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Top Career Options After Engineering

Update on 2024-04-15

9 Top Career Options After Engineering - College Disha

Engineering is one of the most popular arenas of education now a days. But, at the same time what to do after finishing Engineering? Which course or programmed should we study after finishing that will help us how to get a job after engineering in future? What kind of job chances are available after finishing Engineering? These are few common questions that an engineering student often ask.
If we have been looking for an appropriate profession option after B.Tech, we will find a complete list of professions to choose after a B. Tech gradation. This complete guide will help us in making a knowledgeable choice and pursue a seamless career.
Did we know that we can choose from a number of career choices, we have many career options after Engineering ranging from occupied stack development, data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain, digital marketing, etc., after completing Engineering?  We may also glance some of the courses on data science and digital marketing that are accessible, these courses have benefited over many students.

Here are few job types, how we get after Engineering? And many options too.

Full Stack Development:

Full stack development work is one of the most demanding and the highest paying jobs in product and service-based firms. According to few sources, a full stack developer can earn on average INR 800–900K PA. This job needs a person to work as both a front-end as well as back-end developer and be complicated in every stage of developing user-facing websites.
As more and more companies focus on building websites for their businesses, full-stack developers are required in large numbers to provide complete support in website and application development. This job does not face much rivalry so there is a good chance for us to choose this as a job after engineering.

Data Science:

Data science states to the education of data. Unlike industries and businesses trust on data of the clients and customers; hence, there is a great request for professionals who work with information as data scientists, data analysts, data architects, and data administrators etc.
Although most of the roles overlay, the key services mandatory to be a data science expert are business analysis insight and interest in emerging various software goods and machine learning models.

Artificial intelligence and Block Chain:

Artificial intelligence (AI) states to the capability of machines to perform tasks that normally humans would fix, and blockchain refers to a reorganized network that retains record of all types of data and transactions and shows them on a ledger system. The Artificial Intelligence and block chain pair are careful to be one of the most troublesome technologies.


Banking is considered a much desirable career for students across various castigations like science, arts, and commerce and immediately after their graduation.

There are mainly two reasons why banking jobs are the popular:

  • Provide long-standing job security
  • Offer the better salary package

Also, there are many other reasons why banking is a good non-technical career option after an engineering:

  • Banking sectors have progressively adopted new skills and therefore professionals like engineers who can track the latest inclinations in technology are compulsory in banking.
  • Engineers own analytical skills; thus, we can easily suitable into the role of a banker.
  • One of the main assets that engineers possess is communication skill, which makes it possible for them to fit into the role of a banking peoples.


Getting a notch in management is another best option for B.Tech students. Many employers prefer people with experience in both MBA as well as engineering compared with persons who have just engineering degrees. Consequently, the combined degree enhances a lot of value to their profiles by blending analytical and managerial skills.

Person with both a B.Tech and MBA degree has an advantage of working with nearly of the largest global companies.

Digital Marketing:

A digital marketer is the mainstay of a website running business. Digital marketing is a wide term and includes other position domains like Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing that influence income growth of an occupational.
People from numerous backgrounds have been progressively getting involved to this lucrative profession. Online certification or distance education courses in digital marketing give an opportunity for everyone to endeavor into this field. This field is also popular amongst Engineering graduates.


According to some sources, there are around 6582 million entrepreneurs in the world. Many people across unlike age groups and countries shift over to entrepreneurship for a number of reasons, such as self-satisfaction, higher income, better work and life balance, and the flexibility of working from anyplace in the world.

Civil Service:

Civil service examination is up till now another choice for fresh engineering graduates who want to follow a different way. A civil service profession is an extremely respected single in the society, and these pros receive many civil liberties during their tenancy of employment.

Some of the current civil service examinations that we can look for include:

  • All India Services like, IAS and IPS
  • Central services like IFS, IPoS, IRPS, IRPFS, etc.
  • Group A services like PCS, AFHCS, etc.
  • Jobs in PSUs

PSU stands for Public Sector Undertaking. Many companies that are somewhat owned by the state or central or both government sectors fall in PSU category. These jobs are accessible either on a permanent or contractual or impermanent basis.
If we are looking for PSU jobs, we can apply in the subsequent companies like – BHEL, NALCO, LIC, Hindustan Copper Limited, Indian Government Mint, etc.
PSUs hire employees based on two categories: with an effective GATE score and without the GATE score. Some of the PSUs that hire teams based on GATE results include SAIL, Indian Oil, Vizag Steel, ONGC, DRDO, and NALCO. Thus, BTech graduates can take up the exams for government jobs in PSU sectors.

Blogging-Freelance Photography-Short Film Making:

Writing is alternative form of artistic profession that Btech graduates can contemplate of. We do not need any astonishing skills to be a blogger; all we need is to polish our language skills depending on which language we want to write in, identify our area of interest we want to blog about, and read a lot.

Similarly, freelance photography is another profitable career choice. This field is gradually becoming popular. According to research, the typical hourly pay for freelance photography is around 500K.
Short-film makers or video creators all over the world, with the invention of YouTube by three former employees, this platform has collective a huge pool of gratified and ideas from different parts of the world.

In India, there are over 325 million monthly active users who watch or upload video content on YouTube by means of mobile phones alone.

Therefore, we can imagine how active this platform could be to share our thoughts or content. With the number of tools available for video editing, subtitling, sound engineering, it is possible for everyone, including B. Tech graduates, to explore the field of movie creation easily.

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