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    Career in Dance Teacher? | How to become a Dance Teacher? - Check Process here

    “A great dancer is not great by his technique but because of their passion.” Dance is a form of art that paints your dreams into reality. So, to transform your passion into reality, one needs to be a great dancer or a Dance teacher. A dance teacher is a trained professional who caters theoretical and practice of one amongst any dance disciplines to the students. One with appropriate dancing skills can become a great dance teacher.

    Today, not everyone has the dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor, some are blessed with an extra talent and aptitude of dancing and can achieve the ladders of success by becoming a dance professional. In the current generation, dance teachers are accountable for running dance classes and providing dance education to the students or groups of people. Dance education simply means to convey dance performance skills, arts, and knowledge of dance to the students through dance tutorials and training.

    Dance teachers can get work at production organizations, schools, universities, dance studios, and colleges. They teach them regarding dancing activities like movement, gesture, and body language to portray any character, story, situation or abstract concept to a larger audience. Dance teachers generally perform in the accompaniment of music, classical ballet, modern stage dance, contemporary dance and street dance. These professionals proffer lessons to individuals of every age group by demonstrating their dance before the classes to teach them new moves effectively. They are assigned the duty which is closely associated with teaching numerous dancing techniques and methods.

    Dance Teachers generally have to perform the following tasks which are as follows:

    • Monitoring student’s performance.
    • Planning and devising activities.
    • Instructing students at home.
    • Advancing suggestions to students.
    • Adapting new teaching methods to meet student’s demands.

    The dance teachers might teach in public or private schools, after-school programs, or private dance studios. They guide their students in the basics of movement and the foundations of different styles of dance forms, such as tap, ballet, modern, and jazz.

    Benefits of becoming a Dance Teacher

    With the increasing demand for dance professionals across the world, people are getting more active, socialize within local communities and enhancing their creative skills. There are numerous career opportunities in dance that can meet the capabilities of a dance specialist. This is a broad term that includes multiple professions under it such as teaching, choreography and dance notation.

    Advantages of becoming a dance teacher:

    • Dance offers numerous ways to develop strength and flexibility which helps in keeping muscles and joints healthier.
    • Dance encourages you to learn about your bodies like improving your posture and balance.
    • Deciding to commence a new hobby can help you meet new people and make companions with people of similar interests
    • Reduces stress levels
    • Offers insight into other cultures
    • It can lead to new career opportunities or build essential communications skills required in every profession.
    • Dance keeps both the body and the brain active, important for people of every age group.
    • Participating in dance can boost your self-esteem and confidence.
    • It also offers a creative and imaginative outlet.
    • Dance is a pleasant and entertaining field that unlocks innumerable new possibilities and pleasure.


    Eligibility Criteria for becoming a Dance Teacher:

    To become a successful Dance teacher, candidates are required to have years of expertise, skills, and talent. It is not mandatory for the students to be highly qualified for accomplishing tSalary Packagehe goal of becoming a Dance Teacher.

    The basic eligibility criteria to be a Dance professional is that candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts. The age of the aspirants must lie above 24 years of age or older.

    Skills Required to be a good Teacher:

    For a successful career as a dance teacher, individuals must possess the following peculiar traits:

    • Expertise in dance.
    • Excellent anatomical knowledge.
    • Being patient
    • Ability to demonstrate movements to people of all abilities.
    • Friendly and sincere.
    • Good at networking.
    • Good organizational skills
    • Business skills.
    • Being able to control groups of pupils.
    • Good sense of quality music.
    • Able to motivate others.
    • Understanding of health and safety.
    • Exemplary communication skills.
    • Physically fit.
    • Dedicated and Passionate for dancing.
    • Ability to work with people of all age group.
    • Expressive enough to communicate his/her emotions, thoughts, and feelings.
    • Creative and imaginative.
    • Critically analyzing
    • Flexibility and Sensitivity
    • Research and Development


    How to become a Dance Teacher?

    Becoming a Dance teacher is not as easy as we think. It is a profession which requires a lot of practice, zeal, talent, dedication, and passion to achieve their target of getting a job as a Dance Professional. Dance teachers must have a good physical condition because this job requires a great deal of activity. Working with children is not a tranquil job, it is a quite challenging and stressful profession that can be very rewarding and fruitful for the future.

    So to acquire this much gratifying fate, individuals must go through the following steps to advance in the field.

    • Step 1: Become a Trained Dancer:

    The first towards becoming a Dance Teacher is to be a good student first. As a student or learner, individuals must acquire and practice as much as they can to scale up the desired profession. Many of the dancers start their journey of dance at a very young age of around 5-8 years and continue it till they acquire proper skills throughout their career. There are numerous leading dance academies or organizations that offer regular full-time training programs. Those who are good at portraying characters and expressing emotions or ideas,   study the specific programmes in arts and literature to enhance their skills.

    • Step 2: Go to a Bachelor’s degree program:

    After getting proper training, aspiring dance teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree in a teacher education program. Before they can become a teacher in public schools, they must be graduate first.

    A bachelor's degree program in dance education is beneficial for students who desire to teach dance in a private studio/schools or for those who like to seek graduate-level studies in dance or dance education. Such degree courses in dance education strive to strengthen the technical, performance, and choreographic skills of an individual.

    • Step 3: Complete an Internship:

    To excel in your domain, candidates need to further enhance their skills by completing an internship. Most of the companies prefer recruiting those students who possess some field experience, such as directed teaching. Through these programs, students illustrate teaching techniques & methods and the ability to create or build learning experiences for primary and secondary dance classes.

    • Step 4: Obtain Certification:

    After acquiring proper Internship, the interested candidates are required to obtain certification. Earning a certification in teaching demands courses in education, dance education, and the completion of a teaching internship. There are other dance certification programs also that are linked with master's courses in dance. Scholars are recommended to learn competent marks on the PRAXIS exams. These exams are state-administered exams that measure a teacher's basic skills and content knowledge. The qualifying scores also vary from state to state.

    Success Tip

    Students should make sure that they can raise the chances of passing the exams by pursuing online tutorials and interactive practice tests.  It is also worth remarking that to licensure, teachers have to participate in ongoing professional development workshops or seminars.

    • Step 5: Pursue a Master's Degree:

    To get a high-paid job, students are requested to pursue a master's degree in dance that concluded in K-12 dance teacher certification over the graduation. With a master's degree, dance teachers can acquire in-depth information and can avail the opportunity to teach at community colleges or institutes in addition to teaching students in K-12 public schools. The graduate-level dance courses have artistic, creative, performance, research, and teacher training segments. Students who obtain a master's degree in dance are suitable for a doctorate curriculum which thereby can lead them to have more optimum dance teacher jobs in the country.

    Responsibilities of a Dance Teacher

    A dance teacher has to do the following responsible duties:

    • Ability to teach students by utilizing several dancing styles and methods from beginner’s level to advanced level.
    • Working as a mentor or a role model
    • Rendering a safe environment to the students including physical, emotional, and psychological.
    • Taking a safe warm-up before the dance class to reduce the uncertainty of injury or harm and expedite good practice.
    • Teaching and demonstrating different movements, sequences, steps, and concepts to the dance scholars.
    • Analyzing students’ performance and make recommendations for improvement.
    • Researching, Studying and developing their own skills.
    • Performing original bits of choreography and communicating these to the pupils.
    • Developing the theoretical perspectives of dance and movement in a classroom environment.
    • Organize dance curriculums and prepare lesson plans.
    • Ability to communicate with a different group of teachers and students.
    • Engage, encourage, and urge learners to attain their goals.
    • Choreograph routines and select the specified music for recitals and concerts.
    • Provide entertainment and creative environment.


    Career Prospects for a Dance Teacher

    It is very common and usual for trained dancers to become dance instructors once they have accumulated plenty of experience or scaled a position in their career, then their life becomes successful. Experienced dance teachers focus on to advance their own particular style or movement theories and put those into performance. Thus, they become dance choreographers and works with a number of professional dancers to turn their visions into reality.

    This amazing and exciting profession unlocks wide doors of opportunities as there are innumerable public or private schools, after-school programs, or private dance studios. They instruct their disciples in the basics of movement and the foundations of various styles of dance, like tap, ballet, modern, and jazz. One can also begin their own private Dance Academies for providing instructions and guidance to the willing and enthusiastic applicants for dance. It is also a good source of earning for them.

    Dance teachers generally are responsible for teaching the art of dance to the students. Their role is to perform the following tasks including:  

    • Carefully observing students
    • Planning routines and activities
    • Providing instruction, and
    • Offering advice as needed

    Dance professionals must be excellent in physical appearance and should have a passion for dancing since birth. These professionals should have an outstanding flexible body, and be able to instruct people according to their age category. They can work in indoors and outdoors depending on schemes and policies of the company and may avail work in diverse categories of dance. Some exemplary employers who hire dance teachers include production companies or studios and schools from elementary schools to college and universities. Some independent dance teachers provide dance education at their own home,  consumer’s home, or a studio.


    Salary Package

    Career as a Dance Teacher is quite lucrative for those who have a keen interest in dance and are experienced and talented enough to impress someone. Dance Teachers in India get average salary packages as well as optimum also depending on their skills, talent, and work.  

    The income of a typical Dance Teacher is based upon the number of classes he/she takes and the frequency as well as the number of students who attend the classes. With great experience and time, a Dance Teacher’s reputation can grow well which leads to potentially higher income. A Dance Teacher can expect to earn an average salary ranging from Rs.20,000 to Rs 30,000 on monthly basis and it keeps rising with skills, work experience, and popularity. A professional choreographer or dance instructor can get around 50,000 to 1,00,000 monthly with proper studios and dance rooms.

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