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IISc College Ranking 2023 - Know Latest Fees, Courses, Exams, Placement & Reviews

11 Jan, 2023

IISc College Ranking 2023 - Know Latest  Fees, Courses, Exams, Placement & Reviews

Table of Content: 

  • Parameters of NIRF to Rank Universities
  • Factors Affecting the IISc College Ranking 2023
  • Some Other Factors Affect The IISc College Ranking
  • IISc College Reviews 2023.

IISc College Ranking 2023:

NIRF has usually defined the ranking on the basis of parameters. They will evaluate those parameters and on the basis of those parameters, they will calculate the rank for the university and colleges.

Parameters of NIRF to Rank Universities And Colleges

Teaching and learning resources:

  • Students strengths including doctoral students
  • The faculty-student ratio means a number of faculty engaged in the number of students
  • Combined metric for the faculty with the Ph.D.
  • Financial resources and their utilization

Research and professional practices:

  • Combined metric for the publication
  • Combined metric for the quality of the publication
  • Indian patent report and patents: published patent and granted patents
  • The footprint of the project and professional practices

Graduation outcome:

  • Metric for the university examination
  • Metric for the number of Ph.D. students who graduated

Outreach and inclusivity

  • Percentage of the students from the other states means migrated students to do further study
  • Percentage of women diversity
  • Economically and socially challenged students 
  • Facilities for the physically challenged students
  • Perception ranking

Peer perception:

  • Academics peers and employers 

Factor Affecting the IISE Courses College Ranking 2023:

There are some following factors that usually work parallels to make an impact on the university ranking. Let us discuss those following factors which are behind to affect the college ranking

  • Undergraduate academic reputation
  • Social movement
  • Graduation and retention rate
  • Faculty resources
  • Financial resources per students
  • Average alumni given rate
  • Graduate rate performance

Some Other Factors Affect The IISc College Ranking 2023:

Faculty with Doctoral or Terminal Degree: If the faculty has a doctoral degree in the university, that university will be considered as one of the best universities among other universities that have the faculty having a terminal degree.

Financial Resources: Financial resources are a powerful factor to define college ranking. This factor indicates that the financial resources are to be measured by the spending on the students for the instructions, research, and publication, academic papers, research-related activities, the patent system, etc.

Expert Opinion Poll: The expert opinion means if experts are with a particular university and they have positive reviews towards the university which are to consider the best opinion and on the basis of the expert, that university will be keeping under the best category which is one of the parameters to define the college ranking.

First-year Student’s Retention Rate: If first-year students’ retention rate is high with the same college which means the college productivity and environment are quite good. This factor also plays a pivot role to define the college ranking

Graduation Rate Average: The graduation rate average is up to the average, then this comes under the best category which is one of the parameters to define the college ranking.

Graduation Rate Performance: Graduation rate performance meaning is simply passing out the students in the graduate courses. So if the graduation rate performance is high, then on the basis of this parameter, it is very easy to say that a particular university and college is quite good.

Rank Predictor: A rank predictor is an online tool that is used to get to know the predicted rank of the college as well as the students. Students have to enter their marks in the desired appropriate boxes and click on the submit button, which will give you the predicted rank which is quite useful to find the predicted college for admission. Sometimes it will not give you the exact result which quite is different as compared to the original results.

Brief about IISc: IISc is a public deemed university which is founded in 1909. This deemed university provides higher education in the field of science and engineering. IISc is located in Bangalore. There is 502 academic staff on the entire campus and more than 3500 students are enrolled in the various courses. There are approximately 418 students are for the undergraduate course whereas 3325 students are enrolled for the post-graduate courses. This institute is also known as the Tata Institute.

Ranking of IIsc Internationally:

The ranking of the IIsc at the global level lies between 251-300. 

IISc College Reviews 2023:

Placement: The placement of the IISc is commendable and most of the students are to be placed at the premier place to work. Most of the renowned companies are eager to visit in the IISc campus to hire the candidate for the job. They usually offered a handsome salary to the IISc students. Apart from that most of the students are placed in the government sector also.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure wise IISc campus is quite advanced with modern amenities like wireless networks throughout the campus. IISc campus is nature-friendly. Labs are well equipped with the necessary tools and the library is quite large with most of the book availability. 

Faculty: Professors are very qualified in the IISc campus. They are ready to solve students' queries in a 24*7 environment. Their concepts are very clear. They come up with a modern teaching approach to teach the students. So that students can get the concept in a very short span of time. The teacher students’ ratio is quite satisfactory on the IISc campus. The faculties of all the departments are very friendly.

Other: IISc conducts a college fest every year. They called up celebrities to entertain students. IISc conducts a scholarship program for financially weak students. Many foreign students are here to get an education on the IISc campus. Many of the extra-curricular activities are performed over there like football games, cricket, etc. lots of other facilities include like. Gym facilities, entertainment, etc.

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