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Online Classes For 12th Students

Update on 2024-04-15

Online Classes For 12th Students | How to Study Online?

Online Classes For 12th Students:

One of the most unprecedented events in the history of humankind has arrived. Due to the far-reaching widespread use of technology, schools and colleges are feeling the need to transfer their classes to an online platform so that studies can be taken to a whole new level.  It is also due to an effort to include all the parts and communities within the society. The role of technology is also very crucial in terms of studies since due to this education can reach where infrastructure, schools, institutions can not.

Schools where students were supposed to appear for the class 12th exam, schools have decided to use the extended time period before exams to better prepare their class 12th students. 

Due to the increase in schools shifting to the online platform, including the schools and institutions that were a little reluctant at first; the online sector has seen a steady increase in the last month itself. 

However there may be many benefits to shifting online classes for 12th students, there will always be a dark side to it. Students who are underprivileged, or cannot afford the requirements for online classes will likely suffer. The amount of investment needed in the online education sector is also not clear. The routine and study halls are the reason that some students could concentrate and study and complete their homework. 

College Disha is an online platform where principles, teachers and students alike can benefit from. It is a great platform, which provides online classes for their teachers and helps them to curate the online class they wish to create. 

The interested teachers must visit the official website of College Disha and take the help of our professional experts and tools. They can also check out the available look at the wide variety of educational information.  

Note: In this article, we will provide certain strategies and other related information on the topic How To Provide Online Classes For 12th Students.   

Benefits: Online Classes For 12th Students:

  • Career Advancement and Hobbies: 

Online classes for 12th students provide students with much more flexibility and choice. You can work and fit in your work schedule along with your hobbies as well. Students are encouraged to take planning and make a self-made study plan. This not only provides students with the benefit of self-reflexive study plans but also sound planning and time management skills.

In a survey conducted by The Learning House, 50% of students have reported a vast improvement in their learning and capabilities for doubt solving and researching.

  • Flexible schedule and Environment:

Online classes for 12th students ensure students get more time to do hobbies and other professional courses. The online classes provide students with a very flexible and own learning environment. Students can study in a place that makes them comfortable, for some, it might be their bedrooms, study room, etc. 

Taking an online class for 12th students also ensures that students are saved the time that was initially required to commute to class. Students no longer have to think of driving to class or catching a bus. Instead, they can wake up late or at least later than usual and attend classes right from their homes. 

  • Lower Cost:

Online classes for 12th students also entails lower costs and expenditure. They end up saving the money that was initially paid for transportation and food expenses at the college canteen. Thus this means that students can live with more money in their hands.

  • Self-responsibility and Discipline:

Online classes for 12th students also help to improve and inculcate a sense of discipline and a trait of responsibility. Knowing that the help that was initially provided by the subject teachers at school is not going to be so easily available, will make them try to stay attentive during online lectures. 

Studying online requires students to have or at least develop time management skills and self-motivation. Spending time alone and knowing that the result of your actions during this time will be shown in the board exam results makes the class 12th students mature and responsible. 

  • Choice of resources: 

When online classes for 12th students are the only way to learn, students get a little more creative and try finding different sources and other study material they can get online. Due to the abundance of time and the limitation of resources such as teacher help, books and textbooks, students have the time to search for alternate modes and study material that can help them understand topics. This, apart from ensuring that students are given a vast choice of resources to study from, also ensures that they improve and gain deeper knowledge into the topics they study, whether it be accountancy, biology, etc. 

Disadvantages: Online Classes For 12th Students:

The following list includes the drawbacks of providing online classes for 12 class students. 

  • No face-to-face interaction:

While online classes for 12th students can be very interactive through the use of webinars, webcams, conferences and even online chats. However, face-to-face interaction can never be duplicated in an online class. The online classes are no substitute for a formal classroom environment where students learn from a teacher who keeps an eye on them for the entire class. Real, game-changing learning can only happen in situations of life and real transformational classes, where students are present and in face-to-face interaction.  

  • Lack of Input from teachers: 

Online classes for 12th students may be filled with freedom for students, but it also has the downside of having less input from teachers. The attention a student gets in the classroom where the teacher ensures discipline and self practices, students in an online class can not do so. Teachers sit down and talk and explain certain chapters and explain certain things which they think is important, however in an online class, due to limited time, teachers are more focused on providing the basic details and summaries. 

  • Good E-Learning is difficult to do:

Developing a really effective e-learning strategy and making a good and sound timetable for studying every subject, proves to be very difficult. Students need a lot of self-motivation, discipline, and responsibility to be able to make a sound routine and stick to it. Online classes for 12th students provide them with freedom, but sometimes too much freedom.  

Hence just like that, we have come to know that there are many benefits and disadvantages to studying online. However, it all always depends on the student himself or herself. If they are serious enough about their studies, they will study, no matter what the model. 

Let’s hop on to ‘How to provide online classes for 12th students?’

There are so many ways to provide an online class for 12th class students, and we will begin by analysing some of the tools teachers can use to provide online classes to 12th class students.

Tools Providing for Online Classes For 12th Students:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Teachers can make use of Microsoft Powerpoint as one of the tools to provide online classes for 12th students. They can make interactive slideshows and presentations to make sure the students are not only learning effectively but are also able to clear their doubts. 
  • Apple’s Keynote: For schools that follow an international curriculum or syllabus pattern, or generally for schools that are equipped with the latest technology, they can make use of Apple’s own software for making slideshows and presentations which has a variety of features that are student-friendly and faster. 
  •  Video Recording Software: Teachers can also make use of video recording software where they feel that some topics or chapters do not require a live online session. However, some of the video recording platforms also have the live chat and meeting feature where teachers can conduct live classes.  

Many tech companies have started to provide offers to schools and institutions which are looking to offer online lessons. Companies like CISCO, ZOOM, Skype have great platforms for live video conferencing. They support a variety of features such as group video meetings, private video calling, file sharing, administrative controls and the on-demand video recording option. Google has also announced that it has been making changes and providing free “advanced” features in its online chatting services of which Hangouts is one example. 

Due to the increased demand for online classes for 12th students, the tech companies that deal with video conferencing and the like have opened up many affordable and accurate plans for their new audience, the schools and institutions.    

  • Online Class Delivery Platform: Using state of the art online platforms for delivering your lectures can make all the difference between a bad classroom experience and a productive classroom experience for both the students and teacher alike. A platform that is not secure and requires a hectic process every time to log in will definitely lead to many students not joining the class online. Hence, out of the many available options in the market and choosing the one that suits your needs for both the teachers and the school authorities is a must procedure. 

Hence, below we have provided a distinction between the three major market players, that is the most in-demand tech companies:

Why choose them?


Great platform for teaching small groups of students and encouraging interaction among them. 

Skype for Business

Includes a variety of options such as online meeting chat, resources and file-sharing options, etc.  


This is a great platform for teachers who wish to have live classes and turn each class into “episodes” so that students can re-watch a teaching video again and again, whenever they want. 

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is very similar to GoToWebinar, and also allows you to merge your videos with slides which enable you to make interactive class sessions. 

Strategies: How To Provide Online Classes For 12th Students

The method and tools the teacher must choose to deliver her classes will depend on what the subject content and course matter is. 

For example, if you wish to teach a practical subject like biology, then using interactive software that lets you prepare tasks, and experiment modules will be very helpful, rather than a straight-up pre-recorded video lecture. 

Despite that, we have provided a list of categories for the teachers to use in their online classes.

Live Classes over Pre-recorded class:

Having a live class is always way much more interactive and fruitful when it comes to learning since students can ask their doubts and queries on the spot and get answers accordingly. You can show students the resources and materials you have used to explain the subject or subtopic at hand in a live online class than in a calls-only or slide sharing webinar.

Prepare and Practice:

Teachers must prepare beforehand on the topics they wish to cover in the subsequent classes. Having a detailed study plan or lesson plan will ensure that there is minimum time wastage and that the flow of the class is on point. The teachers can also practice the session before going live to ensure confidence. 

Provide clear expectations to students:

Teachers must provide clear instructions to their students if they take online classes for 12th students. Since the absence of the physical school and formal environment, students might not feel the need to be on time or meeting deadlines and assignment submission dates. Hence the teachers must ensure that the students are given clear instructions on the dates and other guidelines they must follow. 

Establish Daily Routines:

Teachers must try to make the online classes as close to the normal classes as they can. To ensure that students take these online classes seriously, they can take attendance or establish a routine that will make it easier for the students and teachers alike. 

Independent Learning:

The teachers who wish to provide online classes for 12th students must ensure that the students learn to learn and study independently. Since the online classes will not provide as much control to teachers as traditional classes do, the best way to keep learning and discipline in check is to provide them with assignments and tasks that will keep the students learning and focused. 

Tips: How To Provide Online Classes For 12th Students

Below we have listed some points that students must follow so that they make the most out of this course:

Treat the online class as a real class: 

Students must treat the online classes as a real class and must make a point to listen to the teacher and follow his or her instructions.

Practice Time management: 

Students must also practice time management skills. They must develop the ability to manage their time and complete their assignments and the exercises given by the teacher in time. This will develop their skills. 

Create a study “space”:

Students can create a specific study space, like their favourite table, or a specific spot in a room to ensure that they stay motivated and study when they are in that space. It is a mental technique, by which designating a space with a specific purpose increases concentration and productivity. 

Eliminate Distractions: 

Distractions such as a mobile phone, television, music pods, etc should be kept aside or on silent to ensure that you do not get disturbed as soon as your phone screen lights up. 

College Disha is an online educational web portal that helps students along with teachers. The students can avail the help of our professional team and career counsellors to get answers for any education-related query they may have. College Disha also helps students by providing online classes to them on many topics.

Studying online can be tricky, but it can also be time-saving, efficient and productive. If you know the right way to “provide” an online class and if you know the right way to “take” an online class, then it wouldn’t be so bad. We hope this article may have helped you clear your doubts about How To Provide Online Classes For 12th Students.

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