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Is Career Guidance Good for Students?

Update on 2024-04-15

Is Career Guidance Good for Students? - Reasons Why Career Guidance is Must for Students

What is Career Guidance?

Career Guidance is the comprehensive counselling given to individuals so they can make better career decisions. During career guidance, an individual gets information about various aspects of career building.

Professional Career Guidance aims to help a person to make choices that benefit their long-term and short-term career goals and lead them to a financially and emotionally satisfying life.

Career Guidance is a counselling process where you can get professional consultation from career counsellors in India to make the right educational or occupational choices.

Career guidance also helps an individual to understand the work culture, job, or industry requirements.

One can seek career guidance at any point in their life. Despite there being no limitations on age when it comes to seeking career counselling, the best time to take professional career guidance is when an individual is in School or college. As we all know that our actions as a student determine what our professional life would look like.

Career guidance for students aims to help them identify their true career paths and acknowledge their talents, abilities, interest areas, and strengths, so they can utilize them to excel in their careers.

During the career guidance process, a career coach or counsellor assesses you based on various parameters and takes the evaluation into consideration while providing you with the needful guidance.

Is Career Guidance Good For Students?

Of course, Career Guidance is beneficial for the students because it allows them to make more informed choices and well-planned steps for their careers.

There are many reasons why career guidance is good for students, some of them are mentioned below:

  • In the world of peer influence and family expectations, youth is losing their distinctiveness, and therefore career guidance is much needed now than ever. Career selection and career planning must be done while considering all the factors like a person's interests, abilities, suitable job types, financial goals, and other personal attributes, a professional career guide/coach or counsellor can help you to make a career choice that aligns with all of your personal attributes.
  • A major percentage of students are not familiar with more than 7 career options which include engineering, medical, accountancy, and defence. The unawareness and ignorance towards learning the world of work limit their options and hence they end up selecting the wrong career. Career Guidance provides the students with insights into the world of work and educates them about their best career options.
  • Career Guidance also helps the students to overcome the challenges that may come across their career paths. For eg- If a particular industry chosen by an individual has too much competition and has fewer opportunities as compared to job seekers, a professional career guide would suggest you some good certification courses to upskill yourself, so you can get an upper edge over other job seekers and stand out in the competition.
  • Career Guidance sometimes also helps students to improve their academic performance, professional career guides recommend some exercises that help the student to focus and understand the academic concepts.
  • A professional career coach/career guidance expert helps the student to choose the right subjects, stream, course, and career fields. Career guidance experts are well aware of the complexity of various career fields, they keep pace with the job market trends and therefore they can guide you in a more proper way than any of your family members or friend.
  • With the help of professional career guidance in India, a student can start early preparation to achieve their career goals. Sometimes a person is aware of their career aspirations and goals but they need guidance to know how they can achieve them without facing frequent failure in the process, This is where a career guide comes into great use. They act as a counsellor, motivators, and a strategist during your career journey.

What is the Difference Between Career Counselling and Career Guidance?

There is not much difference between career counselling and career guidance except that of a methodology. Career counselling includes the use of psychological science in the process whereas career guidance may use a direct approach to help a candidate in achieving the goals.

To know more difference between career guidance and career counselling, read further:

Best Career Counselling in India: Career Counselling is a consultation process based on the psychological assessment of an individual, In this process, a person is counselled based on the outcomes of the psychometric career assessment tests and provided with the required career advice.

A career counsellor in India is usually a psychology expert who is certified and trained to practice psychological assessment tests on his/her clients to provide them with needful counsel.

A career counsellor assesses your abilities, aptitude, learning styles, behaviour, and personality and then provides you with career recommendations keeping all the assessment results in mind.

Career Counselling in India is mostly suggested during or after your schooling or graduation. Career Counselling is a psychological science-driven practice and therefore it should be taken from certified and trained career counsellors only.

Best Career Guidance in India: Career Guidance, on the other hand, is the process where a career coach provides unaided guidance to a student and leads or assists him/her to accomplish his/her career goals.

A career guidance process may or may not involve any psychological assessment. Since career counselling is mostly recommended for school students, graduates, and freshers, Career guidance on the other side can be taken at any point of your life.

Career Guides are experienced professionals who hold expertise in the employment market and have well-researched various job fields.

Since they possess years of experience, they point directions for your career based on his/her findings and knowledge. Please note that a career guide and a career counsellor can be the same person.

Objectives of Career Guidance for School Students

  • Aims to prepare a strong and effective strategy for the timely achievements of career gals
  • Helps the students to do better in academics
  • Allow them to embrace their unique skill sets
  • Helps them to overcome their unproductive habits and toxic traits
  • Educate Students about suitable career options and study scope
  • Helps them to pre-plan their career moves
  • Helps in landing a well-paid and satisfying job
  • Helps in boosting self-confidence
  • May also provide career development resources
  • Helps in landing excellent career opportunities
  • Intends to uncover your hidden talents and abilities and utilize them to build a successful career

Final Words

Career Counselling and Career Guidance are two different words but their mean intent is the same, that is to provide you aid to transform into a successful ad empowered professional in your destined career field.

We at College Disha believe that every person is born with some natural talents and skills, these abilities determine what they are destined to become in their future and therefore their careers must be determined on the basis of one’s distinctive talents and abilities.

A career guide or career counsellor can help an individual to uncover their inborn talents and abilities, so they can make the best use of their skills to excel in their career.

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