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Update on 2024-04-15

7 Best Career Options after BA: What to do After BA?

Best Career Options After BA

After achieving a graduation degree in the Bachelor of Arts (B.A), many of you don’t know what career you should need to follow after compiling your basic degree.

Career Options After BA

Here are different ways to equip aim in the particular field along with gaining a practical introduction to the field. A wide choice of career opportunities has placed in the BA field which has been formerly the best and most selective career in advanced technology, skills and that update our knowledge as well develop our whole behavior as well such as Designing, Journalism, Media, Content creation, or even many more creative working profiles were a graduate student in bachelors of arts secured a position.

Students can opt for the degree subject as per their comfort and career goals. Opportunities in BA have a collection of changes in the competitive world that we can discover after completing our graduation in arts.

List of Top Career Options After BA Course

1. Government Jobs

After completing graduation in arts, a student can get huge career opportunities in the government sector. It is one of the finest career options after BA, one of the secured fields that give us permanent job security with the incentives of the position or name even in a harsh situation. If a student is strong in building their career or working for their respective community, this is the best and most determinative career option for the students to look for opportunities in the government sector.

Students can prepare well for various jobs after BA from a clerk to an officer rank such as:

  • UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)
  • IAS (Indian Administrative Service)
  • IPS (Indian Police Services)
  • IFS (Indian Foreign Services)
  • SSC (Staff Selection Commission)
  • CDS (Civil Defence Services)
  • Deference Services Indian Army, Navy, Indian Air Force
  • State Public Services
  • Indian Railways (RRB exams)
  • SBI PO
  • Banking Exams
  • SSC CGL (CBI, Intelligence Bureau, Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Income Tax Officer, Tax Assistant, Clear, etc.)
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)
  • Indian Communication Finance Services (ICFS)
  • Indian Postal Service (IPOS)
  • Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS)
  • Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)
  • Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)
  • Indian Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Indian Trade Service (ITS)
  • Railway Protection Force (RPF)

After BA the basic salary for these above-mentioned government exams starts from INR 60,000 – INR 80,000 per month depending upon the position and specific government exam.

2. Media, Journalism, and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the common fields that have increased so much fame in the current time of digital world.

Journalism is a vast field that comprises working with big news channels to write content, and features for magazines or even working with the anchors behind the camera or in front of the camera. Media is one of the abundant fields that a student can work in.

After finishing the BA in journalism programs students can study for the Master of Communication or can opt for a PG diploma in a certain media specialism such as Writing, TV journalism, Script Writing, Film making, corporate communication, etc.

Mass media or journalism includes the writing, spoken, or visual part of the connected places in terms of the industry like as crime, sports, politics, entertainment, business, finance, or any extra fields. This shows through these mediums print, broadcasting, digital, visual, or even radio.
3. Master of Arts (MA)

MA is the chosen choice that is opted by numerous students after they complete BA in Hindi, English, B.Com, History, Political Science, Journalism, etc. Master in any designated field is a two-year postgraduation degree course that is offered in many subjects as per their detailed study related to the BA subjects.

A master’s degree quips with the higher knowledge to explore the subject in an extra assigned or expert-based way. After MA, a student can be capable of going the study for M.Phil.

And Doctoral programs as well in their master specialism major subject. Students can go for the regular, online, and distance approaches to education as per their requirements.

Subjects in the Masters of Arts

  • Economics
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • English
  • Psychology
  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Liberal Arts
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Hindi
  • Psychology, etc.

4. Digital Marketing

This is the leading and the most demanding course that is selected by the youth to make their career in the digital world. Digital marketing is best for those students who need to open their startup, business, website, or product, on e-commerce portals.

Online businesses are rapidly increasing, around more than billions of people who are using e-commerce portals for goods and services, so it’s a massive and profitable field to open a digital-based business but for that, the student has to know how to learn some of the skills connected to the digital marketing, branding, advertising, rules, strategies, or any other things.

Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Marketer
  • Email Marketer
  • SEM
  • SEO Specialist for Voice Assistants
  • Paid Media Specialist
  • Data Analyst

 5. Data Scientist

There is a misunderstanding that a student from a science background is eligible to become a data scientist but it is just a myth. A student with a bachelor’s in arts can step into the world of data science in their field or sector, whereas an art student can embark on a new journey.

Data Science is the field of shorting or collecting data, by using systems, and algorithms, through scientific methods to abstract insights from structured or unstructured data. If a student is interested in computer, software development, or technical field.

Job Opportunities for Data Scientists

  • Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence

 6. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

It is a myth that commerce or business-oriented students are eligible to study for an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) at their PG level. It is one of the most demanding programs that is done by thousands of students that are done after the compilation of B.A degree in a particular field.

An art student can go through with an MBA in an art-related subject. This is a vast field that is open to any of the stream students. An MBA degree holder is suitable to work in both public and private enterprises.

Specializations for Art Students in MBA:

  • Aviation Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Retail Management
  • International Trade
  • Power Management
  • Leadership and Strategy Management
  • Project Management
  • Advertising and Branding Management

7. Law Courses After BA

A Bachelor of Law is a very prevalent choice for those who want to pursue courses after BA. Running for 3 years, the program imparts wide knowledge on topics like Jurisprudence, Environmental Law, Arbitration, Law of Insurance, Consumer Protection Act, etc.

Upon finishing the course, we can either pursue LLM, start our practice after registering ourselves with the particular councils, or can work in the government or private sectors.

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