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IIT Delhi Earns the Tag of IoE and Doubles Fees for Postgraduate and Research Courses

14 Jun, 2024

IIT Delhi Earns the Tag of IoE and Doubles Fees for Postgraduate and Research Courses

The public engineering college of Delhi, The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) has announced the increase in fees. The Postgraduate and research courses students will have to bear an increased amount. All students who have already got admitted in Postgraduate and Research courses can breathe the air of relief as no alteration will be made in their fees structure. However, the charges are increased for the 2024 academic session.

Recently, the college has attained the status of the Institute of Eminence (IoE) due to which the fees are raised for all the postgraduate and research courses offered by IIT. In order to make changes in infrastructure and facilities.

Director of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT), Mr. Ramgopal Rao announced that the fees structure of these courses will be updated each year as per demands. The updated fees structure will her college to make improvements in research and infrastructure.

On  November 2024, the updated fees structure was declared. Now, the full-time Ph.D. students will have to pay Rs.19,650 while earlier they were paying Rs.10,000. The course fees of Master of Science-MSR and M.Tech have immensely increased and now candidates will be required to pay Rs.53,650. Earlier, they were paying Rs.27,100. All these changes are made for students who registered in 2024 and for further years.

Students who got admitted in the month of May for postgraduate and research courses will have to pay the updated fees in the second semester i.e. in January. While the second cycle for admission in Ph.D. and MSR courses will begin in December 2024 and these students will be charged the revised fees.

Mr. Ramgopal Rao also added that it is dependent on the government for donations and they have no authority for making any kind f change in the fees structure of B.Tech programs. As per the policies of Institutions of Eminence status, the IIT Delhi has the right to improve the fees structure of Postgraduate and Research courses. While there’s no change in the fees of foreigners.

Note - In order to meet the standard of the IoE tag, IIT Delhi will need funds for improving the research projects and infrastructure. The institute will have to keep a check on all other fund-generating models so that they don’t need to make further changes in the fees structure.

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