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B.Tech Cs Colleges In Allahabad

Update on 2024-04-15

B.Tech CS Colleges In Allahabad - Check B.Tech CS Admission, Fees Colleges, Job and Salary

B.Tech Cs Colleges In Allahabad:

  • Bachelor of Technology Computer Science is an undergraduate course offered in the field of engineering. It is one of the most popular degrees in the whole world. Aspirants can complete the course within 3 years with lateral entry after a 3-year diploma which depends on the university or institute. 
  • Students must have a Science background with- Physics, -Chemistry, and -Mathematics as the main subject. B. Tech CS explains deeply and provides detailed knowledge about engineering and also on applied science (Physics or Chemistry) -programming languages, -engineering graphics. 
  • B. Tech Computer Science Subjects provide a greater focus on Computer Engineering which includes major programming & its applications in real-life systems along with some basic engineering aspects to provide fundamental know-how on how the mechanism works. 
  • This program focuses on the basics of computer programming and also networking. It also provides the students with both hard & soft skills that are needed. The study of computer science & engineering has gained many marketing avenues in the IT sectors, and many more students are able to execute, design, and manage which makes the students work in both hardware & software processes. Computer Science engineering trains an engineer to design, construct, and repair any digital system in many sectors.
  • The minimum eligibility criteria to do this course are 50%aggregate marks in 10+2 exams with -physics, -chemistry, and -maths streams from a recognized university. This course makes way for talented graduates to work in major software development or application development companies and work with greater emphasis on coding & development of advanced features such as -artificial intelligence and -Machine learning. 
  • B. Tech Computer Science Engineer Salary is abundant in both the private sector and the public sector based on the fact that sectors such as IT, Electronics, &  software have overflowed the job market. The graduates of this program are skilled to implement a variety of computer applications in different domains and efficiently monitor the progress and troubleshoot the errors faced. Often these graduates receive a significantly higher pay scale due to their immense workload.
  • This is an educational program at some of the universities that help students to integrate the fields of computers & also in computer science & also helps them provide knowledge in computing systems in both hardware & software design. This program is crafted on technical knowledge which supports students to immense technical knowledge.
  • It is generally a comprehensive or major program in computer application and systems which helps in designing & developing the computer software & hardware processes the students are able to understand and learn and use different technologies and -programming languages, -networking, -digital and -analog electronics.
  • This program is based on an engineering course with various streams such as -software engineering, -communications, -electronics, and -mechanical engineering along with the computer knowledge system. The selection of this course is based on the college either by -direct admission or -entrance exam-based tests. 

B.Tech Computer Science Course Details

Type of Degree

Bachelors Degree

Full-Name of the course

Bachelor of Technology-Computer Science

Duration of the course

Course tenure of B. Tech Computer Science is 4 Years.

Age Limitations

The minimum age requirements are 17 years

Minimum aggregate Percentage

50% marks in aggregate

Subjects Required

  • Physics, 

  • Chemistry, and 

  • Mathematics

Approx Fees Incurred

The approx B.Tech CS course fees range from INR 50,000 - 3 lakhs per annum

Similar Study Options

B.E - Computer Science & Engineering,

MCA - Master Computer Application

Approx Salary Offered

Approx B.Tech CS Salary in India is INR 6.86 lakhs per annum

Employment Profiles

  • Software Engineer, 

  • Software Developer,

  • Programmer, 

  • Systems Engineer, 

  • Product Engineer, 

  • Consulting Engineer, 

  • IT Support as Associate or Fully Fledged

Placement Venues

  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited, 

  • Infosys Limited, 

  • HCL Technologies Ltd, 

  • Accenture, 

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, 

  • Tech Mahindra Ltd, 

  • Inc, 

  • IBM India Private Limited, etc

Top B.Tech Cs Colleges In Allahabad

Institute Name


United Group of Institutions U.G.I. Allahabad

4.5 Lakh

M.N.N.I.T. National Institute of Technology

6.5 Lakh

S. H. U. A. T. S.

5.6 Lakh

J. K. Institute of Physics Technology, Allahabad University


Shambhunath Group of Institution


Institute for Engineering & Rural Technology, Allahabad


L.D.C. Institute of Technical Studies

2 Lakh

S.P. Memorial Institute of Technology

3.4 Lakh

Devprayag Institute of Management

1.6 Lakh

United Institute of Technology, United Group of Institutions, Allahabad

4.5 Lakh

United College of Engineering & Management, United Group of Institutions, Allahabad

4.5 Lakh

B.B.S Group of Institution


Prayag Institute of Technology & Management


Best B.Tech Cs Colleges In Allahabad:

Listed under is the basic information about the best B.Tech CS Colleges in Allahabad.


Name of the College

Fees/Year in INR

Exam Accepted

Rating by Users(Out of 10)


MNNIT Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology





Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture Sciences and Technology (SHUATS)





United Group of Institutions





Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology





Shambhunath Institute of Engineering and Technology





United Institute of Technology





J.K. Institute of Applied Physics and Technology





S.P. Memorial Institute of Technology





Dev Prayag Institute of Technical Studies





L.D.C Institute of Technical Studies





BBS College of Engineering and Technology





UNITED College of Engineering and Technology





H.M.F.A Memorial Institute of Engineering and Technology





United College of Engineering and Research





Infinity Institute of Technology





Shepherd Institute of Engineering and Technology





Prayag Institute of Technology and Management





Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Group of Institutions





University of Allahabad





Nehru Gram Bharti University




B.Tech Computer Science:

  • About - This program is the branch of engineering that joins electronics engineering with computer science and helps them to design & develop computer systems and the technological devices connected to it. It is a four-year engineering undergraduate program in computer sciences through which candidates can get practical & theoretical knowledge of computer hardware and software. Candidates are skilled to acquire knowledge on developing their skills in sustainable working models that operate on the strategic integration of computing devices with technology to meet the operational needs of the modern work environment.
  • In Computer Science - Engineering, engineers generally have training in Electronic engineering which mainly focuses on -digital aspects, -Software design Hardware-software integration. A computer engineer is also called a software engineer who is responsible for -Developing, -Testing, -Evaluating the software that makes our computers work.
  • They are included in various hardware & software aspects of computing, from the design of -Individual microcontrollers, -Microprocessors, -Personal computers & -supercomputers, -Circuit design. B. Tech CS graduates may support in the development like the development of new -computer software and -design models, -Business applications, -Design of entirely new operating systems, -Games, and -graphic technologies, As well as how all these components integrated into the larger picture for the end user’s usability & design goal of the development team.
  • An essential function of computer engineers is to integrate electronic components into computer systems & network systems which helps students to learn & develop skills with different knowledge in different fields.
  • The course of B.Tech CS consists of subjects that upgrade their knowledge of coding, which is the basic step towards software development. Some of the computer engineering subjects include- C and data structure, -JAVA Programming, -Design and analysis of algorithms, -Data processing, and -file organization
  • On successfully completing this course, the graduates are entitled to get numerous job scopes across various fields such as software development,  machine learning,  application development,  gaming development, data structures, etc, with a higher pay scale depending upon their skills & knowledge of the subject.

Reasons to pursue B.Tech Computer Science:

  • It is a broad field, the course covers a wide range of subjects. Students start with the basics of this introductory programming course. And no experience is required to do this course.
  • This helps the students become professional computer-science engineers.

B. Tech graduates in Computer Science can work in roles like-

    • Software Developer, 

    • testing engineer, 

    • Technical analyst, 

    • Consulting engineer, 

    • Programmer and so on.

  • B. Tech in Computer Science is a computer application program it provides a popular career choice for students. This subject helps the students to get vast knowledge of computer applications for solving complicated programs through structured formats.
  • This course supports the students who can create and invent things with a  good knowledge of technology and interest in maths, physics are a good match for this course. This assists the students to get familiar with programming & computer hardware and different techniques with the software. 
  • Students should have excellent analytical skills with programming & have the ability to solve problems.
  • The advantages of choosing this course are that it provides a lot of opportunities for students in the computer field & who wishes to work in the IT sector as a programmer or software developer. 
  • During the entire tenure of the course, the student gets to know more about software languages like- C, C++, JAVA, and so on. It demonstrates detailed knowledge in critical areas of computer science or industrial computing. It also conducts the required analysis & synthesis involved in computer applications, Information systems, and Computer systems.
  • Students get opportunities to work with some of the Huge recruiters for B.Tech. Computer science is software giants like- 
    • TCS, 

    • Accenture, 

    • IBM, 

    • Cognizant, etc.

    • Infosys

B.Tech Computer Science Entrance Exams:

  • An aspirant must have completed 10+2 intermediate with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks. Candidates pursuing the B.Tech Computer Engineering course can avail of admission on the basis of previous education qualifications or through entrance exams conducted by universities individually. Candidates are advised to have a look at the universities’ prospectus to confirm the admission procedure.
  • It is easy for aspirants to pursue a field they like. But to get admission into the courses it will be needed for they students to appear in an admission test or go through the entrance exam. The entrance test is conducted statewide or nation wise. 
  • Lateral entry is also possible for the candidates into the second year based on the entrance exams. The eligibility for lateral entry is 10th + 3 years of diploma. The students have to plan and study properly to clear these competitive entrance tests. Some of the top entrance Tests are as follows:
  • JEE main
  • JEE Advanced

B.Tech Computer Engineering Eligibility:

  • For the B.Tech Computer Science Engineering course the minimum eligibility criteria is an intermediate with subjects such as -Physics, -Maths, and -Chemistry. The minimum marks for most colleges are 50%. The candidate should have gained rank within the max cut-off for the course in the desired colleges or institutes.  
  • Most admissions for B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Course is done by JEE ranking. The JEE exam has two stages: JEE Mains & JEE Advanced. Admission into such courses is based on counseling after clearing entrance tests else depends on the colleges.

The JEE Mains paper contains 180 questions with the option of appearing either offline as well in an online mode. This would be an objective type paper and will consist of -Physics, -Chemistry, and -Mathematics questions with MCQ type questions with 4 options, of 4 marks for each correct answer, and a negative marking of 1 for each wrong answer. The time of the test is 3 hours.

The JEE Advanced paper is written offline, it will be an OMR sheet-based paper, and the questions would be of 3 types:

  • Multiple Choice Questions, 
  • Numerical Aptitude Type and 
  • Match the cases. 

There would be 2 papers for 6 hours.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Course Admission:

Admission to this course will be based on both- entrance based and - merit-based admission. Most universities provide both direct admission and entrance-based admission to the program. However, few universities want candidates to take admission through valid entrance exams for B.Tech computer science & engineering, while some of the colleges conduct their private exams for admission to these courses who are applying for the B.Tech computer science & engineering program should already have their results from the respective entrance exams required by the selected or the opted universities. Applications for admissions can be taken from either the university website or by visiting the admissions office of the same. The admission exam will comprise multiple-choice or short question-answer-type questions on the basics of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for the interview to judge detailed knowledge about the subjects is required.

Candidates are advised to have knowledge of the list of entrance exams applicable for B.Tech computer science & engineering from different universities. Candidates should also make sure that they get through the education eligibility criteria with the minimum required marks and cut-off rank.

B.Tech in Computer Engineering Job Opportunities:

Computer engineers have various opportunities and career growth options. Computer Engineers are required in every company to make the work easier by developing new technologies & new software. Computer Engineers can work as 

  • Software developers, 
  • Application developers, and so.

Computer applications are needed in various fields like - government jobs, banking, insurance, accounting, etc which are required in the world today. It is a full-time 4-year-long course but students have also had the option of doing various courses along with this. As the IT industry is very vast, B.Tech graduates can get a job in:

  • Software- Developer
  • Testing- Engineer
  • QA =Specialist
  • Web -Developer 
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Technical- Support Engineer
  • Technical -Director
  • IT Technical -Content Developer
  • Project- Manager
  • Software- Architect
B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Jobs:

B.Tech Computer Science Engineering holders can also seek careers as project leaders, Junior engineers, etc. After pursuing the B.Tech CS course there are a lot of opportunities for new graduate students as the scope is high in terms of growth in the IT sector. Freshers can select industries where they will like to work, for example, Companies in the IT sector, Government sector, etc. The course structure of B.Tech Computer Science engineering subjects is designed to provide the students with adequate knowledge to venture into specialized ways in the Computer science domain.

Computer applications in different fields like banking, insurance, accounting, etc are required in today's world. Students must possess a graduate or postgraduate degree with at least 10+2 years of formal education in Mathematics as one of the subjects from a recognized university or college.

B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Jobs for Freshers:

There are a lot of possibilities for the freshers after graduating, few jobs for freshers would be-

  • Software- Developer 
  • Project- Manager
  • Software Architect
  • Testing -Engineer 
  • QA-Specialist
  • Web- Developer
  • Mobile-App Developer
  • Technical- Support Engineer  
  • Technical -Director
  • IT Technical- Content Developer
B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Government Jobs:

The government also employs freshers after getting graduated in B.Tech Computer Science Engineering. A few related jobs are-

  • Junior -engineers
  • Engineering- instructor
  • Assistant- software engineers
  • Trainee- flight -simulator -maintenance engineers
  • Data -engineers
  • Developers
B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Private Jobs:

Few jobs related to B.Tech freshers in private sectors-

  • Assistant- professor 
  • Junior -research fellow
  • Project- associate
  • Field- assistant PHP developer
  • Technical- Advisor
  • Project- engineer
B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Jobs Abroad:

Seeking jobs in other countries and working there would give a great experience in the work-life and also in real life. There are huge opportunities for growth and making money in other countries.

Few job profiles for fresher who want to work in other countries after graduation:
  • software engineers, Japan
  • data scientists, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia
  • Internship in the USA
  • Java   developer, Canada
  • Software engineers, Japan
  • Software  design  engineers, Germany
Salary for B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Course:

The starting compensation of B.Tech Computer Science Engineering course graduates will vary from one individual to another as it depends on the skill, knowledge, and experience a person has gained while getting graduated in B.Tech. The approx salary the companies offer to the B.Tech Computer Science Engineering graduates is INR 6 lakh per annum.

The salary will increase if the candidate pursues a postgraduate degree. With gaining job experience, a B.Tech Computer Science engineer can fetch a salary of up to Rs. 2,00,000 per month. Where also jobs in the Government sector provide a lesser monthly salary to computer engineers but in return, they are well compensated by other perks & allowances in addition to housing facilities & medical expenses as well as free or concessional air passages for their immediate family members & dependents.

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