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Career Option After 12th Commerce

Update on 19 May, 23

Career Option After 12th Commerce

Career Counseling for 11th and 12th Commerce Stream Students

Every time every student has this confusion that which course he or she will choose. Many times the interest of the student also matters which course he/she is interested to choose because every student knows what he/she is capable of. In fact, when it comes to professional courses, there are many professional career options available to students. Commerce must appear at the top of the including list.

So, if you are considering taking a commerce stream during your high school, then you must go through certain aspects before taking a final decision. To help you out, important information and details about the commerce stream including major subjects and domains, further study areas and career opportunities, etc. are listed below.

  • Main Domain / Sub-domain

Despite the prejudice associated with commerce streams, the popularity of this subject is increasing very fast in the last few decades. Due to the growing economy, golden opportunities for professional careers and high scoring, the tendency of students to take this subject in high school or after has increased. Earlier this stream was limited to some subjects related to accountancy and economics but today many subjects are being studied under it. some of them are.

  • Economics

A commerce stream student has to be exposed to many financial and economic concepts. During classes 11th and 12th students mainly have to study economics, Indian economic development, statistics, microeconomics, creation economics, etc. To do very well in addition to economics, it is important to develop a conceptual understanding of the subject and practice problems and numerals.

  • English

Like every stream, the commerce stream also has to study English as a compulsory language. The English students learn in the commerce stream is quite different from the English in other streams and mainly focuses on the basics of the language including grammar, syntax, and vocabulary development. Apart from this, students also learn business communication and other aspects.

  • Accountancy

Accountancy is one of the main subjects of the commerce stream and it plays an important role in high school education. This subject focuses on the basics of accountancy and its theoretical process and concepts of financial accountancy, accounting standards, accounting standards, GST, recording of business transactions, and so on from class 11th.

In class 12th, students have to study accountancy for non-profit organizations, and partnership firms, analysis of cash flow statements and financial statements of companies, and computerized accounting.

  • Business Studies / Organization of Commerce

Business Studies or Commerce Organization is a very important subject for commerce students during high school. Types of Business Organizations, Emerging Business Models, Types of Industries, Social Responsibility and Business Ethics, Sources of Business Finance, Nature and Objectives of Small Business, Internal Trade and International Trade, etc. are studied under this topic in class 11th. Class 12th involves an in-depth study of Management Principles, Business Environment, Planning, Staffing, Organization, Control, Finance Market, Financial Management, Marketing Management Consumer Protection, etc.

  • Mathematics

Mathematics is an optional subject for commerce stream students but it is very important if the students want to make a career in the core accountancy or similar domain. In the maths of commerce stream, relations, and functions, algebra, calculus, linear, programming, probability, vector, and matrix are studied.

  • Information Practices

Information Practices is an optional subject for commerce stream students which students choose according to their interest. In this subject, the basics of computing and database management are explained. Additionally, it focuses on topics such as business computing theory, programming, and relational database management systems.

  • Cost and Works Accountant

This ca. There is a similar course from The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India that offers a course in Cost Accountancy. Students can do this course even after the 12th. For this, 12th-pass students have to first complete the foundation course. After completing the course, students get a chance to work as a cost accountant and related positions.

For this one has to apply to The Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India. There is an entrance test for admission in June and December. After the foundation course, the intermediate course has to be done, and then C.A. Similarly, the course is completed by giving the final exam.

  • B.Com - Financial Markets

In this, information about finance, investments, stock market, capital, and mutual funds is given. This program consists of 6 semesters and a total of 41 subjects are studied. After achieving this degree, one can get a job of a Trainee Associate, Finance Officer, Finance Controller, Finance Planner, Risk Management, Money Market Dealer, and Insurance Manager.

  • Chartered Accountant

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India offers this course. CA. To make a career in IT, it starts with (Common Proficiency Test), only after passing which the student can cross the first stage of his goal and reach the second stage, in which there are four subjects Accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. is included.

Any student after passing 12th in the commerce stream from a recognized board can apply for C.A. Many times a student can make a career in CA. To participate in the race, they start their career even after graduation, but in C.A. Due to the long duration of the course, C.A. The right time to start is only after passing 12th, for its preparation, students should first make a stronghold in accounting. It is very important for students to have expert knowledge in management and the financial sector along with expert views.

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