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10 Tips for Students to Avoid Their Bad Habits Right Now

Update on 2024-04-15

10 Tips for Students to Avoid Their Bad Habits Right Now

When one goes to college, he or she faces a lot of obstacles in their life as everything is new and difficult to deal with. We all need to introduce discipline and a course of action in our life in order to [perform well in academics. But there are certain bad habits that refrain us from taking all the important action that is necessary for us. So, here are some of the tips that you can use to drop all the bad habits right away.

1) Introduce discipline in your life:

You need to introduce time management in your life. The only discipline can help you in getting rid of your habit of procrastination.  It is easy for one to get carried away by everything that is happening in one’s personal or college life. We don’t create a plan of action for ourselves and as a result, we delay things. Before we know it, the exam days are right upon us. In order to avoid from something like that to happen, you need to learn how to manage your time and dedicate apt time towards your studies so that you don’t have to memorize the entire study material one day before the exam. Please ensure that you have enough time to catch up with the things that take a long time to grasp or understand.

2) A study in the right place:

We all try to study while lying on our beds but too much comfort distracts us and we end up dozing off. Rather than slacking off on your bed and pleasing yourself with the delicious treats while studying, you must place yourself in a strict environment where you can be more focussed. You should rather study on a study table where you sit on a chair with a proper posture, this will help you remain awake and you will be able to concentrate well. This kind of environment will help you produce results. Plus, you need to sit in a place where there are no distractions such as TV or mobile phone.

3) Being unorganized:

If one is not organized and have not planned out what to do during the day, then such messy behaviour can cost you your grades. Being organized is essential. This is the only way that will allow a person to live a completely stress-free life. To get rid of this bad habit, you must complete the assignments prior to the due date. Start studying beforehand not immediately before the exam.

4) Not being more participative:

One of the bad habits that stop one from understanding a particular concept is staying silent. An active learner will never let himself or herself suffer. Rather he or she will quickly raise a question when he or she is unable to grasp a specific point. Sometimes the concept is clear to us but by being more engaging we are able to retrieve more information, which gives us a better understanding of a particular point. Therefore, if we don,t put up a question in the middle of a class, then we are depriving ourselves of an opportunity to learn more.

5) Cramming rather than understanding:

Generally, when we are in higher standards we tend to memorize all the important points of a particular topic and not understand what it actually is about. This is because people study to get grades and not to educate themselves. The culture and education system focuses more on the grades and marks obtained by a student rather than the knowledge gained by a person. This is one of the reasons why students pay more attention to retaining what they read rather than getting it through their head. They forget the sole purpose of attending the classes, which is to comprehend the essence of the topic rather than securing marks.

To make students drop this terrible habit of cramming everything, the schools and professional courses have started asking value-based questions in the exams. One cannot answer these questions simply by cramming. For that, one needs a full understanding of the topic.

6) No notes making:

In school everything was easy as the questions asked could be answered by reading out the content in the textbook but higher studies aren’t that easy. Here the syllabus is just so vast that you cannot totally rely on the textbooks to do perform well in your exams. In order to give an excellent performance, you must make notes while listening to the lecture intently. It is important for you to make a note of everything that your professor says as his knowledge can give you an upper hand during your exams. Students generally have a habit of doodling rather than making notes, which is why they suffer at the end of the semester.

7) Not paying attention in the class:

It sounds more appealing to hang out with friends and chatting on WhatsApp or play a game while attending a lecture rather than listening to what the teacher is saying. When you are busy socializing with your comrades, you miss out on the important details that your teacher talks about while delivering the lecture. They don’t realize the significance of these lectures until the exams come and knock on their doors.

8) Forgetting your stationery:

Well, this is one of the most annoying habits of the students and it is indeed an extremely appalling thing for one to do. It is disgraceful on part of the students to ask for the stationery items from their fellow classmates or from the teacher. One must bring his or her stationery. It is extremely shameful and it does not look good at all. Forgetting once in a while is fine but some people form a habit of forgetting stationery.

9) Staying home when you are not sick:

This is one of the worst habits of the students. Why have you enrolled in a full-time course if you cant even attend classes regularly? There are so many people in this world who want to study but they can’t opt for such expensive courses due to inadequate financial resources. Some, on the other hand, have been provided with every facility but they don’t value it and rather skip classes. Neither do they value hard earned money of their parents nor do they value their career. They are unaware of the repercussions and keep on making the same mistakes repeatedly. One should not call sick unless he or she is actually sick.

10) Don’t eat while studying:

Some students have a habit of keeping delicious treats around them when they are doing assignments but that is not right. You can drink caffeine or water to keep yourself awake and hydrated but if you will eat along, then the food around will grab all your attention and you will be more engrossed in the alluring treats instead of working

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