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Top 15 Courses After 10th

Update on 2024-04-15

List of Top 15 Courses After 10th - Admissions & Fees

These days there are a lot of courses available after the 10th. But to pursue these courses, you have three major streams before you. One is science, the next two options are humanities & commerce.

If you want to know more about the top 15 courses after 10th, then read the entire blog:

List of Best Courses After 10th Class

Here we have listed the Top Best Courses After 10th:

1. Fashion Technology Course

Fashion Technology is the most-rated course these days. These days, it is growing very fast. Technology is playing a crucial role in shaping the fashion world through various innovations. There are multiple scopes of fashion technology. One can choose multiple career options after it. As per the reports, the average salary of a fashion technology graduate is 10 LPA.

Course Fee: 5-7 Lakhs

fashion technology course

2. Engineering Courses After 10th

Engineering is always been the first preference for students after 10th who usually enjoys strong knowledge of Science. Everywhere you’ll find it in the list of top 15 courses after the 10th.

This course is all about planning, designing, modifying & testing an innovative idea. You are given a lot of choices to choose a particular subject for your engineering. For example automobile, chemical, civil, and others.

Course Fee: 8-16 Lakhs

Course Name Duration
Diploma in Printing Technology 3 Years
Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Electronics Engineering
Diploma in Electrical Engineering

3. Journalism and Mass Communication Course

Journalism & Mass Communication is one of the top 15 courses after the 10th that any student would love to pursue. This is one of the most exciting & challenging courses that one can ever do.

One will get to learn a lot about social phenomena & media as the 4th pillar of democracy from this course. It demands a lot of passion & dedication to complete this course.

Course Fee: 8-15 Lakhs

Course Name Duration
Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication 2 Years
Diploma in Mass Communication, Journalism and Advertising
Diploma in Mass Communication and PR
Diploma in Development Journalism
Diploma in Media Studies
Diploma in Hindi Journalism
Diploma in Mass Media Communication

4. Medical Courses After 10th

Medical Science is the most popular course in India. Almost every other student wants to be a doctor. Medical science is also a very expensive course & one needs absolute focus and dedication for this course.

Course Fee: 25-40 Lakhs

Course Name Duration Fees
Diploma in Dialysis Techniques 2 years Rs 15,000 – 6,00,000
Diploma in Dental Hygienist 3 years Rs 20,000
Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant 1-2 years Rs 1,500 – Rs1,50,000
Diploma in Medical Record Technology 2-3 years Rs 50,000 - Rs 1,00,000
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology 3.5 Years Rs 50,000 - Rs 2,00,000
Diploma in Rural Health Care 1-year Rs 50,000
Diploma in Sanitary Inspector 1-year Rs 22,500

5. ITI Courses After 10th

ITI Course is a technical course that is good at providing you with a job in electrical, manufacturing & mechanical things. You gain a lot of exposure and practical knowledge in this course. Skill in electrical is important for ITI courses.

Course Fee: 2-3 Lakhs

Particulars Details
ITI Full Form Industrial Training Institute (ITI)
Course Type Certification
ITI Course Duration 6 Months to 2 Years
Eligibility Class 8/ Class 10/ Class 12 pass
Age Limit 14 years to 40 years
Average Course Fee Rs 1,600 to Rs 71,000
Salary Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month (freshers)
Higher Studies Scope BE / B.Tech
Polytechnic Diploma
CTI/ CITS course
Employment Areas Railways, Schools / Colleges, Power Plants, Municipal Corporations, ITIs, Self Employed, ONGC, L&T, GAIL, SAIL, HPCL, NTPC, etc.

6. Management Courses After 10th

Management courses are all about business disciple & functionality of the business. One will have to learn all the important theories related to the business. BBA, PGDM, and MBA are the top management courses can do after the 10th.

The possibility of getting a decent job after the Management courses. One can easily get placed with a minimum salary of 10 LPA after being graduated with a management degree.

Course Fee: 10-25 LPA

Management courses after 10th

7. Diploma In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to a series of ideas and methods that helps promote a brand online using different techniques so that the customer experience is great & customer engagement improves.

Course Fee: 20-80k

Diploma In Digital Marketing

8. Bachelor’s In Computer Applications

Bachelor’s in Computer Applications is the right choice for those who have a core interest in computer applications. In this course, you’ll get to learn about how the computer works, the software & the hardware.

Course Fee: 2-6 Lakhs

9. Interior Designing Course After 10th

Interior Designing is one of the most celebrated courses these days. In this course, one learns about all the techniques used to beautify or enhance the interior of a house or a building.

Course Fee: 9-11 Lakhs

Course Name Duration
Certificate in Interior Design 6 Months
Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration 6 Months
Diploma in Interior Design 6 Months
Diploma in Interior Design and Architecture 1 Year
Diploma in Interior Design and Display 1 Year

10. Pharmacy Course After 10th

Pharmacy is also one of the most sought courses for students after 10th & 12th. This course is all about medicinal drugs and how their composition & how they are prepared.

Course Fee: 5-7 Lakhs

Pharmacy Course After 10th

11. Nursing Course After 10th

Nursing is related to the healthcare sector. In the course, then students do learn about optimal health practices & how to maintain the quality of life, first aid & other things related to the healthcare segment.

Course Fee: 4-6 Lakhs

Course Name Duration Fees
Certificate in General Duty/Nursing Assistant 1 year --
Certificate Course in General Duty Assistant 3 months --
Certificate in First Aid 6 months – 2 years INR 3,500
Certificate in Home Based Health Care 6 months – 2 years INR 2,000
Certificate in General Duty Assistant 6 months INR 10,000
Certificate in Maternal and Child Health 6 months INR 10,000
Certificate Course in Nursing Care Assistant 1 year INR 20,000
Certificate Course in General Duty Assistant 3 months INR 40,000

12. Dental Surgery Course After 10th

This course is all about the oral surgery that you have to perform on your teeth, jaw, and gums. Thus, one learns all the theories & practicals related to oral surgery in this course.

Course Fee: 7-10 Lakhs

Course Name Duration
Diploma in Dental Mechanics 2 Years
Diploma in Dental Hygienist 2 Years

13. IT Course After 10th

Information Technology is the reality of this generation. The students are so much into the IT industry. In general, this course educates the students on each & every aspect of Information Technology.

Course Fee: 10-15 Lakhs

Course Name Duration
Diploma in Computer Application 6 Months to 1 Year
Certificate in Social Media Management
Diploma in Hardware Maintenance
Certificate Course in Search Engine Marketing
Computer Technician Diploma
Certificate in Search Engine Optimisation
Certificate in Graphic/Web Designing
Certificate Course in Programming Language

14. Chartered Accountancy

CA consists of three exams. They are - Foundation, Intermediate & Final. A student is given 5 years to complete the course & the exam. This course gives you a detailed knowledge of Taxation, Auditing, Accounting & Practical Training.

Course Fee: 2-3 Lakhs

15. Company Secretary

CS is technically a 3- years course that helps a student learn about the legal matters & aspects of a firm like taxation, record keeping & other legal matters. The student has to clear the CS exam to pursue this professional corporate course.

Course Fee: 2-3 Lakhs

Wrapping Up

Above we have mentioned all the top most professional 15 courses after 10th that a student can do. For more updates or queries related to anything, you can visit our website.

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