 4000 pupils. This university offers over 45 undergraduate and 17 graduate programs, and its student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1.

According to the QS Global World Rankings 2024, it came in at 170 overall. Some of its well-liked courses include master's degrees in business administration, computer science bachelor's degrees, counseling psychology master's degrees, and biotechnology bachelor's degrees. The typical annual tuition for this college is 22,000 CAD (Approx INR 13,00,000).

Trinity Western University, Canad

4. Columbia University - 

One of the nation's oldest private colleges in this institution. This liberal arts institution, which is situated on Vancouver's west coast, provides university transfer courses to students of many nationalities. All of the courses are transferable to both provincially-based universities and institutions.

Columbia College came up at number 40 in the Best Colleges in Regional Universities South edition of 2024. Popular courses at Columbia College include the MBA, B.Tech. in CS, MA, and BioTech. This college's yearly average tuition is 16,000 CAD ( Approx INR 9,00,000 ).

Columbia University

5. The King's University - 

A private Canadian university offering bachelor's degrees in the humanities, music, social sciences, business, education, and other fields is situated in Edmonton, Alberta. The government of Alberta and Universities Canada have accredited the university.

King's University is well known for its award-winning instructors and cutting-edge facilities all around the world. According to UniRank, Canada, it is ranked 84. The BA, BBA, MBA, B.Tech. CS, MA, and BioTech programs there are popular. This college's yearly average tuition is 15,000 CAD ( Approx INR 7,50,000 ).

The King's University

How to Apply for Admission to Canadian Private Universities

During the application or admissions process, private institutions in Canada may request the following paperwork from you: undergraduate degree, certificate of secondary education or its equivalent, the 12th grade proof of financial assistance, verified transcripts, English proficiency certification (scores of IELTS), and recommendation letter for admission.


Students from all over the world can receive a top-notch education at both public and private universities in Canada. One of the reasons domestic and foreign students choose to study in private colleges is because they have a strong reputation and provide their students with interesting study options.

When infrastructure and top facilities are taken into account, private colleges in Canada can sometimes outperform public colleges due to their advanced lab facilities and technology.

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