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Job Oriented Course After Graduation

Update on 2024-04-15

Job Oriented Course After Graduation | Career, Scope, Job & Salary

Job Oriented Course After Graduation | Career, Scope, Job & Salary

Some may wonder “What courses after graduation?” But believe it that, in this world of the clash of clans, any tiny thing that gives an advantage over others is so damn overriding. Time is very precious it just flows with the air and aspirants need to start thinking about their career in this short interval of time. Several applicants may peer forward to pursue some short-term courses or may seek higher studies and start preparing for any entrance exam. Only a graduation degree is not enough in today's competitive world. One has to be specialized in some part which leads to getting up decent and lucrative job opportunities.

Beforehand in our country, if an individual finished his matriculation then he said to be well educated in social norms and he is also able to find various jobs, later it slowly went up to graduation. Graduation becomes a standard to get a fruitful job. But now aspirants are running towards higher studies at the present time the number of scholars who studied Post Graduation is increased to almost 100% as compared to the last decade. It is a significantly ridiculous growth by any criteria. This Job Oriented Course After Graduation enables us to boost up professional skills and helps them to climb the ladder of success.

Job Oriented Courses After Graduation:

Nowadays graduation alone is not enough to sustain in this cut-throat competition, specialization in one specific area can make candidates stand out from the crowd. Even in the general psychological aspect, the recruiters may feel bored to always choosing from regular graduates. A specialization course especially Job Oriented Course After Graduation will surely give an edge in the eyes of a recruiter. There are numerous short-term courses that can be pursued by scholars after the completion of a short-term course they can get a shining career.

List of Job oriented courses after graduation

Here is the list of courses that can be completed in a shorter period explained with the job-oriented course after graduation.

  • Master Program in Business Administration
  • Executive Program in Business Administration
  • Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics

Master Program in Business Administration:

The organizations prefer business leaders with a Master's Program in Business administration due to the trustworthiness they bring to the company. With the ever-changing global business environment, there are numerous cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and innovative approaches that make it compulsory for professionals to learn so that they can cope with challenges that they are facing diurnal. Pursuing an online master's program in business administration through various colleges/institutes aids professionals to effectively understand the concepts behind business administration, learn various levels of consumer behavior, analyze market trends. Apart from developing managerial skills, the online program helps majorly in developing leadership qualities and efficiently handling complex business scenarios.

Eligibility Criteria for Job Oriented Course After Graduation:

Graduates/ Diploma in any discipline or equivalent with minimum 1 Year of working Professionals is eligible for this short term course.

Course Duration:

Normally the time duration of the Master Program in Business Administration is 1 year.

Career Prospects:

After completing these Job Oriented Course After Graduation candidates will understand various practical aspects of business administration and able to deals with other compliances. This will make them an experienced professionals.

Salary Package:

After this short time course on average, the salary of the professionals may vary from 1 lakhs to 2 lakhs per annum (approx).

Executive Program In Business Management + Certified Professional Manager Course:

Executive Program in Business Management and Certified Professional specialization course which is designed to provide managers and specialists with a broad overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques needed to victoriously meet the challenges of today’s global business environment. This individual course will give scholars the knowledge needed to work cross-functionally within the organization.

Eligibility Criteria:

Graduates/ Diploma in any discipline or equivalent.

Program Duration:

Time duration to complete this short-term course is about 11 months.

Career After the Job Oriented Course After Graduation:

  • Provides professionals with the ability to climb up the corporate ladder and advance to an executive management position
  • The course also offers fundamental knowledge that can be applied to all kinds of situations while supporting personal and leadership development.


Honorarium Package:

After the completion of an executive program in a business management course, the salary may vary according to the reputation of the company and the job profiles. Starting salary ranges from 50,000 to 1 Lakhs per annum (approx).

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics:

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics is intended for applicants who want to build their careers in business analytics. The program is mindfully crafted by distinguished academics and industry professionals which helps the aspirants to develop a though conceptual understanding of the essentials and advanced topics in business analytics.

The program intends for participants to apply the above analytics skills-sets to solve real-world business predicaments. The postgraduate program in business analytics aims the candidates to handle a real-world business problem through various tools and methodologies discussed in the curriculum.

Eligibility Criteria:

Fresh graduates and experienced working professionals.

Course Duration:

The time span to complete this business analytics course is about 11 months.

Career Prospects:

  • Improving the quality and relevancy of the decision-making process
  • Synchronizing financial and operational strategy
  • Increase revenues
  • Better alignment with strategy
  • Realizing cost-efficiency
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Producing a single, unified view of enterprise information
  • Sharing information with a wider audience

Remuneration Package

After the completion of this course, there are numerous fruitful career opportunities that are available for the deserving applicants. The initial salary is Rs. 1 lakhs to 2 lakhs per annum (approx). Salary will increase after gaining the experience of at least 2 years, then it will range from 5 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs annually (approx).

Benefits of Add-On Courses:

Know your work:

With respect to the workplace atmosphere, it is necessary to become well-acquainted. Pursuing these courses gives aspirants a basic landmark of how and what kind of jobs may be asked. It helps to get a clue about the outputs desired according to the work given.

Updates skill:

Whenever candidates choose high-grade courses, their personality and skills take a huge leap. Doing these courses helps to create new software. Taking a management course might help the applicants in applying to the office environment and creating an impact.

Unlocks job prospects:

The organization always chooses those employees who have better knowledge and versatility in their approaches. These courses increase the chances of getting jobs after graduation. Scholars pursue degrees and face hurdles in getting a job. Meanwhile, others possess excellent course descriptions and fetch better chances of employment.

Mandatory certificate courses:

Some workplaces (mostly reputed ones) always demand some other certificate courses after Job Oriented Course After Graduation, for being selected for the job interview. They prefer candidates who not only know the basics of education but have taken a leap in collecting further knowledge and experience.

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