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Is Your Internship A Waste of Time?

Update on 2024-04-15

Is Your Internship A Waste of Time?

Internships grant a chance to the candidate so that they try out the field they have selected for their career and put into practice. The internship is the best time where the candidates can proof themselves and assess all the skills whether you like it or don't like it. But, it is not sure that every internship will turn out to be a good one.

If you have ever had an internship that set out to be totally terrible, then you know what are we talking about. But if this hasn’t happened with you and you don't even want to stuck in this, then make sure that the internship you join helps you build high-quality experience. Many times internship can be a waste of time. This experience will ultimately go on your CV and if you want it to count for something you have to give proof that you have what it takes to carry out the job.

You are asked to do small tasks with no areas of growth or learning

It does not matter that who you really are, there are always those abject tasks that need to get done and someone at some time is going to have to chip in and do them. The company interns are told to do those menial tasks, which grants you an opportunity to show your dedication by putting on a smile and just pitching in and getting the work done.

No training is offered

A number of companies do not have time to establish and organize any formal training for the new interns. But, training is a significant part of the knowledge experience you get in the work conditions. Failure to present any training can guide to the mismatch of your expectations and those of employers. If this happens, be proactive. Take note of any questions or comments you have and discuss them with your supervisor. Make sure that is being honest about what you don’t know. For example, if you don’t have the experience to complete a task, say so but display your passion to obtain the experience.

There Is No Approved Job Specification

Whenever we start doing something, we always need to follow some guidelines. In order to be prosperous at your internship or job, there must be clear expectations. If you are not sure about the work you are doing then you can never accomplish the expectations of the employer.

Lesser time in internships Than Part-Time Jobs

It takes time to learn how to do anything well and the less time you have to learn the relevant knowledge and skills required to do a specific job, the less time you will have to learn those important skills that are needed for you to do an excellent job.

There Is No Feedback    

Nothing can be more thwarting than not knowing if you are meeting the expectations of your supervisor. You must be trying to make yourself busy, but if you don’t know exactly what you should be doing it will hold you back on how much effort you put in, and you'll never get an idea that you are doing a good job. Do your work very well and except for good feedback.

You are ignored from office meetings

Do you never get asked for meetings and group gatherings? It’s always a bad sign. Employers might want to forbid you from some meetings for some productivity purposes –  this only makes sense. But, if you think that you would avail from the meetings and want to take a more active role in the conversations ask if you can visit just as an observer. Pretending that you are willing to engage in long and boring meetings is a sign that you want to stay at the company long-term and get more involved in important company decisions.

You  Feel menacing on the Job

If you are not feeling good on your job, then go to your supervisor immediately and let them know that you can no longer work there and explain the situation if you are comfortable to do so.

Whatever be the circumstances, if you have decided to leave your internship then make sure that you do so in a professional way. Speak with your supervisor directly and if possible be prepared to give a notice period of one to two weeks’. If this condition is negotiating your safety well-being, then the best option is to let your supervisor know why you feel that you need to leave the internship immediately.


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