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Can Paraphrasing Tools Help You Produce Original And Plagiarism-Free Text

Update on 2024-04-15

Can Paraphrasing Tools Help You Produce Original And Plagiarism-Free Text

The plagiarism-free and original text is one of the most common challenges for any writer today. So, how can a paraphrasing tool help with it?

Paraphrasing tools are quickly becoming one of the primary tools in any writer’s arsenal. Before we understand why let’s understand why exactly they’re needed. For instance, many writers nowadays need to change their content, tweak the content tone, or rephrase text to make it original.

Producing original content is required in both academic and professional environments. However, coming up with original content daily is a challenge for students and professionals alike.

Therefore, the idea is to analyze just how a paraphrasing tool fits into this narrative. Since the primary job of such a tool is to change or tweak content, can it help produce original content? To find out the answer to this, let us dive right into it.

What Do Paraphrasers Do & How Do They Work?

The job of a paraphrasing tool is exactly as the name suggests, making it easier for the user to paraphrase an extensive amount of content at a time. Paraphrasing manually takes a lot of time, maybe even hours, if the content is in bulk.

However, using a paraphrasing tool can cut that time by less than half, and sometimes, by even 90%. For instance, if it takes you 10 minutes to rewrite a 200-word text, then a paraphrasing tool takes less than a minute.

However, another thing a paraphrasing tool primarily does is to change the content’s tone or alter content upside down—depending on the intensity the user selects.

Therefore, here are two common purposes of these tools:

  • Alter Content Tones

Changing content tone is one of the primary purposes of a rephrase. A lot of paraphrasing tools you will find today offer something like this:

Or this:

One of the common uses of such paraphrasing tools is to change a content’s tone by altering its words.

  • Change Content Flow

Content flow is yet another aspect that such paraphrasing tools change or alter. By removing redundancy or fluff in content, these paraphrases can ensure the content’s quality. This is a common use for both students and professionals.

  • Remove Plagiarism

Finding and removing plagiarism are two different things. That’s why you need a blend of the two to ensure that you use a proper plagiarism finder to check for it. Here’s an example to demonstrate how paraphrasers remove plagiarism:

The demonstration here proves that the content has changed much more than the original. Marked in red are the words you see that these rephrases altered. But how does a paraphrasing tool avoid plagiarism?

  • Alteration makes content original
  • The changed text makes it more suitable for citation
  • Accidental plagiarism is totally avoidable by doing this simply

While this is easy to do, ethics require the writer to cite the original source unless the content is accidentally plagiarized. 

4 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Produce Original & Plagiarism-Free Text

Producing plagiarism-free content depends on the priority of the writer. As we’ve learned so far, a paraphrasing tool can surely quicken the process and provide the necessary elements to write original content and avoid duplicity at the same time.

Thus, we’ve picked the four best tools to help you do that. Each one of the tools we’ll discuss today provides key essentials to writers. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started with our list of the four best paraphrasing tools today:

  1. Prepostseo

PrePostSEO’s paraphrasing tool is one of the top paraphrasers available today. The AI-enthused program has helped many writers over the years, and there’s no wonder this developer has become a common name among writers.

Some of the reasons behind that include:

  • The ability to naturally rephrase
  • Four stellar content tone options
  • 1000-word limit
  • Google Drive & Microsoft Drive supported
  • Various languages

When you count these factors, the tool stands out even more as all of this is for free. You might have to pay for it if you wish to increase the word count and access an additional content tone. Besides that, this paraphraser does what most paid tools do—except it does it for free.

  1. Rephrase

Rephrase.Info’s paraphrasing tool is one of the best for recreating or creating original content. It has all the necessities you need in a paraphraser, as it gets the job done seamlessly. The key factors to know about this paraphraser?

  • Three content tone options
  • Ability to render any sort of text original
  • Changing or altering content tone seamlessly
  • Fixing any sort of grammatical errors

The tool might have only 500-words available for free, but that’s more than enough if you know how to use it. On top of that, there’s no limit on free usage; in other words, use it as many times as you like.

  1. Editpad

EditPad’s paraphrasing tool is growing in the ranks, as it’s comparatively newer than the other tools we’ve explored. However, it’s not behind in abilities, as it does employ advanced AI algorithms to rephrase your content.

There’s seemingly no word limit either, as we tried over 2000 words, and it easily rephrased it within a minute or two. Proving two things:

  • It’s ideal for long-form content
  • It’s remarkably quick

It’s also good at rephrasing in a natural content tone. While it doesn’t have that many options yet, it does get the job done.


Paraphrasing-Tool.Net is another one for your convenience and the last tool on our list. As mentioned throughout this article, the priority was finding something that helps writers produce original, plagiarism-free text.

This tool is up there in the echelon, as it does everything we want it to do. This includes changing content tone, producing original content, and rendering our text plagiarism-free.


Paraphrasing tools are a common requirement for producing original content nowadays. The tools we explored today can help you do just that—each of them. So, to produce original text, use them the way you deem fit.

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