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Computer Science Courses after 12th

Update on 2024-04-18

Computer Science Courses after 12th - List of Computer Science Courses

Class 12th is a major turning point in the life of individuals as they choose the subjects that will chart the future course of their career. Some students select the Humanities and Commerce stream in class 12th whereas the most sought-after stream by the students is Science.

List of Courses in Computer Science After 12th:

While every stream is important in its own right and the present-day world, has numerous opportunities, the Computer Science courses after 12th have gained more importance as it has no dearth of jobs and is always in demand.

With the advent of digital transformation and automation in every field, CS courses are highly in demand. The market today is data-driven, and to process such massive amounts of data they need for Computer Science specialists has increased rapidly.

There are several CS courses after the 12th that a student can pursue. These courses are Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, and Certification. Each of these courses has job prospects in different domains and is well paid.

Let us now take a look at the Top computer science courses after 12th in detail:

1. Diploma Courses in Computer Science After 12th:

It is suitable for those students who want to tread into the professional field quickly. These are one of the best courses after 12th in Computer Science and usually have a duration of  6 months to 3 years. The syllabus and the duration depend upon the course that the candidate is applying for.

The Diploma courses in CS are offered by recognized Institutes and the students become eligible for jobs in the field of Communication, Medicine, Telecom industry, Public sector undertaking, research, and development.

After completing the Diploma course, the students can directly apply for jobs. The Diploma in Computer Science Course can be pursued by a student after completion of Class 10 exams too. These courses teach the mathematical concepts of Computer Science and the basic understanding of computer science.

Students can apply for the following posts after completing the Diploma Courses:

  • Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Software specialist
  • Operations executive
  • Technical writer
  • IT Support Engineer
  • Technician
  • Software Testing Engineer
  • Database administrator

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List of Diploma Courses in Computer Science After 12th:

There are many available Diploma courses in computer science that a student can pursue after the 12th, a few of them are as follows:

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering: It is a 3-year course and can be pursued after Class 10 Board exams. This course teaches the core concepts of computer hardware and software. The course also focuses on the communication of digital data, circuit design, and the different algorithms. of the programming language.
  • Diploma in Hardware and Networking: It is a 1-year duration course and includes fields like solving computer hardware problems and maintenance of hardware. The Diploma course also teaches the students the basics of the most widely used networking platforms like Cisco and Microsoft.
  • Diploma in Software Engineering: The Diploma in Software Engineering course has a duration of 3 years. This course focuses on software testing, programming, development, and designing affordable software. The job prospects of this course are in the field of database development and software programming.
  • Diploma in Animation and VFX: This course emphasizes the application of multimedia and animation in the real world. The job prospects of the Diploma in Animation and VFX are in advertising agencies, television channels, cartoon production, and gaming companies. The job prospects of the Diploma course include Animator, 3D artist, Background animator, and Image editor.
  • Diploma in Cyber Laws: A Diploma in Cyber laws deals with the correction of legal issues of the world wide web. The course also deals with the types of Cybercrimes and their prevention. The other core subjects taught in the Diploma in Cyber Law are intellectual property issues, Data protection, Cyber Security, E-commerce, and Fintech. Candidates who have a Diploma in Cyber Law become eligible for jobs like Computer security professionals, Cyber Security specialists, and Cyber Arbitration specialists.

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma in CS Courses:

  • Candidates must pass the Class 10 exams from a recognized Board with Mathematics as the compulsory subject.
  • Candidates must get at least 45% marks in the last qualifying exam (the qualifying percentage may vary for the different Institutes).
  • Candidates have to get a valid score in the entrance exam ( specific to the Institute).

List of Top Colleges for Diploma in Computer Science Courses and Their fees:

Name of the Colleges Avg. Course Fees (Per Annum)
Government Polytechnic Courses INR 30,000
Theem College of Engineering, Palghar INR 35,000
Desh Bhagat University, Punjab INR 32,000
Gyan Vihar School of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur INR 28,000
Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Uttarakhand INR 44,800
Central Institute of Technology, Raipur INR 28,500
Usha Martin University, Ranchi INR 57,333
Annex College of Management Studies, Kolkata INR 35,000
J.S University, Uttar Pradesh INR 13,500
Lenora College of Engineering INR 25,000

Job and Salary Prospects of Diploma in Computer Science Courses After 12th:

The career prospects of the Diploma in Computer Science Course are widespread. Candidates become eligible for job opportunities in both Government and Private sectors.

A Diploma holder in CS courses after the 12th has well-paid salary prospects. The average salary of the Diploma in Computer is from INR 1 Lac to INR 5 Lac per annum. Freshers usually get an average salary of INR 15,000 to INR 3 Lac per annum.

Job Profiles after Diploma in Computer Science Course:

  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Testing Engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Cyber Security expert
  • Technical writer
  • Web designer
  • Cloud Architect

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2. Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Computer Science After 12th:

A B.Tech in Computer Science is the most important and opted degree among today’s youth. The course offers a wide range of career options with lucrative salary prospects. Usually, the B.Tech/BE courses have a duration of 4 years except for the B.Sc and BCA courses that have a duration of 3 years.

Computer Science is the fastest growing industry in recent times and individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree in CS courses after 12th can venture into the professional field easily.

List of Job Profiles After B.Tech in Computer Science Course After 12th:

  • Software Engineer
  • Software developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Cloud Computing professional
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Networking Engineers
  • Cyber Security analyst

List of Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Courses After 12th:

There are many bachelor's degrees in CS that a student can pursue after the 12th, a few of them are listed  below:

  • BE/B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering: BE/B.Tech in CSE is a 4-year undergraduate course that teaches the theoretical aspects and the practical approaches of Computer Science. This course also covers the problem-solving techniques using computer Science and various applications of Computer Science Engineering.

  • BE/B.Tech in Information Technology: BE/B.Tech in Information Technology is a 4 year-long undergraduate course that deals with the concepts of Software development and Software Engineering. It also teaches the management of databases and the creation of business software for different industries. B.Tech in Information Technology is one of the Best computer science courses after 12th that includes subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

  • BE/B.Tech in Software Engineering: BE/B.Tech in Software Engineering is one of the in-demand CS courses after 12th that teaches software designing, development, and testing. The candidate also learns the different programming languages like JAVA and Linux. Candidates can pursue the Information Technology course after completion of the 12th Board exams. The job profiles of a BE/B.Tech in Information Technology is Software Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, and Technical Support Analyst.

  • BCA in Computer Applications: It is a 3-year degree course that teaches several programming languages like JAVA, Python, Linux, C++, Advanced C, and PHP. Students who have completed the course can work as Software developers or computer programmers. Sometimes these courses are available in the integrated form like the BCA+MCA course. The job scope of the candidates is in both Government offices and MNCs. Candidates with a BCA in Computer Applications will become eligible for jobs like System Engineer, Web developer, and Junior Engineer. 
  • B.Sc in Computer Science: B.Sc in Computer Science has gained huge popularity due to the various job options available in India and abroad. The job responsibilities of a B.Sc CS engineer include upgrading and looking after a company’s hardware and software, managing the computer facilities of an organization, and managing the local area network of a company. The job profiles include Computer Scientist and Networking specialist.
  • B.Sc in Information Technology: This is an undergraduate degree course in Computers and has a duration of 3 years. The job responsibilities of a graduate in Information Technology are the storing, managing, and processing of computer-based information. The main subjects taught in Information Technology CS course after 12th include Java Programming language, database management, and computer networking. Professionals in this field can also design intriguing websites for companies. The job profiles of a B.Sc in Information Technology are Programmer, Database Administrator, Graphic designer, and Networking, expert.

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science:

  • Candidates must pass the class 12th exams from a recognized Board with a minimum of 50% aggregate.
  • Candidates must have Physics, Chemistry, Maths as the compulsory subjects.
  • Candidates who want to pursue the BE/B.Tech courses in Computer Science must get a valid score in the JEE (Mains) exam.

List of Top Colleges for BE/B.Tech in Computer Science and Their Fees:

Name of the Colleges Avg. Course Fees
SRM Institute of Science and Technology INR 10,00,000
National Institute of Technology, Trichy INR 8,27,600
Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore INR 10,00,000
Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai INR 7,80,000
Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai INR 1,28,160
Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore INR 8,74,000
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras INR 8,04,400
Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai INR 1,00,000

Job and Salary Prospects of BE/B.Tech in Computer Science:

It has the maximum job prospects in today’s times and that is why it is the most preferred course. A computer science Engineer gets job opportunities in both Government and Private enterprises.

The salary prospects of a Computer Science Engineer are extremely satisfying. A fresher in Computer Science Engineering gets a starting salary of INR 5 Lac to INR 6.5 Lac per annum. A Computer Science Engineer with a few years of industry experience gets a minimum annual salary of INR 22,00,000 per annum.

Job Profiles of a Computer Science Engineer:

  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Network Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Machine Learning Specialist
  • Full Stack developer

List of Top Colleges for B.Sc in Computer Science Courses and Their Fees:

Name of the College Course Fees
Chandigarh University INR 2,29,000
Gautam Institute of Science, Visakhapatnam INR 1,80,000
Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi INR 45,000
SAM Global University, Bhopal INR 23,000
School of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida INR 2,87,000
Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai INR 1.87 Lacs
Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore INR 2,43,000

Job and Salary Prospects of B.Sc in Computer Science:

Candidates who have pursued a B.Sc in Computer Science or Information Technology become eligible for a large domain of jobs. These students can either continue higher studies in Computer Science or step into the professional field immediately after completion of the course.

Computer Science/Information Technology graduates get well-paid job options in business, marketing, and research. The salary depends on the company and the post that the candidate is applying for. Normally the starting salary is INR 3.5 Lac per annum while an experienced candidate can easily earn INR 8 Lac per annum.

Job Roles of B.Sc Computer Science/Information Technology:

  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Software developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Website Developer
  • Technical Content writer

3. Certificate Computer Science courses After 12th:

Certificate CS courses after the 12th are online or offline classes of short duration. These courses are offered by renowned National and International Institutes. The best part of the online Certificate Computer Science courses is that these courses are self-paced and can be accessed by the candidates according to their suitable time and availability.

These courses deal with the specific fields of Computer Science under the larger disciplines. It paves the way for job opportunities in various fields by adding new skills to the candidate’s resume.

Job Posts after completion of the Certificate Course in Computer Science:

  • Network Engineer
  • Machine Learning Specialist
  • Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Database Manager
  • Website developer
List of Certificate Computer Science Courses After 12th:
  • Java Programming: Java is one of the most popular programming languages that is versatile and used in the development of mobile applications. A Java Developer is always in demand in the top industries and is offered a lucrative salary.
  • Multimedia and Animation: Multimedia and animation courses are in huge demand in the entertainment and advertising industries. Candidates who have a knack for creativity, art, and visualization can step into this field. The job prospects in this field include 3D Animator, Special effects artist, Image editor, and character animator.
  • Software App Development: The main responsibilities of a software app development specialist are the creation and testing of applications for mobile phones and tablets. These developers also conduct the testing of mobile applications to make them bug-free before it is released in the market.

The main skills required for software app development include analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • HTML Programming: HTML or the Hypertext Markup Language is in huge demand as it helps to build compelling websites. HTML programming helps to create web pages that are attractive and describe a company’s exact take-aways concisely. Most people opt for HTML programming as it is a user-friendly language and can be integrated easily with other languages.
  • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing courses are highly recommended as it embodies the exact marketing strategies of a business. A digital marketing course is highly preferred among candidates who have passed the 12th exams as it is of short duration and self-paced. Digital marketing is one of the trending courses in today’s times as it helps to expand the brand reach of an organization.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO courses increase the brand value of a company and reach out to prospective leads who will generate business. The courses inculcate the different tools and techniques of SEO that will give a business the necessary brand visibility. SEO experts are eligible for well-paid salary prospects as internet marketing is in great demand in today’s times.
  • Website Designing: This course involves the crafting of attractive websites and internet pages. This is one of the most preferred computer science courses after the 12th. Web designers are in demand in both IT and non-IT sectors as they help to increase the website traffic that is necessary to boost a business.
Eligibility Criteria for Certificate Courses in Computer Science:
  • Candidates must pass the class 12th exams from a recognized Board.
  • Some Institutes require the candidates to have a Science stream in Higher Secondary exams.
  • Some Institutes conduct an online entrance exam for Certificate CS courses after the 12th.
List of Top Institutes for Certificate CS courses After 12th and Their fees:

Name of the course

Course fees

Bhagwati Educational Trust

INR 9000

Maharaja Agrasen College for women

INR 7100

Harvard University

INR 26,199




INR 360`

Dr. Zakir Hussain Institute

INR 6500



Indira Gandhi Institute of Cooperative Management

INR 5325

Job and salary prospects of Certificate courses in Computer Science after 12th:

Certificate or short duration Certificate courses in Computer Science is very useful in today’s times where digital transformation has been adopted by most of the industries, small or big. The main advantage of these courses is that they can be pursued by candidates after completion of their 12th Board exams and contribute to added skills that are necessary to thrive in the digitally dominated world. 

Most of these Certificate computer science courses after 12th are self-paced, affordable, and can be pursued from the comforts of one’s home. The Certificate CS courses after 12th have job prospects in almost every field and offer decent salary prospects. The salary ranges between INR 3 Lac and INR 6 Lac per annum.

Job roles of Certificate in Computer Science course
  • Network Engineer 
  • Assistant Programmer
  • Website designer
  • Data analyst
  • Machine learning specialist
  • Software Developer

Now that you have an idea of the Computer Science Courses after the 12th, you can select the course of your choice and go ahead with a successful career in innovative computer technology. Computer Science is a rapidly evolving field today that is adopted by every industry and domain. So if Computer Science really triggers your interest, choose your favorite course and become eligible for great job prospects.

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