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NCERT Books For Class 9th

Update on 2024-04-15

NCERT Books For Class 9th - Check NCERT Books for All Subject for Class 9th

NCERT Books For Class 9th:

Class 9th is one of the most important classes in the school for students. Not only is Class 9th a stepping stone to senior secondary, but it is also where students let go of their childish timetable, and dependence on teachers, to start becoming self-educating individuals themselves. The subjects change a bit, from science it becomes physics, chemistry, and biology. The study patterns need to change for students since the subjects now require more discipline and study time as compared to before. 

The students are given a choice between language-based subjects in Hindi, French, Sanskrit, German, etc. In India, it is compulsory to pursue classes 9th and 10th from the same school, unless the child is changing State. Hence, the schools start preparing their students for the 10th-grade board exam (If applicable) from class 9th itself. 

Class 9th is one of the toughest classes as it functions as a foundational class for the future board exams of class 9th and 12th. It also comes as a new experience for students who have studied in middle school so far. 

However, despite these claims, if a student follows the guidelines below, he or she will sail through class 9th easily.

  • Focus in the classroom: Don’t distract yourselves with class lectures to avoid skipping out on what the teacher says. The teachers have uncounted experience and you are not the first batch that will pass class 9th under their supervision. They know the important questions and the questions for increasing knowledge only. 
  • Study-Space: Apart from studying in school, the classes after the 9th require some amount of self-study from the student. You should make a study space at your home or wherever you feel comfortable enough to study. Studying for at least 2 hours on your own every day, tackling different subjects will make sure you stay updated and on par with the teacher and the syllabus. 
  • Note-Making: Making notes during class and while self-studying will help you in preparing for your exams and internal assessments. Note making is a skill that, if developed early on, will prove to be very beneficial. It saves time and energy while you are preparing for your exams and along with that it also helps you to understand the chapters and the topics or concepts clearly.  

NCERT Books For Class 9 Math:

The books for many subjects have usually just the prescribed NCERT books, and that is usually enough for preparing for the exams. The first subject for class 9th is Mathematics. The Math book covers all the basic topics that are prescribed by the CBSE such as Number system, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Mensuration, Statistics and Probability, Euclid's Theorem, etc. It comprehensively details all the foundational knowledge students must gain to understand the concepts clearly. Exercises and practice questions at the end of each chapter make it easier for students to judge their understanding of chapter-wise. 

NCERT Books For Class 9 Maths is:

Mathematics Textbook by NCERT:

This book is divided into chapters that are short and full of exercises for students to practice and understand concepts easily. 

NCERT Books For Class 9 History:

The History book covers all the aspects of the country of India and the world. The book of NCERT Class 9th History covers all the topics from The French Revolution, Socialism in Europe, Russian Revolution, Nazism, and the Rise of Hitler. It also comprehensively explains the Forest society and colonialism and Pastoralism in the Modern World. 

The NCERT Class 9 Book History is:

  • India and the Contemporary World -I by NCERT

It is a book that has been designed in such a way as to not make history textbooks hard to understand or boring. It has colorful pages with different colors for dates and events so that students can easily memorize the facts. 

NCERT Books For Class 9th Geography:

Geography is another subject that students have to study and it is the subject that details the geographical developments inland or continent. It briefly explains and provides information regarding different Physical features of India, relief structures, major physiographic units, and the drainage system of the cities, major canals, lakes, rivers, and tributaries of India and the World. The role of rivers and their importance for the economy, pollution, and contemporary issues of global warming are also covered in the book. 

NCERT Book Class 9 Geography:

  • India and the Contemporary World-I by NCERT

The book has the same name as the history textbook. The book provides detailed and complete relevant information regarding the foundational knowledge of the students of geography must-have.   

NCERT English class 9th:

English is a compulsory language that all the students of class 9th have to study. They get a choice in the second language. The regulations of CBSE prescribes that students of class 9th must appear for two language papers, and one of them must be English. Two aspects of English are covered in class 9th, one in Literature and the other in grammar. The grammar part of English covers the basic aspects of English grammar such as sentence parts, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, omission, errors, etc. Along with that, the writing skills are also developed of students by inculcating letter writing, article, and descriptive paragraph writing, short visual and verbal cues, etc. Writing short personal stories and others are also part of the course. The literature book covers all the prescribed literary readings that students have to read, the poems, stories, and other literature-related work are covered in the second book. 

NCERT Books for Class 9 English:

  • Beehive Textbook for English by NCERT
  • Literature Reader 

NCERT Books For Class 9th Physics:

Science in class 9th gets divided into three categories of physics, chemistry, and biology. The students learn these subjects separately and hence build their foundations in the subjects in this class. Before this, it was just science, but now it is physics, chemistry, and biology, which are all different and have different themes and topics.

In Physics, students through this NCERT books learn about various foundational topics of Matter, Types of Matter, Organization in the Living World, theories of motion, force and work, the differences between these three, Food, how food is produced, our environment, living biosphere, lithosphere, etc.

c Book Class 9 Physics:

  • Science Textbook Class IX by NCERT.
  • Part-1 Physics by Lakhmir Singh

The first book is the prescribed CBSE book, and the second book is the reference book. It is amazing and designed in such a colorful way that students love to read every page. They can easily understand concepts and the creative diagrams and the variety of questions at the end of every chapter helps them test their knowledge.

NCERT Books For Class 9th Chemistry:

The book for chemistry is the same as that of physics. The NCERT books have combined the three subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the books under different categories. The chemistry part of the book covers a variety of chemistry foundational topics such as Periodic Table elements, Aufbau Principle, Isomerism, Planck's Quantum Theory, Valence Bonds, Reactivity series, Dipole Moment, Balancing Chemical Equations, Boyle’s Law, Mole Concept, Tyndall effect, Thermal Conductivity, etc.

NCERT Book for Class 9 Chemistry:

  • Science textbook for Class IX by NCERT
  • Chemistry Part-I by Lakhmir Singh

The book covers all the foundational knowledge that students must have and can easily score great marks in their exams. The first book can be great for revision, and the second book must be used in terms of concept clearing. Since everything is presented in such a comprehensive way, students can learn and attempt questions and alongside measure their performance. 

NCERT Books For Class 9th Biology:

Biology is the third category under science subject and the student gets to learn a variety of themes and topics that are perfectly suitable for concept building and foundational knowledge. The themes that the students learn in class 9th are tackled in class 12th as well, however, on a deeper and elaborate level. In class 9th, the student only learns the key foundational knowledge. 

He or she learns about Tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, structure, and functions of plants and animals, Biological diversity, basic scientific names, nomenclature, classification of organisms, plant stems, use of fertilizers for quality improvement, protection from pests, breeding, etc. 

NCERT Book for Class 9 Biology:

  • Science Textbook for Class IX by NCERT
  • Biology Part 1 by Lakhmir Singh.

The books above not only contain the syllabus matter and the subject contents but also include practicals at the end that the student will be marked on in the final exam. Students also need to understand the concep[ts clearly to be able to appear for those practice exams. The books contain clear and concise information about the topics by providing examples and clear images that will help students to learn and understand.

NCERT Books For Class 9th (Optional Subjects) Second Language:

The optional subjects are subjects that the students need to opt for, however, they have a choice between these two. The second language option is usually either French, German, or your regional language of Marathi, Hindi, etc. So the books will be prescribed for NCERT as related to the language you opt for. The books will cover basic concepts and literary works that are prescribed by the CBSE Board. The books will also contain a very comprehensive account of different grammar and writing and listening skills in the language.  

NCERT Books For Class 9th Computer:

The computer applications course is an optional course that the students can opt for. They will learn the basic concepts and skills required in today’s market. They are taught programming and the language of Scratch or Python. Cyber safety and Office tools such as Excel, word, etc. The basics of information technology are covered and taught to teach the latest requirement and development in the IT industry. Since the Cyber industry keeps changing every few years, with different developments being achieved in the field, the syllabus for this course also keeps revising and developing to include the latest trends and skills required in the market. 

NCERT Book Class 9 Computer:

  • Foundation of Information Technology Class IX 
  • Computer Applications Textbook for class IX by NCERT.

The books have great in-depth content that the students can easily learn and understand. The course contains exercises and questions including HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) at the end of the practice of students. 

NCERT Books For Class 9th Book Keeping:

The subject of bookkeeping has been introduced to the students of class 9th only recently. Since many students start to also practice for entrance exams and CA practice from their class 9th itself, this subject has been introduced for those students who wish to develop their accounting and mathematical skills. The syllabus contains all the basic foundational knowledge clearly and comprehensively. The examples and questions are provided to enable the students to understand the fundamental principles and to develop skills in preparing and maintaining simple books of accounts from the information provided. The elements of bookkeeping and the rules of accountancy and T-format, etc are introduced. 

NCERT Class 9th for Book-Keeping:

  • Book-Keeping and Accounting Textbook for Class IX by NCERT.

Apart from this, in conclusion, there are thousands of books available in the market that students can choose from. The books listed above have been proven to help students very much with their exams and to prepare for higher exams such as competitive exams or entrance exams.

However, since every student is different, sometimes one book may be easy to understand for some students whereas it might not be helpful for others. Hence the students should also make use of reference books, which are specifically made comprehensively so that students can understand the concepts or topics easily. 

This is class 9th and students must study to improve their skills and knowledge. Yes, the marks in class 9th do not matter as much as marks in class 10th or class 12th, but class 9th is a very important class since it builds the basic foundations of the subjects in students.

If students do not take this class seriously, they will suffer in further classes as the class ahead (class 10th, 11th, and 12th) are classes that specialize and delve deeper into the subjects covered in class 9th. If the foundational knowledge is not clear, the students can not expect to gain good marks in the later classes.

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