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ISRO Scientist Salary

Update on 2024-04-15

ISRO Scientist Salary 2024 - Check Perks, Allowances and Benefits

Indian Space Research Organization recruits eligible and interested candidates for the posts of engineer and scientist. ISRO pays an attractive amount of salary to all employees. ISRO Scientist salaries range from Rs.15600 to Rs. 39100 per month to Rs. 75,500 - Rs. 80,000 per month.

The salary of scientists in ISRO mainly depends on the position, grade, experience, and so on. The net salary for an ISRO Scientist at the early stages is Rs. 95,059. Along with a good salary, there are various allowances and benefits that ISRO Scientists receive.

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ISRO Scientist Job Profile 2024:

Candidates who are selected for the post have to serve a probation period of 1 year.

The job profile of an ISRO Scientist includes the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Develop, design, and test different systems
  • Conducting experiments and research
  • Manage subordinate staff and guide them
  • Reporting day-to-day activities to higher authorities
  • Different Fields of ISRO Scientists

For its many projects and missions, the launch of satellites or planet remark, ISRO employs scientists or engineers from a diversity of scientific disciplines for successful research, development, application, and execution.

Here is the following list of possible career options for ISRO scientists:

  • Electrical Technology and Space
  • Mechanical
  • Computer Science
  • Civil
  • Air Cooling and Refrigeration
  • Architecture

ISRO Scientist Salary 2024:

ISRO will declare the official information for the recruitment of Scientists for many departments. There will be an application form on the ISRO website. Applicants may register for the exam on the official website if they need to work with the Indian Space Research Organization.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for the position in large part because of the relaxed ISRO Scientist salary. Although the specifics of the ISRO Scientist salary have not yet been made public, based on the recruiting procedure from the previous year, candidates who land the job might expect to be a salary of between INR 15,600 and INR 39,100 per month for the positions of Scientists/ Engineers.

There are different posts for scientists in ISRO and the salary differs according to these posts.

The salary will depend on the post as follows:

Distinguished Scientist

Rs. 75,500 -Rs. 80,000

Outstanding Scientist

Rs. 67,000 -Rs. 79,000

Scientist/ Engineer – H & G

Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000

Scientist/ Engineer – SG

Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000

Scientist/ Engineer- SF

Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000

Scientist/ Engineer- SE & SD

Rs. 15,600 – Rs. 39,100

The specifics of the grade pay are as follows:

Scientist/ Engineer – H & G

Rs. 10,000

Scientist/ Engineer – SG

Rs. 8,900

Scientist/ Engineer – SF

Rs. 8,700

Scientist/ Engineer – SE

Rs. 7,600

Scientist/ Engineer – SD

Rs. 6,600

The net salary after accounting for all stipends and deductions lies in the range of Rs. 95,059 to Rs. 1,07,635.

ISRO Scientist Allowances and Benefits 2024:

The innumerable allowances and profits that ISRO Scientist relishes are as follows:

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Pension
  • Medical Facilities
  • Provident Fund

The allowances for an ISRO scientist have experienced fresh reviews after the execution of the 7th pay commission.

The updated changes made following the seventh pay commission are given below:

  • Each month, employees obtain a 113 percent Dearness Allowance (DA).
  • The HRA stipend varies by city class. The HRA, or Household Rent Allowance, ranges from 10% to 30% of the base salary.
  • The transportation allowance ranges from 500 to 3,500 rupees.
  • Permitted the dearness allowance (DA) for the transportation allowance.

ISRO Scientist Development and Promotion

  • At least 4 years as scientist-C, with at least 3 ‘Outstanding/A+' performance reviews at the end of the year
  • Achievement of the technical interview that we will be called for after we have completed the 1st criteria.
  • Depending on the performance in the interview, we will either be given a promotion immediately or with a six months delay. In some cases, if they are not at all satisfied with our interview performance, they will call again after 1 year for the interview and then based on that interview, decide whether to give us an immediate promotion or with a 6 months delay.
  • For the next promotion, we need 4 years of working experience again. This criterion is important if we go for higher education leave for 2 years, which is not counted in our working experience even though we might get a salary from ISRO during that time.

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