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    Accessories are something that completes the outfit of an individual. Today, accessories are becoming more and more important day by day. With the increasing demand for accessories, the growth of Accessory Designers has also increased as a solid piece of jewellery can help you get a simple outfit look elegant. An Accessory designer is a person who creates and designs accessories like ornaments, hats, jewellery, scarves, belts handbags, watches and all the little-little items that are required to give a fashionable outfit.

    An Accessory not only helps to complete and ensemble one’s look, but also add a splash of colour, personality,  vitality, and style to the costume wearer. In context to the fashion industry, accessory design means the act of designing and producing these accessories. It can change the entire appearance of someone’s outfit, and women love to decor their wardrobe with versatile accessories. Today, the art of accessory designers is embracing the whole world of jewellery and other artistic embellishments.

    Accessory Designers can work autonomously as a sole proprietor, for companies and industries which provide multiple types of style accessories. These specialized designers are professionals with a penchant for working amidst a surplus of artistic materials. The accessory experts must be vogue-oriented by heart and willing to encompass or transcend whatever is in fashion.

    The significance of an Accessory Designer

     Today, an accessory designer has turned into an essential and prominent career option. They play a major role in people’s day to day life. To acquire perfection in outfits or looks, people are dependant on accessories designed by the accessory designers. At this point in time, people find out accessories to rely upon in order to look elegant. An accessory designer is responsible for conceptualizing, developing, creating, and producing designs of jewellery parts, handbags, hats, belts, gloves, scarves and other items that can be used to praise or compliment someone’s garb apparels.

    Accessory Designers have the liberty to serve with a diversity of stuff from metals to leather and beads/pellets to satin while utilizing their creativity. Most of the accessory designer professionals begin their careers at home only by opening up jewellery shops or showrooms which thereby makes accessory designing a very ravishing profession for youngsters. Jewellery and leather designing is also a part of accessory designing.

    In the current scenario, most of the accessory design professionals control accessory line on their own. In fact, this has become a pretty common career option as one do not have to invest out a big capital in order to shape your business operational. Additionally, the potential of online marketing and advertising has influenced modern and young entrepreneurs greatly to manage their own accessory work.

    An increasing interest has been observed towards accessory design careers because of the lucrative and fruitful business possibilities offered by the fashion industry. The increasing demands for various kinds of accessories have tempted numerous accessories designer aspirants to attempt in this field. This perpetual attracting fashion industry today generates optimum employment opportunities for the willing accessory designers.

    Moreover, the glamour, glitz, and allurement that the fashion industry offers is something very precious that you would not desire to pass up. In fact, this career path itself ensures an astonishing growth for potential profit and proposed revenue. Thus, fashion is tremendously growing into a versatile impression with much more than the clothes in order to provide a trendy or stylish appearance.


    Eligibility Criteria for becoming an Accessory Designer:

    To excel in this fascinating field, candidates are required to have in-depth knowledge and expertise about accessories, what’s in trend, people’s demand, and fashion world. So, before jumping into the field, aspirants need to follow the mentioned eligibility criteria which are as follows:  

    Education Qualification

    To become a successful accessory designer, students can pursue different courses available in Accessory Designing at Certificate, Diploma, Graduate and Postgraduate levels.

    For enrolling admission in the Undergraduate courses, the basic eligibility to appear for this course is 12th pass in any stream from a recognized university.


    Coming to the age section of the given criteria, then there are no restrictions on the age limit of the aspiring candidates. Only some reputed institutions/ universities demand the applicant’s age to be 18 years.   

    Qualify Entrance Exams:

    To get admitted in the top-notch institutes/colleges of India, entrance exams for Accessory Designing courses are conducted every year by several universities. These universities take student’s test in general knowledge, creativity, and basic artistic skills to check where the student actually stand. After qualifying the written examination, an interview is conducted by the colleges respectively in order to provide admissions to the candidates. Holding sufficient understanding of Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an extra benefit for the candidates.

    Traits Required to be an Accessory Designer:

    • A keen eye for details
    • Strong determination
    • Perfect communication and visualization skills
    • Success-driven
    • Excellent designing skills
    • Knowledge of Computer Aided Designs
    • Exceptional marketing and advertising skills
    • Good leadership qualities
    • Deep knowledge about the changing accessory trends and fashion
    • Exceptional creative, originality and artistic expressions
    • Good knowledge of the manufacturing and production industry
    • Ability to produce low-budget designs without compromising with the quality
    • Knowledge of raw materials
    • Patience and precision
    • Drawing and sketching skills


    The process to become an Accessory Designer:

    An accessory designer is also like the other knowledgeable designer. The modern trends and styles are researched, selected materials, processes, and market is first studied and then made. While working for an employer, his/her requirements are the grassroots of the design. After any design is approved, sample pieces or items are then designed and finally produced. As a result, a product is made, produced and then sold in the form of accessories.

    So, to reach that level in this career profile, candidates must follow the given steps:

    Step 1- Pursue a degree/diploma/certificate course first-

    To become a successful and satisfied accessory designer, the first step towards it is to pursue a degree/diploma/certificate course first. After passing 10+2 level successfully, go for such a bachelor’s degree in Art, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising or a related field from any reputed university institution. Here, candidates will be taught from the basic fundamental concepts of accessory designing till the deep topics that are required to become a professional in this field. There are some courses in India that can be pursued after 12th to seek accessory designing knowledge such as Bachelor of Designing (Accessory Design), Bachelor of Science (Lifestyle or Accessory Design) etc.

    Consolidating a fashion design curriculum with a degree in areas like merchandising or business can be demonstrated as a worthwhile asset in the fashion industry. The degree programs in fashion design usually emphasize courses in these areas:

    • Clothing design
    • Apparel construction
    • Illustrating for fashion
    • History of clothing and fashion design
    • Predicting fashion trends
    • Computer-aided design (CAD)
    • Woven materials and knitwear
    • Principles of tailoring
    • Marketing fashion
    • Draping methods

    Step 2- Go for Internships in the Fashion Industry-

    In this step, candidates are advised to go through some internships in order to enhance their skills and knowledge. They can join the fashion houses or industries for seeking internships. An internship can help them to gain experience and improve their skills in the work that will be provided to them when they’ll get any job. Today, every organization demands students with some internship or industrial experience of at least 6 months because they are aware of the works they’ll have to perform in the industries.

    Step 3- Get a master’s degree

    After completing a graduation/ diploma or certification course, candidates are recommended to earn a master’s degree. A graduation degree can only get you an entry-level job but a master degree will help you to get prestigious and satisfactory jobs. There are numerous post-graduate courses in India that can be pursued after graduation courses like P.G Diploma in Lifestyle or Accessory Design. Such courses can enhance their skills and deepen their knowledge in the field.

    Step 4- Seek Jobs-

    After completing the master’s degree, the high time comes for the candidates. Here, students have to perform for themselves in interviews and show each and every skill that is being required in the fashion industries. Candidates can get optimum job opportunities if they possess sufficient skills and experience to hold that particular position. There are numerous jewellery companies, factories, fashion industries where such professionals are in high demand.  

    Step 5- Advance in the profession

    At last, you have to decide that you want to continue the job or opening a jewel shop or business. By acquiring proper knowledge and expertise in the field, aspirants can advance in their field and can attain lucrative career opportunities ahead. Establishing a business in this field can become pretty fruitful as this is an evergreen profession that runs each and every day. A proficient, knowledgeable, and smart individual can make his career luxurious by sustaining in this field depending on the attributes he/she acquires.

    Best Institutions for Accessory Designing Courses

    In India, there are some of the reputed Institutes that provide course/programme relevant to the Accessory Designing:

    • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc
    • FDDI, Noida
    • National Institute of Design, Gandhi Nagar
    • Indian Institute of Craft and Design, Jaipur
    • Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi
    Responsibilities of an Accessory Designer

    Here are some typical duties/responsibilities that an accessory designer has to perform in an organization:

    • An Accessory Designer has to perform sincerely well in the organization which includes designing charming lifestyle accessories like bags, belts, scarves, shoes, eyewear, jewellery, and other fashion accessories.
    • Accessory Designer generally studies trends, vogue, sketch designs and manage the production of their work until the final product is not get ready for sale.
    • As the style and design are continuously changing and are short-lived, then it becomes the responsibility of the accessory designers to conceptualize, imagine, develop, and create new innovative designs for daily life accessories like jewellery pieces, handbags, hats, belts, gloves, scarves, and other related items at regular intervals.


    Career and Job Outlook:

    The scope of creating and designing accessories is perpetual with the endless versatility of the choices available in accessories and the growth in demand of accessories. The growing potential of the worldwide population supports the accessories business like hell. An accessory design qualification can help you get commenced with a career professional in accessory design. Many of the accessory designers work as a freelance worker. This simply means that they serve to design and create their own accessories and productions.

    Typically, freelance accessory designers start out with small organizations and usually design and sell the accessories only at a time. With patience, hard work, and dedication, some of the freelance designers get the opportunity to become very successful. A person can design or create anything from jewellery to shoes which are not restricted to the application of only one mode. The Indian market has large ethnic accessories markets with a variety of jewellery, costumes, cosmetics, accessories etc available in India and as well as internationally.

    The Accessory and fashion designers are generally employed by garments wholesalers and manufacturers, who sell their products and goods to retailers. In such cases, one can work as an in-house designer for creating items for a particular brand or array of accessories.

    Employment opportunity:

    As an Accessory Designer, there is a variety of employment opportunities in which one can get into, such as,

    • Freelancing - creating and manufacturing accessories for autonomous sales
    • Working for an export house to design its requirements
    • Retail Chains
    • Fashion designers, for collaboration with their apparel
    • Fashion show organizers to design and create accessories required by several fashion designers
    • Jewellery houses
    • Leather companies
    Job Profiles:

    • Design Assistant/ Freelance Accessory Designer
    • Associate Staff Accessory Designer
    • Accessory Designs Director
    • Jewellery Designer
    • Handbag Designer
    • Belts Designer
    • Shoe Designer, etc.


    Remuneration Package:

    The salary range of the most accessories designer professionals is more than sufficient to live a really fruitful and fulfilling lifestyle. At the starting of the career in this field, a fresher employee can expect to get around 25,000 to 50,000 monthly in any good or reputed organization. In this profession, an experienced and skilled individual can easily avail handsome remuneration packages with around 50,000 to 1 or 2 lakhs on a monthly basis.

    Candidates with an accessory design qualification can also open -up their business of jewellery shops, industries etc. in which they can earn beyond the limits. Earning in thousands or lakhs in a single month is a very small and generous thing for such businessmen. One can easily acquire a luxurious, relaxing, and amazing life after jumping into this career field.

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