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Career in Air Traffic Controller

Update on 2024-04-15

Career in Air Traffic Controller : Air Traffic Controller Requirements

Air Traffic Controller is an expert responsible for coordinating the motion of a plane to have the most secure landing or taking off. They manage the drift of airplanes by using high technology. A career in Air Traffic Controller requires communicating and monitoring ability air visitor issues together with delays. They organize the routes and communicate or informs the pilot using a radio about the routes or modified routes.

An Air Traffic Controller makes use of exceedingly advanced radar and radio communication gadgets to guide or coach the pilots and music to the exact place of the plane and make sure that it lands or takes to the air safely.

Function of an Air Traffic Controller

The function of the Air Traffic Controller is to control the drift of aircraft by way of guiding the pilots at some point during the touchdown and takeoff times. They are answerable for directing the movement of the aircraft on the ground at airport runways and taxiways.

A career as an Air visitors Controller calls for giving other site visitors management centers manipulation of the departing flights and accepting manipulation of the arrival flights. They inform the pilot about the runway closures, climate, and any other statistics related to the flight or others.

  • Traffic control

The principal role of an Air traffic Controller is to reveal and manually the movement of the aircraft on the ground and in the air. They need to oversee the motion of air machines in the clouds and hold safe distances among the aircraft and minimize delays.

  • Communicate to pilot

A career in Air Traffic Controller desires to apply extraordinarily advanced radar, radio, and pc structures or gadgets to communicate or to inform the pilot about the routes, climate, and tracking the exact area of the aircraft.

  • Moving flights

The role of the Air traffic Controller is to transfer the control of departure flights to different visitors manipulate facilities and also receive control of the coming flights. They need to be very active and alert to tackle emergency conditions.

Assist and analyze of Air Traffic Controller

The function of the Air Traffic Controller is to assist the teams which are attempting to find the missing plane. They are likewise responsible for analyzing information and reviews to construct flight plans and delays.


• Inform pilots of any runway closures, terrible weather, or different crucial information.

• Direct pilots through the whole takeoff and touchdown manner

• Alert the airport response group on every occasion there's an aircraft emergency

• provide departing flight management to different site visitors' control centers and receive control of any arriving flight

• Help in searches for missing plane

• Compile and examine facts and reviews to broaden more effective flight plans and prevent delays 

Requirements and abilities

• Good verbal exchange and decision-making capabilities

• Familiarity with technology, such as radio and laptop device

• Attention to detail and capability to preserve thorough and correct information

• Strong challenge and time control capabilities

• potential to research information and draw conclusions

• Relevant education and/or certifications as an Air traffic Controller

Job profiles of Air traffic Controller worth exploring are:

Aerodrome Controllers

Additionally called "Tower Controllers", they ensure safe navigation of the plane in an airfield. Aerodrome Controllers problem clearances for take-off and landing. They guide the plane to drift between runways. They've primarily based at the control Towers in airports.

Area Controllers

They manage aircraft at altitudes of 5000 ft and above. There are responsible for the ascent, descent, and transit degree of the flight. They're based at the control Centres of the airports.

Approach Controllers

They manipulate the approaching and departing aircraft over controlled airspace within the airfield. They ensure minimum separation site visitors policies are followed to keep away from any accidents. Approach Controllers are primarily based at airports.

Air Traffic Controller Salary

A typical Air Traffic Controller's earnings levels from Rs. 4 LPA to Rs. 11 LPA along with rewards, bonuses, and extra time pay.

A person with 1-4 years of experience can get approximately Rs. 6.91 LPA as remuneration.

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