Hunt for Niche Tech Talent by Recruiters Commences for Engineering Students


Students from IIT placement cell said that, In IIT Delhi campus, the requirement of companies coming for hiring is these skills. IITs have options which offer opportunities to all students for studying ML, AI, automation and so on doesn’t matter even if the student belongs from non-computer sciences.

The competition for getting admitted into IIT institutes has increased as it is known by its name and also for PLacement. Numerous renowned companies visit the campus each year. The process of on-campus placement for batch graduating in 2019 is about to commence.

From a few years, the demand for Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning and data analysis abruptly increased and these have become the most desired profiles at IIT in the current year. Recruiters in this year's placement season are recruiting from major engineering schools for such specialized technical talent. The following process will start within a week for the batch which is graduating in the year 2019.

As compared to the beginning trends of engineering colleges the requirement of Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning and data analysis profile have emerged 20-40%. This information is given on the basis of five foremost IIT campuses. Not only Tech Companies but non-tech firms are also hunting for the aforementioned profiles. Companies like Capgemini SE which is a French multinational professional service and the business consulting corporation will also visit all the campuses of IITs this year for placement purpose.

Jaideep Chavan the head of talent acquisition, India, Capgemini said that the company visiting various colleges such as IITs, NITs (National Institutes of Technology) and other engineering colleges and is regularly finding talents with these specific skills. The company, Capgemini has its prime focus in Digital and Cloud. Both of these add up to 35% of the company’s earnings.

Richard Lobo is the head of human resources and executive vice president at Infosys, he mentioned that the hiring of this will mainly focus on the domains such as Automation, Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) etc.

Cognizant, the key recruiter of IITs has planned another strategy for hiring. The company said, “This year, we have added over 14,200 employees to our headcount, both through campuses and laterally, with campus hires forming a large subset of this total,” said Suresh Bethavandu, vice president and global head, talent acquisition. “We continue to visit and engage with all the IITs and NITs and will add the new IITs to this list, based on business demands.”

Last year total 200 recruiters visited the campus but this year more than 250 recruiters will come for hiring at the IIT Kanpur. The registration for recruiters is still going on all the campuses of IIT. The Syam Nair, the in charge of the placement cell at IIT Kanpur showed his expectations by quoting that more companies might register in the last few weeks.

Nair added by his statement that the demand of talent has increased as the developing technologies. The list of recruiters have not only increased in these specialised skills but positive sentiment.  Manu Santhanam of IIT Madras has a similar approach.

Santhanam, the advisor of training and placement reminded that the list of recruiters has rapidly increased for demanding profiles like data sciences, AI, emerging technologies even amongst the old recruiters. The placement process in seven years old IITs commences in December while in new IITs this process starts about one or two months in advance.

 Anishya Madan, industry liaison officer at IIT Delhi’s training and placement cell emphasised that  Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) etc has become the jargon for IITs this year. The old companies are also trying to build a team on the following new technologies.

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Date: 17 Dec 2019

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