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    In the face-paced world of today, we love to see things managed accordingly and management is something that helps you to plan and organize the things properly. Management is the art and science of getting and managing jobs done through the people in formally organized groups. In the current generation, students are running behind this highly valued profession it can help you gain various aspects of education altogether.

    It is because, despite the industry, the most essential skills or ability any professional should acquire is the ability and expertise to manage others efficiently. Therefore, management experts with the right degree, experience and credentials are considered as the highest paid professionals in the world today.

    Management is regarded as a progressive activity which is made up of fundamental management functions like planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. These are the ingredients that togetherly constitute the subject-management. It is a set or assemblage of principles and postulates that relates to the functions of planning, organizing, directing, controlling etc. The applications of these principles lead to the harnessing physical, financial, human and informational resources efficiently and adequately to accomplish the organizational objectives. Thus, it can be said that it is the administration of an organization, whether it’s a business, government body, or a non-profit organization.

    The significance of Management

    Management is a small term that plays a major role in every aspect of human life as well as in organizations also. Management is the science and art of arranging people together to fulfil desired goals and objectives by coordinating and integrating all the available resources productively and efficiently. It is the consolidated or interchanged process of planning, decision making, organizing, leading, motivation and controlling the human resources, financial, physical, and information resources of an organization to scale its goals effectively.

    Today, Management has converted into a buzz word among every youngster. Every second student says that he is perusing management courses or will seek management degree because it is a multi-purpose medium that manages and controls the business, managers, bosses workers, and their work. Management does not work for itself. Such services motivate and urge others to coordinate and do all the work required for accomplishing the aims of the organization. It brings all Six Ms together including Men and Women, Money, Machines, Materials, Methods, and Markets. They employ all these resources in order to achieve the goals and purposes of the organization including high sales, maximum profits, business expansion, etc. Management comprises some interlocking functions and duties of formulating corporate policy, organizing, planning, controlling, as well as regulating an organization's devices to achieve the aspirations of that policy.

    Here is the nature, foremost characteristics and features of management:

    • Management is Associated with Group Efforts
    • Continuous and never-ending process.
    • Management is Purposeful
    • Management is Goal-oriented
    • Management is Indispensable
    • Management is Intangible
    • Multidisciplinary in nature.
    • Follows established principles or laws.
    • Management is all pervasive
    • Dynamic in nature
    • Management is can Ensure Better Life


    Eligibility Criteria for Management Services:

    To make a successful career in management services, one needs to be very organized and expertise in leadership or entrepreneurship. So, management courses like MBA are the courses that will help you develop in these skills. To enrol admission in management services, candidates are required to follow the directed eligibility criteria:

    • Students are required to successfully complete graduation in any stream from a recognized university.
    • It is obligatory for the candidates to secure a minimum aggregate score of 50% marks in Bachelor’s level and for SC/ST, it is 40%.

    For management services, the above-mentioned criteria are not enough. Management skills can be determined by certain attributes or abilities that an executive should possess in order to fulfil particular responsibilities in an organization. They incorporate the capability to do administrative duties in an organization while dodging crisis circumstances and hastily solving problems when they arise. One can develop managerial skills through learning, knowledge, and practical experience as a manager.

    Some attributes and traits required for management services:

    • Technical Skills
    • Conceptual Skills
    • Human or Interpersonal Skills
    • Planning, Decision-making
    • Communication
    • Delegation
    • Problem-solving
    • Motivating
    • Good organization abilities
    • Team Building
    • Leadership and entrepreneurship skills
    • Ability to deal with alternative changes effectively
    • Domain Knowledge


    How to become a Management Professional?

    Becoming a management professional is not everyone’s cup of tea. An individual need to work and practice on his skills a lot to become a perfect manager. It takes years of study, hard work, and dedication to accomplish a single dream.

    Here is the process that a candidate needs to follow to become a manager

    Step 1- Earn a Bachelor’s Degree:

    Earning a Bachelor’s degree is like acquiring the basic level degree and yes, it is. A bachelor’s degree will not only get you an entry-level job in this profession but the basic knowledge, information and practical experience that is required to attain this position. Candidates can pursue any of the bachelor’s course but a degree in management courses will help them more to excel in the field.

    Step 2- Gain Experience:

    Experience is something that matters a lot in any field. After acquiring a proper bachelor’s degree, one is recommended to gain industrial experience. Today, every organization demands an individual with some internship or job experience which will help him to develop his skills more. It is a very essential part of any course, not it has become mandatory for students to acquire more and more experience.

    Step 3- Pursue a master’s degree:    

    At this stage, candidates are suggested to gain a master’s degree in management courses like MBA, MCA or M.Comm etc. It is best to do MBA if you aspire to become a hold the designation of manager in any organization. A master’s degree can help you get in-depth knowledge as well as practical knowledge about the programme. The master degree can provide you each and every information related to the course as well as about the work that these students will have to perform while doing their job.  

    Step 4- Advance in the field:

    After acquiring Bachelor’s, master’s degree or gaining experience from some industries, a candidate become experience enough to explore in his field. A manager can gain a lot of things while performing a job as a manager. He/ She can acquire experience of about 5-6 years and even start-up his own business and excel in the field. In India, some of the reputed companies hire such professionals and offer them handsome salary packages.

    Responsibilities of a Manager

    The locus of an individual manager alters depending upon his/her relevant level in the organization. There is a broad range of activities that all managers have to perform which includes:

    • Hiring and developing qualified employees for their teams.
    • Overseeing the work of the team in pursuit of key goals and objectives.
    • Participating in the formulation of strategies and aims.
    • Managing costs and budgets for sales management roles, and driving profitable revenues.
    • Developing and coaching direct reports.
    • Fostering an optimistic working aura for all the participants.
    • Performing on reports, monitoring KPIs and sharing outcomes and actions.
    • Working on functions in pursuit of new start-ups or problem-solving activities.
    • Communicating and sharing new goals, programs, ideas, and results.
    • Supporting and assisting team members as they navigate challenging issues.
    • Resolving disagreements and resource-related issues.
    • Interacting with customers or customer-facing team members to comprehend adequately how to meet customer requirements.


    Career Prospects for Management Services:

    In today’s competitive world, management is one of the highest compensated careers. The main point is that it is unpredictable to or analyzes at which level you can make the utmost out of your degree in management. After completing a course successfully in the field of management, one can start-up his own business or can aspire to work at managerial and executive levels in the corporate houses and multinational companies.

    A management degree is not only confined to acquiring a job in business houses but it can also get oneself much better possibility in the government sector too. Here is the list of some of the career options that can be owned in the following management services.

    Career Options in Management Services:

    • Administrative Services Managers
    • Computer Information Systems Managers
    • Engineering and Natural Science Managers
    • Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations Management
    • Medical and Health Services Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Quality Assurance Management
    • Logistics
    • Disaster Management
    • Brand Management
    • Money Management
    • Operations Management
    • Sales
    • Purchasing Management
    • Construction Management
    • Real Estate Management
    • Production Management
    • Industrial Management
    • Shipping and Port Management


    Salary Packages:

    Management Services are something that can help you get a bright career as well as optimum compensation packages. In this field, a fresh employee can expect a minimum salary of about 25,000 to 40,000 rupees on a monthly basis in any of the organizations.

    The reputed organizations can even pay you much higher than such salary packages and organization is also a big factor to determine someone’s remuneration.   

    An established and experienced individual can attain lucrative compensation packages of around 50,000 to 1 lakh to 3-4 lakhs per month. They not only get only handsome salary packages but perks and amenities as well. One can attain a dignified and prosperous career by exploring this discipline.

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