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Updating the Modules of Higher Education: A New Path Towards Innovation - CollegeDisha

05 Jul, 2022

Updating the Modules of Higher Education: A New Path Towards Innovation - CollegeDisha

Recently during a debate of educational panelists at a press conference, it was concluded that the current curriculum of our education system needs to be reformed. The governing educational bodies need to revise the primitive regulations and more changes in indoctrination need to be reconstructed. The focus on research rather than our archaic education system should be the main concern. This transformation could bring the higher education of the country at par with global academic institutions across the world.

The panelists discussed that the current education system is following only an archaic module and immediate steps need to be taken into consideration to teach students what is significant in comparison with the current generations across the globe. This statement came from Anil Sahasrabudhe, chairman of, All India Council for Technical education. He further said that along with education, reforms in teaching training and customized teaching solutions need to be brought to attention.

Delhi’s deputy CM highlighted the faults of our education system by stating that the current generation of students focuses only on achieving higher marks in examinations. The need for change is to make them fearless and innovative to gain exposure to the outer world.

While we are discussing the faults in our education system, it should be noted that these changes are only possible if we encourage students to grow more creative and be fearless about asking questions rather than scoring only high marks in examinations. This change could only occur if there is a reconstruction of our fundamental education system. The hour of need is to think out of the box without thinking of scoring for examinations. India cannot develop entrepreneurs and innovators until the ancient education system is practiced.

Vice-chancellor of Ansal University, Raj Singh said that the rating system in India is socially influenced and conformity- based which is not sufficient for students to create new ideas and thinking. This type of educational system leads to failure in the life of most of the students. This reason differentiates us from students studying abroad as they follow the learning-based outcomes.

Reservations to special caste students need to be put to a halt as it is creating a huge loop of differences in our education system. This is the reason why most successful engineers and doctors are settled abroad. If reservations are to be given, they should be given to deserving students on meritorious grounds or poor financial grounds.

P Hemalatha Reddy, principal, Venkateshwara College stated that many of the students are going abroad for employment purposes and coming back with that expertise. It should be used as an aspiration for other students. Other guests present at the venue were Pratibha Jolly, principal, Miranda House, and Rupamanjari Ghosh, vice-chancellor, Shiv Nadar University.

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