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    Career In Fashion Modelling

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    Career in Fashion Modeling | Qualification, Scope, Job and Salary

    “Fashion is the armour to persist in the reality of life”. Today, one has to grab up the current generation vogues to live in this uncertain world. With the evolving trends and vogues, the scope of Fashion and modelling is also growing. Modelling a career in fashion Industry is the right career opportunity for those who want to acquire fame and glamour in the future. People who are attributed with appealing physical characteristics and personalities are naturally inclined to have their career in the competitive world of fashion. Those who are blessed with a perfect figure and are still young and have a clear face with little or no marks can succeed in one of the most competitive professions of the world today. This career pathway is suitable for those people who relish flexible work timings and possess a general interest in fashion.

    Career in Fashion:

    This small word “Fashion” in itself carries a surplus of job options for all because of its versatility and variability. The key areas of the profession in the fashion industry are market research, designing, and manufacturing of garments and textiles. Now the fashion industry has become this professional that it embraces a wide range of subjects in design, concept management, design production management, quality control, planning, fabric design, printing, design, fashion merchandising, textile science, colour mixing, marketing etc. Fashion design has today become the most vital sphere of business in the fashion industry as designing involves creating innovative and original designs after cramming the dynamic trends of the market. Therefore, Fashion designers require to be more artistic, talented, creative and must possess the expertise to interpret ideas and thoughts in sketches. They must also have a keen understanding of colour such as a combination of shades and hues, visual intelligence, knowledge of market trends. Those who acquire these qualities can foster in this field and can get employment with professional designers as trainees or apprentices with the manufacturing units, export houses, boutiques, and media. They can work as costume designers, freelancers for fashion businesses and boutiques and can choose their owned enterprise or boutique.

    Career in Modelling:

    In the current scenario, “Modeling” is one amongst the most ambitious and sought after profession amidst the youngsters across the world. Jumping into the industry itself is pretty difficult and often depends more on fate than skills and experience. One can gain an advantage from being in the right place at the right time. Surviving in the industry is also challenging because of the sheer quantity of competition around us. Candidates must possess enough qualities that what they do is to get success as a fashion model because there are plenty of individuals who are aspiring to be models.

    Modelling life is like a box full of thrill, excitement, glitz, glam, and fame. Models generally get followed by the ostentatious industries, media, TV channels and social brethren of the society. This profession can proffer you respect, reputation, good living standard, luxury, and comforts. The field is lucrative for both females as well as male models of Industry. Due to multiple customer products, the demand for kids models is also increasing. Through this profession, a common person enters the hall of fame and talking points of society as well as closely examined by the fashion world. So planning to make a career in modelling is the profitable and best option. However, the modelling field is defined by cut-throat race, tight work schedule, pressure, and stress. A person does not become a supermodel in one or two days, it takes years of diligence, time and willingness to scale that high-profile level.


    Eligibility Criteria for a career in Fashion Modelling:

    To enter this tinselled field, candidates are always seen with a big question on their face, i.e. “the eligibility criteria”. So, there is no specific education qualification or age limit is required to enter into this field. The prime key to getting enrolled in this career is to prepare a portfolio first and the looks - he/ she must be tall, slim, attractive or good personality. Flawless skin, healthy and well-cut hair are the assets for seeing forward a  career in modelling. Further, he/she should be photogenic because being photogenic is one of the most remarkable traits to become a model.

    To break into this profession, candidates have to go through the following criteria:

    1- Age: Fashion models generally have a specific age, height, and measurement level. The basic age requirement ranges between 16 to 21 years of age because many agencies demands models to be at least 16 years of age. They can be even younger or older than this specified age depending on the type of work of agencies or clients.

    2- Physical Measurements: The physical measurements are what matters the most in this profession. For a successful career in Fashion and Modelling, aspirants are required to meet the mentioned measurements:

    For Women

    Type of Models





    Fashion Models

    5’9” to 6’’

    32″ to 36″

    33″ to 35″

    22″ to 26″

    Catalogue Models

    5’8″ to 5’11”

    32″ to 35″

    33″ to 35″

    22″ to 26″

    Lingerie and Bikini Models

    5’7″ to 6′’

    32″ to 35″ C cup

    33″ to 35″

    22″ to 26″

    Runway or Catwalk Models

    5’8’’ to 6’’

    32’’ to 34’’

    33’’ to 34’’

    22’’ to 24’’

    For Men

    Type of Models



    Fashion Models

    5’11” to 6’2″

    40″- 43″

    Other Models

    5’10’’ to 6’2’’ or above

    40’’ to 44’’ or more

    The aim of the male model is to appear ripped up with your shirt off and lean in clothing Men’s standards are less specific and many men meet these guidelines. This is also a part of the reason why they often times get paid less than their women counterpart.

    Important attributes required for Fashion and Modelling

    For this profession, certain requirements depend on the consumers, and models requirements must range within specific measurements for height, weight, and clothes size. These requirements may vary imperceptibly over time as perceptions of physical beauty resolution.

    • Photogenic: Before jumping into the fashion Industry, the basic requirement is to be photogenic. Individuals must possess the quality of being photogenic. Models generally spend most of their time with photographers. So, they must be comfortable and easy in front of the camera while capturing the desired look.
    • Interpersonal skills: One of the basic and most required qualities of a model is to hold interpersonal skills because models have to interact with a wide range of people like agents, photographers, and clients. So, It is imperative to be polite, courteous, professional, prompt, and respectful.

    Without interpersonal skills, everyday business would become very tough, since almost every facet of work requires communication. There are many jobs in the world that involves collaboration and interaction with various types of people, and some interpersonal skills are vital to making this happen.

    • Listening skills: Listening is something that let you do something. One should possess the listening skills to acquire the right direction by other professionals. Models must seek right guidance from professional photographers and patrons during the photoshoots and commercials.
    • Discipline: Discipline is the utmost trait that is required in every profession. The career of a model depends on the person's quality of maintaining his/her body or physical attributes. They must control their diet, exercise regularly, and take enough sleep to stay healthy, fresh, and photogenic. There are some necessary work-relevant expenses such as haircuts, pedicures, and manicures.
    • Organizational skills: Being a model means to manage their portfolios, their work, and travel schedules.
    • Persistence: Persistence is a very essential trait one could have. As there is a huge competition for jobs in every profession. With this strong race, many clients demand distinct obligations for each job and at that point of time, patience and persistence are necessary.
    • Style: Style is something which is required with the coming changes in life. Models must bear fundamental knowledge of hair styling, makeup, and apparels. For photographic and runway jobs, models must work gracefully, boldly, and confidently.
    • Models: Models are advised to interact with a large number of people, like agents, photographers, and clients. It is essential for individuals to be polite, professional, punctual, prompt, and respectful.


    Process of becoming a Fashion Professional or Model:

    Becoming a Fashion Professional or Model is a quite challenging and tough job. The most common question that every modelling agents and scouts have from aspiring models is, "how do I become a fashion model?".  There is so much more information in books, on websites, and whirling around in modelling forums that it can seem very confusing and overwhelming to a new model who is just starting out.

    Here are some simple steps that will help you to make a career in the fashion industry and modelling:

    Take some basic snapshots

    The first step towards achieving this profession is to start from the beginning. So, at first, you need to present some basic snapshots to modelling agents and scouts. They always look for a nice face shot (smiling and not smiling), with left and right profiles of your face and body, a full length shot and a back shot to know about your looks. Wear fitted apparels like skinny jeans or leggings with a simple tank top or t-shirt.

    The male models are required to show the agents their fitness level. Therefore, it is recommended to them that click at least one photograph in swim trunks or boxer shorts, wear jeans without a shirt.

    Get analyzed by professional Model agents

    Most of the new models begin their journey because of their family members and friends. If you possess a good and attractive personality, then you must be forced by them by listening that “you should be a model," or he/she is the prettiest girl or guy in the school/college. Such people may have even got some local modelling competitions. That’s really a great beginning, and it doesn’t inevitably interpret into that what the agencies are looking for. It is imperative for you to get your modelling potential evaluated and analyzed by expert model agents or scouts before you spend extremely much time or money into your pursuit. It will help you to get closer to your career path.

    Acquire as much exposure as you can

    To become a model, it is necessary for you to get exposed, get as much exposure as you can. Many of the agencies in India specialize in only a particular area but some of them represent high fashion (editorial) models. The others may only represent commercial models, plus-size, dainty, or child celebrities. If any agency is not able to present you then don’t get discouraged or low, it’s crucial that you get marked by as many agents as possible on a routine basis. If you are living in one of the prime markets then you may be able to accompany an open call or go-see at the agencies. If you live outside the major areas, the best way to get exposure and publicity is to send your snaps to as many agencies as you can.

    This can be a very time-consuming and pricey endeavour, especially when you make copies of all your pictures and then send it through the mail. The expense of prints, copies, envelopes, and stamps can effortlessly add up to over a thousand bucks. To boost your possibilities of being hired by an agency, it is necessary to work with the experienced people who have direct connections to all the agencies in the broad variety of markets.

    Today, one can have an excellent platform to begin their career in this profession and gives you the most reliable and cost-effective style to get the exposure you want to be noticed by numerous agents across the world in the quickest and agile possible way.

    Recognize the ideal modelling market for you

    Identifying the best market for you plays a major role in the life of a model.   Here, the term “market” indicates you to the diverse geographical areas in which the models work and get a living. The word "market" also refers to the category your particular look falls into like fashion market, commercial market, plus market, or petite market. The supermodels you generally notice in major magazines and walking the runways for topmost consumers generally work in all markets are many successful models who work for one or two markets. A skilled and expert agent can help you to get the right market for a particular look.

    Be Persistent:

    Becoming a professional and acknowledged model is a process and it takes years of time. It doesn’t happen overnight or a day. Even those models who used to say that “ one day I was just walking down the street and the next day I was on the cover page of Vogue” also seems like overstating.

    Becoming a fashion professional and model requires sufficient time and many of today’s generation top models didn’t get signed by any agency the first time out of the gate. One needs to very polite and patient to achieve this popular position. Stay positive, confident, and remember that only because an agency is not representing you today doesn’t mean that they won’t be amused tomorrow.

    Duties/Responsibilities of Models

    The word model is a very glamorous and popular that comprises numerous responsibilities and duties. It is not only limited to acting or getting photographed, but there is much more about this industry that you need to know.  

    Models work for artists, photographers, or clients to assist advertise a diversity of products, like clothing, cosmetics, accessories food, and appliances. They also serve as a fit or fitting model that enables the manufacturer or fashion stylist to obtain the excellent fit for new fashionable styles.

    Models generally do the following typical duties:

    • Exhibit apparel and merchandise in print and online advertisements
    • Promote and advertise products and services in television commercials or ads.
    • Wear designers' garments for runway fashion shows or programs.
    • Represent businesses, companies, and brands at conventions, conferences, trade shows, or other events.
    • Pose for pictures to be printed for magazines, newspapers, paintings, or sculptures
    • Do your job almost closely with photographers, artists, hair and clothing stylists, makeup artists, as well as clients to create and produce the desired look.
    • Create, Design, manage, and maintain a portfolio of their profession.
    • Go on trips and travels to meet, visit, and interview with potential customers.
    • Conduct, analysis, and research on the product or goods that need to be promoted like the designer or kind of clothing fabric.
    • Respond to the questions from consumers about the products
    Pros of making a career in Fashion and Modelling

    There are plenty of advantages of making a career in this glamorous field which is as follows:

    • Fame and recognition
    • Money
    • Celebrity status
    • New ExperiencesBenefits:
    • Global audience
    • Swanky Lifestyle
    • Perks and amenities
    • Free Stuff
    • Travel
    • Publicity and Exposure


    Career in Fashion and Modeling can be very lucrative and successful for those who are interested in this profession. There is no need to say that acting and modelling are one of the most fruitful and rewarding jobs one can ever dream. Although, it includes a bunch of challenges and difficulties to enter from a wall of anonymity to achieve stardom. There is a pretty high possibility of obtaining work for both globally and locally.

    Individuals can work in the entertainment and fashion industry as:

    ➤An Actor

    ➤A Television show anchor




    ➤News Anchor

    This discipline of modelling is glamorous and exciting, one can give you a prosperous and flourishing career but creating a sustained niche is one of the most vital problems in front of all the models. One has to develop and cultivate various attributes like patience, endurance, strength, good social networks, and a great sense of professionalism. It is not mandatory that individuals will come and get a full-fledged job opportunity in modelling domains. Initially, they have to begin from little stuff such as small TV ads, simple role in the business or tv shows. There are innumerable models who are performing extremely well in Bollywood like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan, Ranveer Singh, Vicky Kaushal, etc. In fact, these stars have made a special dignified niche for themselves in the film industry. Both men and women are enjoying promising and assuring careers in the fashion and modelling industries.

    Participating in photo shoots at an early age must be like an added advantage for the aspiring individuals. To become a good model, the person should possess the features and attributes alike an optimistic and cheerful vision, high level of confidence, patience, perseverance, good facial appearance, optimum height and solid body personality along with the photogenic face.


    Jobs & Salary Package

    One essential thing that is to be noted down by the aspirants in order to succeed in acting, is one has to possess an unmatched talent rather than pursuing courses and degrees. Also, one may have to start acting in local theatres and dreams before moving up on the ladder of regional, national and international cinema.

    The earning of models depends upon the experience, network and the type of agency for which they are working. Fresher can get Rs 10, 000 to Rs 15, 000 monthly per fashion show.  An established model can charge Rs. 50, 000 to Rs 1 lakh monthly per fashion show. However, for reputed models, are earning beyond the expectation and also attaining multiple amenities, perks, and luxury.

    There are plenty of national as well as international organizations which open the gate of opportunities for the aspirants once they start acting such as movie industries like Bollywood, Hollywood. Tollywood and other regional cinema offer various creative options, for amateur and expert models. Usually, actors and actresses have to work up their way from acting in small and supporting roles to higher and leading roles. This may take several years but will gradually help you to scale the ladders of success in life.

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