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What is Group Discussion (GD)?

Update on 2024-04-15

What is Group Discussion (GD)? - Importance of Group Discussion

What is Group Discussion (GD)?

The word 'group discussion' consists of two main words, namely 'group' and 'discussion'. A "group" refers to a certain number of people in a particular unit. The word 'discussion' is derived from the Latin word 'dispute'. So, discussion means analyzing a topic to conclude. In a group discussion, the participants exchange ideas on a specified topic. The main aim of the group discussion is to bring a group of people together on a common platform so they can exchange ideas.

Types of Group Discussions

The group discussion is divided into two parts.

A.) Group discussion based upon a case study

B.) Discussion based on a topic

  • Discussion based on a case study

The candidates should analyze the cases and have discussions about the questions and problems. So, they can assess the problem-solving skills of the candidates.

  • Topic-based group discussion

A topic is given to the candidates, and they should discuss the topic. The three types of topics for group discussion include abstract topics (speaking about something intangible), practical topics, and controversial topics.

  • What is the Purpose of Group Discussion?

Group discussions are conducted for several reasons:

  • To find better solutions to the problem
  • To conclude about a certain topic or issue
  • To improve interpersonal skills

An organization chooses candidates after conducting written tests. The best educational institutes conduct group discussions to choose suitable candidates.

Importance of Group Discussion 2024

  • To solve problems

Participants in the discussion have different ideas, and a group discussion is a union of people with divergent ideas. So, based on the opinions of different people, they conclude a problem.

  • To understand a topic better

A candidate can understand a topic thoroughly and dive deeply into a subject. The participants can learn to think critically about a topic and analyze it thoroughly. It also broadens the horizon of learning.

  • Improving the listening skills and confidence of the participants

The participants represent their ideas and opinions to the people, and they also listen keenly to the ideas of others in the discussion. So, the candidates can improve their listening skills, boost their confidence level, and have more scope to express their ideas or thoughts.

  • Improve the process of communication and boost interpersonal skills.

The participants can freely share their knowledge and improve their communication skills. They can also learn to express their thoughts and understand the viewpoints of other participants. So, it leads to the development of interpersonal skills among the peer groups.

  • Team development

It encourages teamwork, and the participants can discover their leadership skills. In the current scenario, leadership is one of the integral traits a candidate should possess.

Why is Group Discussion Important in the Process of Recruitment?

Today, organizations conduct group discussions along with written tests and personal interviews. So, it helps in choosing the most talented candidates.

Some of the factors that can be examined are:

  • Team Work

If you are working in an organization, then you should be able to work as a good team member on any task specified to the team. So, the organizations can evaluate the candidate's ability via group discussion. Apart from presenting your ideas, you should also listen to the ideas of other people and then conclude.

  • Assertive Quality

Group discussion boosts the level of confidence of a candidate. So, the organizations can judge the confidence level of the candidates when he or she is presenting their opinion or idea.

  • Leadership Qualities

In the discussion, some candidates may actively present their thoughts or ideas, while others are just passive listeners. A candidate possessing leadership skills can give a good direction and also move ahead from anywhere in the main topic.

  • Communication Skills

A candidate should possess good communication skills in any area of work. So, this trait can be evaluated through a structured group discussion.

Do's & Don'ts for Participating in Group Discussion

Do's Don'ts
You should respect the ideas of every member of the group and understand the contributions of the members. You should always accept their ideas with a smile or a nod. When you are presenting your ideas to others, you should be careful.
You should speak pleasantly and courteously in the group. In the discussion, you should not speak in an aggressive or loud manner. To speak, always use a moderate tone of voice.
Whenever you want to disagree with anyone, use polite words so you are not causing any arguments. You should not lose your temper, as this is not a conflict or argument.
Do not deviate from the topic, but speak relevantly. Do not point this out to others or thump the table as you appear aggressive.
Speak confidently. Do not become dominant in the discussion. Instead, you can exhibit confidence and encourage the quiet members to present their ideas.
When you are speaking, follow the etiquette. When someone is speaking, do not interrupt and wait until the member fully presents his ideas.
- Do not overemphasize your personal experience.

So, after studying the benefits people can get from participating in group discussions, we conclude that this activity is significant in the fields of academics and professions. Group discussions also highlight the value of tolerance, adaptability, drive, or coexistence in an individual. It is one of the integral tools for recruiters.


Q1: What are the principle functions of GD?

GD is a discussion that assesses the candidate's competencies, which include leadership skills, conversation capabilities, social abilities and behavior, politeness, teamwork, listening capacity, general cognizance, self-assurance, problem-solving skills, and so forth.

Q2: What are the steps of GD?

Group Discussions may be precisely divided into three levels. For a successful GD, initiation, summarization, and true content material is very essential.

Q3: what's the function of Group discussion?

It promotes a deeper understanding of a subject and boom long-term retention.

Q4: What the traits or skills are examined during the group discussion:

  1. Skills to listen
  2. Leadership skills
  3. Communication effectiveness
  4. Paraphrasing skills
  5. Language expertise
  6. Assertive skills

Q5: Why do recruiters conduct GD?

Recruiters typically conduct group discussions to determine whether candidates possess the necessary skills and traits for the organisation. It is one of the integral processes of recruitment.

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