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Update on 2024-04-11

Online MCA Course - Check MCA Online Course Fees

In this Digital Age, the world seems to be very dependent on technology be it for marketing, business strategies, work ethics, or communication. This dependency has given rise to the need for improving the facilities related to the technology involved in it.

In today’s time, online teaching and learning has become one of the most fundamental steps in nation-building, where students of different backgrounds are seeking admission in online courses for their respective fields and so, is online MCA Programs flourishing.

We can see that MCA is not only being widely studied but also being taught in different institutions both in offline as well as online medium. It is due to the recent craze for this course.  But why is it being widely acknowledged? 

Before going deep into the analysis of its recent popularity, we must first understand what MCA actually means and what it stands for.

What is an MCA?

MCA stands for Master of Computer Application. This is a two years postgraduate degree programme, which works in providing all-inclusive knowledge on the development of computer applications by using contemporary programming languages.

This program deals with elements like computer programming and mastering the fundamentals of technology. This program not only provides an interface that helps students to work with different apparatus but also provides facilities to use those resources to create a better and faster application.

This program not only deals with technical know-how but also makes a person more professionally accomplished and helps in the person’s career advancement.

Why Study MCA Online?

One of the main reasons is because of the course structure’s flexibility. It not only benefits the students, who wish to acquire a degree side by side in their profession, which is valuable keeping in mind its growing demand but is also helpful for students who wish for a career shift.

It provides the accessibility of learning from a remote place, with the same coherence and soundness as that of an on-campus institution. Online MCA programs are as effective as offline on-campus study because these courses share the same knowledge and skills but at comparatively budget-friendly fees. They not only enhance technical and organizational skills but also improve communication skills.

Pros and Cons of Online MCA Course

Pros Cons
Provides distance learning facility, which is accessible from a remote location. The classroom environment is missed out
The fees are comparatively budget friendly. Lack of cross-learning and exchange of culture
Provides the same technical knowledge as that of an on-campus learning The “in person” environment is missing
The curriculum time span is the same as that of a regular college or sometimes may be extended. Might not provide as active placement as that of an offline university
Various means of learning such as audio-visual medium and technical facilities If a glitch occurs, it may create hindrance in attending live classes.
Provides you the personal space in the whole process of learning Sometimes it may as well lead to isolation.

How to Choose the Best Online Institution for MCA?

Though online education is very convenient and user friendly, choosing the best institution according to one’s preference, becomes very important. Keeping this in mind, Collegedisha,has come up with some important rules which become very crucial while evaluating an institution.These factors will help you in assessing the best College for online MCA programs.

Here we have discussed some basic points which must be considered:

  • Quality of Education: One must take into account the faculty’s experience, qualification and the methods of teaching as MCA programs deal with technical knowledge, so having an overview will help in the whole process of institute selection.

  • Testimonials: Reading the testimonials of the past student is always the best way to evaluate an institution. It helps one in finding the training methods and the pros and cons of an institution.

  • Course Structure: One must be thorough with the course structure to ensure its effectiveness and comprehensibility. 

  • Online Facilities: One must also confirm that the institute has the necessary online facilities required for the learning process. 

  • Affordability: The most important points which must be kept in mind while evaluating an Institution is its fees structure and payment options. It will help one find the best institution that fits their budget.


CD's Top 5 Online MCA Colleges in India

Here we have listed the best online MCA Course Colleges in India:

Manipal University

1. Manipal University

This University is a widely acclaimed institution. With its experienced faculty and mentorship, it has become one of the most trusted institutions among its students. During the course of learning they also provide a channel for communication and networking between their students and prestigious alumni.

Course Duration Fees (Total)
MCA 2 Years ₹ 1,50,000



2. LPU

This University works with the aim of providing an in-depth education in various fields of learning. They use different modes and methods that help students take up roles as systems analysts, system designers, programmers, and managers in any field related to IT. They provide a comprehensive course structure and lay equal emphasis on theory and practical learning.

Fee For Indian & International# Applicants Semester Fee Total Fee, if paid Lumpsum
Fee  ₹ 34,000
Program Fee: ₹ 30,000, Exam. Fee: ₹ 4,000 (per sem.)
Total Fee: ₹ 1,36,000 (all sems.)
₹ 1,24,000
(which comes out to be ₹ 31,000 per sem.)
Fee With upto 30%* Student Grant ₹ 28,000
Program Fee: ₹ 24,000, Exam. Fee: ₹ 4,000 (per sem.)
Total Fee: ₹ 1,12,000 (all sems.)
₹ 1,02,400
(which comes out to be ₹ 25,600 per sem.)


Amity University

3. Amity University

This University is known for its wide global networks and eminent international faculty. They not only provide a wide range of courses but also hold regular virtual job fairs for their students. They provide an extensive virtual learning faculty. Its fee is approximately 1.6 lakh.

Course Duration Fees (Total)
MCA 2 Years ₹ 1,60,000


Jain University

4. Jain University

This University not only offers foundation courses, core courses, and a comprehensive project but also provides a cross-functional and open elective study structure. They provide two-way live online audio-video lectures and experimental-based learning. Its fee is approximately 1.3 lakh.

Course Duration Fees (Total)
MCA in Artificial Intelligence 2 Years ₹ 1,30,000
MCA in Cloud Computing 2 Years ₹ 1,30,000
MCA in Computer Science and IT 2 Years ₹ 1,30,000
MCA in Cyber Security 2 Years ₹ 1,30,000
MCA in Data Analytics 2 Years ₹ 1,30,000
MCA in Data Science 2 Years ₹ 1,30,000
MCA in Full Stack Development 2 Years ₹ 1,30,000


GLA University

5. GLA University

GLA University Online is a dynamic digital learning platform that brings the prestige and expertise of GLA University to your fingertips. With a diverse range of programs spanning various disciplines, it offers flexible and accessible education to learners worldwide. Whether you're seeking professional development or academic advancement, GLA University Online empowers you to achieve your goals conveniently and efficiently.

Program Fees (Semester wise)

MCA 1st Sem 2nd Sem 3rd Sem 4th Sem
Registration Fees Rs. 1000 - - -
Exam Fee Rs. 1,500 Rs. 1,500 Rs. 1,500 Rs. 1,500
Course Fee Rs. 14,000 Rs. 14,000 Rs. 14,000 Rs. 14,000
Alumni Fee Rs. 1000 ( Additional one-time fee )
Total Fees Rs. 63,000

Program Fees (Year wise)

MCA 1st Year 2nd Year
Registration Fees Rs. 1000 -
Exam Fee Rs. 3,000 Rs. 3,000
Course Fee Rs. 25,000 Rs. 25,000
Alumni Fee 1000 (Additional one-time fee )
Total Fees Rs. 57,000


Eligibility Criteria for Online MCA Course

Though different Universities have their specific eligibility criteria most of these University has some common factors for admission in MCA online programs, which is as follows:

The candidate should have passed BCA/ Bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent Degree or passed B. Sc. /B. Com/ B. A. with Mathematics at 10+2 level or at graduation level with Minimum 50% marks (unreserved) in the aggregate.

Admission Process of Online MCA Course

The online admission process is quite manageable and hassle-free as the whole process is dealt in a virtual mode, so the students are at convenience as the “in-person verification” process gets eliminated. Most of the institutes that provide distant online learning follow the same steps for the admission process, which are as follows:

  1. The whole process begins with an Online Registration, where students are supposed to fill in their details, 
  2. This process is followed by the document submission and verification.
  3. After completing these simple steps, students are supposed to pay their registration fees using the online portal available on their respective college’s websites.
  4. With this the admission process is complete from the student's end.


You are free to choose any University for an online MCA program, according to your requirements, affordability, and preferences. You can choose any institution from the above list of Top 5 Online MCA Program Offering Universities. But always keep in mind the pros and cons before taking a step forward. Having the basic knowledge about the University, its structure and methods of teaching becomes an important factor that must be considered.

But in this hectic schedule and race for a better job opportunity, what is better than a user-friendly, easily accessible online education platform for MCA, which not only stands out for its effective technological learning methods and structure but also for its, highly qualified and dedicated faculties and well defined online course structure, which is just a finger click away.

Thus, choosing the right Institution becomes an important step in the whole process. But always consider the discussed points on how you can select the best one for yourself.

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