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Samsung India will hire 1,000 Engineering Graduates this year - College Disha

15 Dec, 2022

Samsung India will hire 1,000 Engineering Graduates this year - College Disha

Samsung India will soon start the recruitment process. This year they have planned to appoint 1,000 engineering graduates this year. The company will hire students from popular colleges in India. These days the demand for natural language processing, biometrics, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and 5G networks have increased. These days all companies are hiring students on these bases.

Samsung India will recruit 300 students from the Indian Institutes of Technology and the rest from the Delhi College of Engineering, Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), Manipal Institute of Technology and BITS Pilani.

Samsung is a South-Korean multinational conglomerate that aims to bring development to India. In total, the company has three Research and development centres. These centres are suitable in Banglore, Noida and the nation’s capital i.e. Delhi. Noida and Banglore are currently working on the latest innovations. In total, Samsung has 32 R & D centre all around the world. The prime focus of Samsung India is on the innovations but simultaneously they also contribute to global products.

Samsung India recruited 800 engineers in the year 2016 for their research and development centres. Out of which 300 were from IITs. The centre of Samsung India which is located in Banglore works on IoT, ML and AI while Noida is known for the development of data security, multimedia, mobile software and biometrics.

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