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Best Career Options After 12th - Check the list of Job Profiles

Update on 16 Mar, 23

Best Career Options After 12th - Check the list of Job Profiles

Every Student has some sort of expectation from his/her career, everyone wants to pursue a career that provides them emotional satisfaction, financial stability, and sustainability. In our country, Students are usually expected to choose their potential career path right after completing their higher secondary education (10+2), they usually don’t get enough time and support to explore their interests before that therefore they are obliged to make a decision right after completing their higher secondary education due to which they choose a career path impulsively which later lead them to an unsatisfactory career.

List of Courses for Best Career After 12th:

There are many career-oriented courses after the 12th, a few of them are as follows: 

  • B.Tech Course
  • BCA Course
  • B.Com
  • BBA Course
  • B.Sc Course
  • B.Pharm Course
  • D.Pharm Course
  • B.E Course
  • B.Arch Course
  • B.Plan Course
  • BDS Course
  • Law Courses
  • Design Courses
  • Medical Courses
  • Banking Courses
  • Agriculture Courses
  • Paramedical Courses
  • ITI Course
  • Diploma Courses
  • BJMC Course

Popular Courses After 12th:

  • Science Courses
  • Pharmacy Courses
  • Fashion Design
  • Aviation Course
  • Interior Designers
  • Polytechnic Courses
  • Professional Courses
  • Agriculture Courses
  • Job Oriented Courses
  • Teaching Courses
  • Graduation Courses
  • Web Design Courses After 12th
  • Electronic Course
  • Toughest Courses In The World
  • Pilot Course After 12th
  • Short Term Diploma Courses
  • Biotechnology Courses After 12th
  • Short Term Courses After 12th
  • Hotel Management
  • Arts And Humanities

Top Trending Courses After 12th:

  • Trending Courses
  • Artificial Intelligence Course
  • Blockchain Course
  • Virtual Reality Course
  • Data Science Course
  • Cloud Computing Course
  • DevOps Course
  • IOT Course
  • Machine Learning Course
  • Cyber Security Certificate
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Course
  • Data mining course
  • Graphic Design Course
  • Engineering Streams

Merchant Navy Courses After 12th:

  • B.Sc. Nautical Science Course
  • BE Marine Engineering Course
  • BE Mechanical Engineering Course
  • B.E Petroleum Engineering Course
  • B.E. Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering Course

Arts Courses After 12th:

  • Arts Courses
  • B.A. Course
  • BFA Course
  • B.A. Hons.
  • BA English Course
  • BA Economics Course
  • BA History Course
  • BA Political Science Course
  • BA Hindi Course
  • BSW Course
  • BA Accountancy Course
  • BA Functional English Course
  • BA Journalism Course
  • BA Foreign Language Course
  • BA Criminology Course
  • BA Astrology Course
  • BTH Course
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts
  • B.A. Sociology Course

Best Colleges for Admission After 12th:

  • J.S.S. Academy Of Technical Education
  • Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College
  • ABES Engineering College
  • Amity University, Lucknow
  • Galgotias University, Greater Noida
  • Roorkee College of Engineering
  • Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida
  • UPES University , Dehradun
  • Greater Noida Institute of Technology, Greater Noida
  • Graphic Era University
  • ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida
  • Aravali College of Engineering & Management, Faridabad
  • J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA Faridabad
  • Rama University, Kanpur
  • Sachdeva Institute of Technology, Mathura
  • Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology, Purnia
  • Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, New Delhi
  • Buddha Institute of Technology (BIT), Gaya
  • Roorkee College of Engineering, Roorkee
  • Bahra University, Solan

Importance of class 12th in our career:

Yes, it is so important and we can say it like class 12th is considered the gateway to the world of higher education for students in India. We can also quote that passing the 12th board exam and choosing your course of higher study is the very first and also the most crucial step towards your career planning. But choosing your career path and course right after completing your higher secondary education is a nerve-racking process. Your Career choice can be affected by various factors such as your area of interest, family expectations, income expectations, the stream you have chosen in 10+2, and your academic records. Choosing the best career option after the 12th is not as easy as it seems to be. To make the right decision, an individual needs a certain clarity and an ultimate goal, So Before making any decision, It is essential for students to do comprehensive research on Best Career Options After 12th that suits their interest as well as eligibility.

What to do after the 12th

To resolve this dilemma, Students can also choose to go for Career Guidance programs and career counseling sessions to identify their best potential career path. If you are someone who is looking for a certain clarity to choose the best career option after the 12th, then You can contact College Disha which is one of the best career counseling platforms in India.

CBSE and Many other State Boards have already declared the 12th Results, now the students need to make a final choice for a particular discipline in which they want to pursue their education and career. If you are someone who is going through a phase of confusion and uncertainty to make a career choice, then this article will help you in clearing the air for you. We are mentioning the best career options after the 12th that will offer you lucrative career opportunities if you find any of these career options suitable to your skill sets and interests.

Career Options After 12th Science:

There are two main specializations in the Science stream, the first is the Medical stream and the second is the Engineering Stream. The medical Stream involves Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as main subjects whereas the Engineering Stream consists of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics mainly. Students who belong to the Medical stream have a choice to pursue their career in the Medical discipline (doctor, nurse, Pharmacist, etc.) whereas students from the Engineering stream are given the stereotypical suggestions to pursue their career in Engineering. But there are more promising and rewarding career options available for Science students other than Engineering and MBBS. To make you aware of some off-beat yet promising career options, we are mentioning a list of some Best Career Options after the 12th Science:

List of Courses After 12th Science




Average Salary


50% - 55% in 10+2 (with Mathematics)


Rs 3.9 LPA - Rs 5.8 L.P.A

Data Scientist

50% in 10+2 (with Mathematics as a mandatory subject)

B.Tech in IT /Computer Science/ Certificate course in Data Science

Rs 8.24 L.P.A

Merchant Navy Officer

60% in 10+2 (PCM)

B.Sc. Nautical Science/ Marine Catering

B.E or B.Tech in Marine Engineering/ Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering/Petroleum Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Harbour & Ocean Engineering/ Civil Engineering/ Electrical & Electronics Engineering

 Electro-Technical Officer Course

Rs 5.5 LP.A to Rs 10 L.P.A


50% - 55% in 10+2 (PCM)

B.E/B.Tech in any specialization 

Rs 4.7 L.P.A


Passed 10th or 12th

Commercial Pilot Training [CPL]/ NDA Entrance Exam

Rs 16 L.P.A

Interior Designer

50% in 10+2 

Diploma in Interior Designing


B.Sc. in Interior Designing 

Rs 4.5 L.P.A

Software Developer

50% in 10+2 

B.Sc Software Engineering


B.Tech Software Engineering

Rs 5.72 L.P.A

Textile Designer

50%-60% in 10+2

B.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Designing

Rs 4.32 L.P.A

Blockchain Developer


B.Tech Blockchain Development


B.Sc in Computer Science 


B.Tech in Information Technology


Rs 6.26 L.P.A

Forensic Pathologist

50% in 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

MBBS+ MD in Forensic Medicine

Rs 10.17 L.P.A

Pharmaceutical Researcher

50% in 10+2

 ( with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology)

Diploma in Pharmacy 




Rs 7.4 L.P.A

Radiologist or Lab Technician

50% in 10+2 (Science Stream)

Diploma in Radiography & Radiotherapy


B.Sc. in Radiography


B.Sc. in Medical Radiotherapy Technology 

Rs 3 L.P.A


50% in 10+2 (with Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Rs 3.5 L.P.A

Technical writers

Passing marks in 10+2

Any Technical Course

Rs 3,60,000



50% in 10+2 (with Physics & Mathematics as main subjects)

B.Sc. in Astrophysics


B.Sc. in Astronomy


MSc. in Astronomy


M.Tech in Astronomy & Space Engineering

Rs 6.71 L.P.A


50% in 10+2 (Physics , Mathematics and Chemistry/ Biology/ Biotechnology/ Computer Science)

B.Sc. in Geology

+ MSc. in Applied Geology

Rs 4.34 L.P.A


50% marks in 10+2(PCB) + NEET UG score

Bachelor in Dental Science (BDS)

Rs 4 L.P.A

Game Designer

Passing marks in 10+2

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Graphics, Animation & Gaming


Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) – Computer Science and Game Development.


Bachelor of Science in Animation Game Design and Development


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Digital Filmmaking & Animation

Rs 5.67 L.P.A

Ethical Hacker

50% in 10+2 (PCM)

B.Sc. in Computer Science + Certification in Ethical Hacking

Rs 5.02 L.P.A

There are some of the top career options after 12th science in the above table that you might have heard for the first time, so we are explaining some of the above-mentioned career options for your better understanding:

1. Ethical Hacker:

It is basically an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, network, application, or database. Ethical Hacking is usually practiced to identify security threats and insecurities so that they can be resolved before an actual malicious attack or breach. Ethical Hackers are the security experts that perform these practices as assessment tests, they basically help an organization to improve the security system of an organization and these security assessments are conducted after obtaining a proper approval letter and signing a no-disclosure agreement. There is a constant demand for information security professionals in the corporate and IT sectors, as per the assumption the industry is expected to grow by 350% in coming years, After completing the studies, A technical hacker can find jobs in the top tech-niche companies like Google, Dell, Wipro, Infosys, Reliance, and IBM. 

2. Astrophysicist:

Astrophysicists are basically research scientists who study galaxies, stars, planets, and other celestial objects that exist in the universe. If you are someone who has an immense interest in the universe and Astro science and this field really fascinates you, then this can be the ideal career choice for you. Being an Astrophysicist you can get a job opportunity to work with various research organizations such as the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). You can also work as a researcher in the leading observatories and Institutions in the USA

3. Blockchain Developer:

Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized digital ledger that stores all kinds of data. A blockchain can record all the information about cryptocurrency transactions, Defi Smart Contracts, and NFT ownership. Blockchain is considered to be the backbone of cryptocurrencies and it has become one of the best Career Option After 12th Science. Blockchain software developers build applications based on blockchain architecture and protocol. It is the latest and fastest-growing technology in the market right now. A blockchain developer can work with banking, insurance, and tech companies. Blockchain development needs high-end programming skills and knowledge of cryptography, smart contracts, and data structures so the demand for blockchain developers are high in the Indian as well as international IT industry.

4. Forensic Pathologist:

A Forensic Pathologist is a professional who is certified to conduct autopsies and run various medical tests in laboratories to determine the cause of injury, death, or wound. They also study the medical history of the deceased or injured person, analyze the crime scene for any kind of case lead or evidence and conclude on the behalf of the same. Forensic Pathologists work closely with the Police and other investigative organizations such as CBI. One needs to have good analytical skills and a lot of forensic science knowledge to become a successful Forensic Pathologist. Being a Forensic Pathologist you can have an exciting career and you can get the opportunity to learn and work with professionals from different fields.

5. Technical Writers:

Technical Writers are usually the writers who write in the tech niche. They deal with the writing and communication of technical topics like Computer Applications, environmental regulations, medical procedures, manual handbooks, etc. Technical Writers convey clear, direct, and neutral information in a way that the reader can understand it and use that piece of information without getting confused by the technical complexity. Technical writers are usually required by manufacturing companies, financial services, engineering firms, energy, consultancies, and medical businesses.

So this table includes the most promising career options you can choose from. With the right approach and proper career guidance, you can excel in your career no matter how hard it is. Being a science student, you are exposed to a broader career area as compared to other streams. But if you have done your 12th in arts or commerce stream, we still got some career options after 12th commerce and arts for you. Continue reading this article to find more career options.

Best Career Options After 12th Commerce:

After Completing 12th from the Commerce stream, most students aim to become a CA, Accountant, or Banker. But now with the evolving job industry, you have more career options, and you can pursue a much better and more centric career in various commerce and non-commerce fields. 

List of Courses After 12th Commerce




Average Salary

A lawyer or Legal Advisor 

45% to 50% marks in 10+2


Rs 4.5 L.P.A - Rs 5.92 L.P.A

Chartered Accountant

60% in 10+2 + qualifying marks in CPT 

Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC)

Rs 7 L.P.A- Rs 10 L.P.A

Pubic Relations Specialist/Manager

50% in 10+2

Diploma in Public Relations and Marketing


B.A in Public Relations

Rs 4 L.P.A - Rs 5.05 L.P.A


Passing Marks in 10+2 (with Maths)

Graduation in Mathematics/Actuarial Science/ Statistics

Rs 6 L.P.A - Rs 10 L.P.A

Stock Broker 

Passing Marks in 10+2

Diploma in financial and investment planning

Certificate Programme on Capital Markets



Rs 3.9 L.P.A

Business Development Manager

50% marks in 10+2

B.B.An in Marketing 

Rs 6 L.P.A

Animation & Multimedia

Passing Marks in 10+2

B.F.An in Animation 


B.Sc in Animation and Visual Graphics 

Rs 3.3 L.P.A

Digital Marketing

45% -50% in 10+2

BBA in Digital Marketing


BMS in Digital Marketing


Diploma in Digital Marketing


Certification in Digital Marketing

Rs 5.58 L.P.A - Rs 8 L.P.A


Event Management


Passing Marks in 10+2

BBA in Event Management


BA in Event Management


Diploma in Event Management


Certificate in Event Management


Rs 4.45 L.P.A

Revenue Agent

Graduation in any stream

BBA/ BA in Economics/Bachelor of Foreign Trade (BFT)

Rs 6.32 L.P.A


(Sub-Staff, Bank Clerks, PO, SO, etc)

50% in 10+2 

B.Com / B.B.A /B.C.A/ B.A in Economics/B.A in Finance 

Rs 3 L.P.A to Rs 8 L.P.A

There are some of the best career options after 12th commerce in the above table that you might have heard for the first time, so we are explaining some of the above-mentioned career options for your better understanding:

1. Public Relations Specialist/Manager:

A career in Public Relation can offer you exciting opportunities to work with brands, celebrities, and political personalities. The job of a Public Relations specialist is to design various publicity campaigns for their client to build and maintain a good image of the particular brand or person. Public Relations executives work closely with print, electronic and digital media. As a Public Relations Specialist, you require creative thinking, good managerial skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. If you are someone who thinks that they have the skills to convince people with their smart statements and tactics, then this is the apt career field for you. Many marketing and advertising companies, brands, and celebrities hire PR executives to look after their public image. A career in Public Relations can offer you a good income as well as interesting work opportunities.

2. Stock Broker:

A stockbroker is someone who invests, buys, and sells shares on behalf of his/her clients. Stockbrokers usually work for a Brokerage firm and look after the transactions and shares for a no. of customers. Stockbrokers and brokerage firms make earnings by the commission money they get on successful trades. An individual needs research and analytical skills, patience, and record-making skills to become a successful stockbroker. Being a stockbroker can offer you great financial benefits and a thrilling career. If you are someone who is crazy about stock market trends, and trading, and keeping track of the prices of assets and stocks, this is an ideal yet unique career field for you.

3. Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing means promoting any brand and reaching its target users/customers by using the internet and digital devices like cell phones, computers, Ipads, etc. It involves the use of email marketing, social media, web pages, text, and multimedia messages as marketing platforms. This field offers you a plethora of career opportunities and that is why it is considered one of the Best Career Options After the 12th, you can work as a Brand Manager, Social Media Manager, Web Designer, SEO Specialist, Business Analytics Specialist, Online Content Developer, and many more. Since digitalization has paced, all the brands are picking up a race with each other to be at the top of the search engine results. As a result, demand for highly skilled digital marketing professionals is at high stake in the industry. We suggest you research more about this field and see if this suits your area of interest or not. According to our experts, a career in digital marketing is the most reliable and trending career field in the current era of digitalization.

4. Revenue Agent:

A revenue agent is someone responsible for keeping records, auditing, and ensuring that the corporations and individuals have paid the taxes they owe to the government. A revenue agent is basically an accountant hired by the Internal Revenue Service, state, or local government. They perform various inspections, including reviewing filed tax returns for accuracy and conducting in-person audits outside of the office. There are 4 types of Revenue agents - Tax Examiner, Collector, Revenue Officer, and Credit Manager. Each one of them has different roles and responsibilities. Due to economic liberalization, new enterprises are being set up in India, which is leading to high demand for revenue agents. Applicants with high academic credentials, expertise, and unique skills would want better job opportunities.

5. Animation and Multimedia:

Candidates can find a broader scope in the field of Animation and Multimedia. An individual who has completed a diploma, UG or certificate course in Animation and Multimedia can get a job in various employment sectors such as Video Game Companies, Entertainment Industry, Advertising agencies, Computer Companies, etc. They can work in these employment areas as a 3D modeler, Animator, or texture artist. Moreover, an individual can also work as a freelancer and enjoy flexible working hours. 

Best Career Options After 12th Arts:

Well, Arts is considered to be a creative stream and there are many creative career fields one can opt from. Many students have asked us “Which are the Best Career options After 12th Arts?” Well, your ideal career option will depend on your personal interest, abilities, and potential. We can just help you by giving the information about the most in-demand and trending career choices. So to help you out, we are mentioning a list of Best Career Option After 12th Arts along with their information like eligibility criteria, course, and average salary in that particular career field:

List of Courses After 12th Art




Average Salary

Hospitality & Travel (Hotel Manager, Chef, Cabin Crew, etc.)

Passing Marks in 10+2 (English mandatory)

Bachelors of Hotel Management (BHM Course)


BBA in Hotel and Tourism Management (BHMT)


Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT Course)

Rs 2 L.P.A - Rs 12 L.P.A


50% marks in 10+2

Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC Course)

Rs 3.38 L.P.A

UI-UX Designer 

Passing Marks in 10+2

B.Des in User Experience Design


B.Des in Communication Design

Rs 7.15 L.P.A


50% marks in 10+2


Rs 3.07 L.P.A

Fashion Designer/ Stylist

45% marks in 10+2

B.Des in Fashion


Bachelor of Fashion Designing


Diploma In Fashion Design


Rs 3.85 L.P.A - Rs 5.25 L.P.A

Interior Designer

50% marks in 10+2

B. Des (Interior & Furniture)


B.A Interior Design 


Diploma in Interior Design 


B.Sc in Interior Design

Rs 3.07 L.P.A - Rs 6.8 L.P.A


50 % marks in 10+2


Rs 4 L.P.A - Rs 8 L.P.A

Wedding Planner

Passing Marks in 10+2

BBA in Event Management


BA in Event Management


Diploma in Event Management


Certificate in Event Management

Rs 3.5 L.P.A- Rs 4.10 L.P.A

Film Maker (Cinematography, Video Editing & Production)


10th or 10+2


BA in Film Making and television, Multimedia in Film Production, Multimedia (Film Art)


B.Sc. of Visual Arts


Rs 8 L.P.A - Rs 10 L.P.A

Civil Services

Passing Marks in 10+2 

Graduation in Any Discipline 

Rs 7 L.P.A - 12 L.P.A

Makeup Artist

10th or 10+2

Short Term Courses in Make-Up & Styling

Rs 3.9 L.P.A

There are some of the best career options after 12th arts in the above table that you might have heard for the first time, so we are explaining some of the above-mentioned career options for your better understanding:

1. UI-UX Designer:

UI Designer works to build a convenient User Interface, now you must be wondering "what is this User Interface?" Well, the user interface is the graphic layout of a website or application you see whenever you open a website/application. It is the job of a UI Designer to provide an optimal experience by designing the buttons users click on, the text they read, the images, sliders, text entry fields, and all other visual elements and animation, a UI Designer is responsible to design all of them using graphic designing skills. UI designing is completely different from UX Designing. Yes, they are correlated to each other in some way but still, they work differently. The "UX" stands for User Experience, determined by how the user interacts with the application. The UX Designer's role is to make the functions of the website/application smooth, intuitive, and predictable, so the user doesn’t get confused or lost while using your application. In other words, UX Designer determines how the user interface will function whereas a UI Designer is concerned about how the User Interface will look. Both of them work hand in hand but still, their job roles are quite different.

2. Film Maker:

The Filmmaking Industry is the most glamorous employment industry in our country but getting success in this industry is not a cakewalk. With the right skills, immense passion, and determination one can pursue a successful career in this field. There are various career options in the filmmaking field. One can become a Video Editor, Screenplay Writer, Animator, VFX Artist, Sound Engineer, Cinematographer, Actor, Director, etc. You can pursue a Film Making course along with the specialization in which you want to pursue your career. For eg- If you opt for a specialization in Cinematography, you can apply to various film studios, Advertising Agencies, Wedding Film making companies or you can also get self-employed by doing freelance projects. In all of the above-mentioned specializations, we would suggest you go for Video Editing, VFX, and Cinematography as these are the most in-demand career options right now and these career fields can offer you good-paying job opportunities. 

3. Wedding Planner:

The job of a Wedding Planner seems too exciting and interesting. No doubt, it is! but good things always come in a nutshell. A Wedding Planner's job is to manage every little to biggest chores of the wedding and its other ceremonies. Being a wedding planner you will be responsible for everything starting from managing the guest lists to planning the decor of the wedding. The job role of a wedding planner is challenging and exhausting.

4. Hospitality & Travel:

The Hospitality & Tourism sector is a constantly growing industry of India and also become one of the largest contributors to the development of the nation's economy. You can gain some knowledge about Hospitality and tourism by pursuing a professional course and getting a job in this sector in various job profiles such as Travel Planner, Guest Service Associate, Chef, Catering Manager, Event Manager, Accommodation Manager, etc. The tourism and hospitality industry not only offers a lot of employment opportunities but also interesting future career prospects which include traveling, guiding trips, and good income along with other benefits.

5. Civil Services:

Pursuing a Career in Civil Services is considered one of the most glorious yet challenging career choices, also this field is considered as one of the Best Career Options after 12th Arts as this field allows you to work for your nation and its citizens. It offers you prestige, job security, a salary package, the opportunity to travel abroad, job satisfaction, and many other benefits. But becoming a Civil officer comes with great power and huge responsibilities and that is why students need to be good in academics, knowledge, personal development, extracurriculars, and other parameters.

The Students who belong to the Arts/Humanities stream have already studied a wide range of subjects that could be taken up for higher studies and they also provide a strong base for CSE Exam. A student can not become a Civil Officer right after completing 12th. You have to appear in the CSE (Civil Services Examination) examination which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, this exam is conducted for the recruitment of higher civil services like IAS. You can also prepare for other civil services of UPSC such as IPS, IFoS, IFS, IAAS, ICAS, ICLS, etc. 

How to choose the Best Career Option After the 12th?

  1. Identify Your Interest & Abilities - We all have some sort of skills and abilities, it can be a hobby or something you are fascinated with. Self Analyze yourself and list down all the things you are interested in. Or you can simply go for career counseling where you can get proper career guidance. A career guide will help you in identifying your core potential and they will also check your aptitude by running some psychometric tests, aptitude tests, and other personality analysis tools.
  2. List Down all the possible prospects- After self-analyzing or a career counseling session, look into your test results and score, and see the best possible career prospects as per these results. You can also seek guidance from your career counselor as they are more aware of the best suitable courses and career options that can suit your aptitude and profile. List down all of the potential career options.
  3. Do thorough research about your potential Career Path- Determine the future scope, salary, and employment areas and see if your chosen career path fulfills your future career expectations. Choose a career path after determining that it will provide you with great career opportunities and career growth.
  4. Get Admission into a suitable Course and Good College- After finding a suitable career option, search for the top courses and the best colleges that are ideal for your career path. And while doing this, ensure that your course and college are recognized by UGC and other recognition bodies in India. Check the eligibility criteria and admission criteria of the college before applying for admission. If you fulfill all the required criteria, fill out the admission application form.

List of Best Colleges for Admission After 12th

College Name


Birla Institute of Management & Technology (BIMTECH)

Greater Noida

Amity University


Birla Institute of Technology


IILM Graduate School of Management

Greater Noida

Institute of Management Studies (IMS)


Galgotias University

Greater Noida

ABES Engineering College


Sharda University

Greater Noida

Bennett University

Greater Noida

United Group of Institutions

Greater Noida


There are a plethora of career options available in the market irrespective of the stream you chose at the 10+2 level. Honestly, there is no particular best or ideal career option after the 12th, each career path has its own pros and cons. Some career options offer you great income but demand high-time engagement and put a lot of pressure on you. the career choice which is best for someone (your friend or cousin) doesn't need to also be the perfect career choice for you. You have to choose your career path according to your skills, abilities, and interests. This article can help you to explore some new trending and most demanded professions, but the choice must be yours!

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