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Update on 2024-04-15

Career Guidance Service in Delhi - College Disha

Best Career Counselling in Delhi

Choosing the right career is one of the biggest problems among Delhi students. They have so many career options but they don’t know which one to choose. And the wrong career choice will lead to an unsuccessful career.

College Disha provides the best career counseling in Delhi. It has a good record of providing appropriate guidance to Delhi students. Delhi has a good market for every sector and also good education institutes.

But due to lack of proper guidance, most youngsters of Delhi are facing unemployment. College Disha is an educational platform that helps you in getting admission into a college and also getting a job at the desired profile.

Also, College Disha has a tie-up with various colleges in Delhi that provide placement to the best companies. It gives you an opportunity to make a career in your core sector.

“College Disha is a one-stop solution that provides you with career counseling in Delhi and guides you in choosing the right career option for you. Our professionals will give you the best career advice. And suggest to you the best course and college for that career in Delhi. So, you don’t need to waste time searching for colleges nearby you.”

Need for Career Counseling in Delhi

Most Delhi students pursue a course that they don’t know about. They choose it just because of their fellow students or their parent’s suggestion. They don’t know why they are selecting the course, what its scope is, and what they will become after that course.

College Disha’s best Career counselling in Delhi will help you in overcoming this confusion of course. It not only helps you in choosing the right field but also will suggest the best course and college for your field in Delhi. Sometimes, It helps you in getting admission into the best college for the course.

Career counselors of College Disha find what interests and strengths you have. And, according to them, they will suggest to you the field which suits your personality. They find your qualities through a career assessment test.

“Career counseling of College Disha will help you in saving your money and time. It not only helps Delhi students during their graduation but also from their metrics to post-graduation. If you want to change your career during your professional life, College Disha will help you in finding the right career option.”

Best Online Career Counselling

Online career counselings give you very little information about your career. They just tell you what career path you should take and not which course you should pursue. They don’t help you after your academics in searching for a job. Career counseling at college Disha gives you much more than just suggesting career options. It will suggest the right course, and the right college, and will help you in taking admission into the college.

Not only that, our professional career counselors are always available to help you. You can ask any of your queries related to the career, course, and college whenever you want. They are trained professionals from IITs and NITs. And have excellent work experience.

Why should we choose College Disha’s Career Counselling?

  1. College Disha provides career counseling services for every student from 10th to Post-graduation.
  2. Also, It helps you in taking admission into the college.
  3. You will get a scholarship of up to 50% when you take admission into a college through college Disha Career Counseling.
  4. College Disha has trained Professionals who guide you whenever you want.
  5. You can give the career assessment test from the website of College Disha free of cost.
  6. Also, this test identifies your interests and strengths. So, you will be advised about the best career options.
  7. The career counseling team of College Disha is always ready to help you. You can ask any query related to your career from them anytime.
  8. College Disha has a great record of helping students in their academics and professional life.
  9. It also teaches you skills that are required in the industry.
  10. If you lose your job and contact Career Disha, you will be consulted for another job.

Career Counseling in Delhi After 10th

You have to choose from Arts, Science, and Commerce. According to that, you will choose a graduation course. Most students don’t know which stream they should opt for 11th.

Career counselors are a must in schools. They guide students in their career selection and personality development. But only a few Delhi schools have counselors. How can other students get the benefit of counseling?

“College Disha provides Career counseling in Delhi for everyone. Whether the student is from high school or graduated. It has a professional team that evaluates the student and helps him in every possible way.”

Career Counseling in Delhi After 12th

It is not easy to choose an option from hundreds of courses. Sometimes, different courses have almost the same syllabus and lead to the same job profile. But these different courses have different fee structures. So, how will you decide which course you should join?

“College Disha gives you the most appropriate course recommendation. Not every individual is capable of affording the fee. So, College Disha categorizes the courses according to their fee structure. It also suggests the best college which provides that course.

If you don’t want to pursue a graduation course, College Disha also recommends some diploma courses. These short-term courses are job-oriented. It means you will learn those skills which are important in your industry.”

Career Counseling in Delhi After Graduation

If you want specialization in your field, you will definitely opt for post-graduation. But even after graduation, you have various options for post-graduation. How can you find the best course for post-graduation?

Different institutes and universities in Delhi provide post-graduation courses. These universities teach job-oriented skills to their disciples. But most people don’t know about them.

“So, College Disha Career Counseling will inform you about these institutes. And also help you in taking admission. It also provides you placement after your post-graduation”

Role of Career Counselling in Your Career

Career counseling is very important not only for your career but also for other aspects of your life too. You may know that every aspect of life is interconnected. So, if your professional life is not good, it will also affect other parts of your life.

Sometimes, you may not be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. But you have some strengths and weaknesses. You can ask your friends and family as they also know you. But you should take the advice of a professional for this.

“Career counselors of College Disha are the professionals who evaluate human tendencies and discover the qualities of a person. They will suggest the best career for you. Counseling helps you in knowing about yourself and your characteristics.”

Due to a lack of guidance, you may not have a proper direction for your career. Above all, a student has to tackle so many things. He is not able to focus on his studies. At that time he needs someone who can guide him. So career counselors play an important role in the life of a student.

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