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Update on 2024-04-15

How to Crack CAT Exam? - CAT Exam Preparation

The initial step closer to Crack CAT Exam is to recognize the examination pattern and syllabus. If you are serious about the cracking CAT, then you want to work your way up with a planned method and preserve in mind the way to put it together for the CAT exam very well.

Have you decided to pursue MBA but are not sure of a way to Crack CAT Exam?

CAT exam consists of three sections i.e Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA). So, here are some preparation tips for these three sections.

CAT Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability

  • Understand that some of the questions in the Verbal capacity phase may be in a non-MCQ format and therefore, could not contain negative markings.
  • Exercise Para precis and Para Jumble questions as these can be expected to contain a significant part of the VA section.
  • There may be 3 to 4 Para precise questions with small paragraphs of 60-70 words. 4 options might be given to you to choose the most suitable one.
  • Constrain some time to resolve crossword puzzles.

Best Way to Prepare for CAT for Reading Comprehension

Increase your Analyzing Speed: This will help you read the RC passages and try the questions in a quick period.

Control Time Efficiently: Time management will play a crucial aspect in your performance. You need to attention to key phrases to skim and experiment with a passage and get rid of beside-the-point words, terms, and sections from consideration.

Read Newspapers Daily: This cannot be emphasized sufficiently. Never get complacent; continue the addiction to studying newspapers even within the last month.

Try Online RC Questions: start training studying comprehension online. This can accustom you to studying a passage followed by way of attempting the questions online.

➥ Attempt weekly sectional mock exams for assessing your performance.

CAT Preparation Tips for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Increase your Calculation Speed: Applicants attempting CAT 2024 can assume questions primarily based on information arranged in tables, graphs, diagrams, charts, logical video games, calendars, case research, and so on.

Focus on Preparations and Puzzles: Improve a strong base in finding logic, identifying relations, and key attributes for you to interpret preparations, puzzles, and variations.

Pick out Questions Wisely: The questions you pick out will play a primary function in your overall performance. Make sure that you examine each query very well and make a smart choice because it will assist immensely in scoring excessive marks.

Attention to Accuracy: While time control is a crucial factor to work on, you need to now not neglect to recognize enhancing your accuracy.

Attempt Difficult Questions First: One of the not unusual strategies that aspirants follow is attempting simple questions first and then moving to the tough ones. A smarter manner to technique is to commit to hard questions first and complete them.

Taking the DILR Sectional Mocks Test

CAT preparation tips for Quantitative Aptitude to Crack CAT Exam:

Here are some important CAT recommendations tips for the QA section of CAT:

Strengthen your Intellectual Calculations: The problem with an on-display calculator is that you end up wasting extra time on easy calculations which you can do mentally. Ensure that you spend time every day growing your intellectual math talents while you exercise.

Memorize Formulas with Flashcards: Note down formulation and related problems on flashcards to have them reachable.

Know your Strategies: Your CAT preparation needs to let your solve all such questions at least one week earlier than the examination.

Think Mathematically: How properly are you at recognizing patterns or applying formulas? Questioning mathematically is something that you can and need to inculcate by using working towards frequently earlier than attempting this segment on the examination day.

Improve your Problem-Fixing Speed: to enhance the time spent in attempting a question, begin with a fixed of 10 exercise questions. Time your try and pay attention to that. Ultimately, use a stopwatch and set a time frame of some seconds much less than your preliminary time.

Take Sectional Mocks Often: Sectional mocks allow you to foster mathematical ideas better. Make it a habit to at least study one concept at a time and evaluation your knowledge of the same through a sectional QA mock which consists of 15-20 questions.


As a CAT aspirant, the selection of self-preparing for the exam or enrolling in coaching must be made with your requirements and objective in mind. Crack CAT Exam needs diligence, commitment, and discipline to acquire a great percentile and get into one of the IIMS.

Applicants must broaden their fundamentals well, exercise on each day's foundation, study from accurate material and deliver mocks regularly. CAT training is not a smooth achievement but may be finished using gaining knowledge of your competencies be it by using self-studying or guidance.

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