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Is D Pharm Course a Good Course?

Update on 2024-04-15

Is D Pharm Course a Good Course? - Is D Pharmacy a Good Career - Check D Pharma Fees, D Pharm Course Duration

A diploma in Pharmacy is one of the most promising career options for students at present. The D.Pharm course duration is 2 years and after completing the course there are numerous areas of work that the candidate can choose from.

The different settings in which a Diploma in Pharmacy candidate can work are hospitals, community centers, Drug stores, Clinics, etc. The job profiles for Diploma in Pharmacy include Pharmacologist, Clinical Pharmacist, Clinical Research Associate, Research Scientist, etc.

D Pharm Course Details

  • Name of the course: D.Pharm
  • Full form: Diploma in Pharmacy
  • D.Pharm Course Duration: 2 years full time
  • Eligibility Criteria for D.Pharm Course:  Candidates must complete Class 12 Boards with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics as the compulsory subjects.
  • Areas of Learning:  Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Drug Store Management, Biochemistry, Hospital Management.

D Pharma Scope in India

Although the D.Pharma is a Diploma program, the course has numerous promising career prospects in both Government and Private hospitals. Since the healthcare sector is rising rapidly, it is evident that D.Pharm candidates will never run out of career scope.

D Pharm Job Opportunity in India

  • Candidates can work in both Government and Private hospitals.
  • Candidates can become registered Pharmacists and open his/her Pharmacy shop.
  • Candidates can work as Medical Transcriptionists and prepare office notes, referrals, and documentation of patient records.
  • Candidates can work as Medical Representatives in which there are several perks and benefits besides good salary options.
  • Candidates can work as Scientific Officers in different research projects and also help in the development of new projects.
  • Candidates interested in their own business venture can open Medicine Shops or become Medical equipment retailers.
  • A Research and Development executive is also a good option for candidates who are interested in planning and developing different activities of an organization.
  • Candidates who are interested in further studying can get direct admission to the Bachelor in Pharmacy program in the 2nd year.
  • Candidates who work as Analytical Chemists can work in the manufacturing division of the food and pharmaceutical consumption industry.

D. Pharmacy Jobs are available in a variety of sectors in India

  • Government hospitals
  • Private hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medicine stores
  • Food and Drug Administration companies
  • Pathological Laboratories
  • Educational Institutions
  • Clinics
  • Drug Research Laboratories

D pharm Jobs in Government Sector

There are several opportunities for D.Pharm Graduates in the Government Healthcare sector. The salary of D.Pharm candidates in the Government sector ranges from INR 2 Lakhs to INR 5 Lakhs per annum.

The eligibility criteria include the score of the candidates in the National or State level Entrance exams followed by a Personal Interview.

Job Profile and Salary of D.Pharm in the Government Sector

D.Pharma Job Roles Salary Options
Clinical Research Associate INR 3.5 Lakhs per annum
Pharmacist INR 4 Lakhs per annum
Drug Safety Associate INR 4.2 Lakhs per annum
Pathological Scientist INR 3.25 Lakhs per annum

D pharm Jobs in Private Sector

D.Pharma candidates can get Private jobs in organizations that are involved in the Pharmaceutical business. There are also numerous job options in pathological laboratories, Chemical Packaging industries, and Business Development sectors.

The salary of a D.Pharm candidate working in Private organizations ranges between INR 2 Lakhs to INR 5 Lakhs per annum.

Job Profile and Salary of D.Pharm in the Private Sector

D.Pharm Job Roles Salary Options
Pathological Lab Scientist INR 3.25 Lakhs per annum
Research and Development Executive INR 5.67 Lakhs per annum
Analytical Chemist INR 4.30 Lakhs per annum
Pharmacist INR 1.99 Lakhs per annum
Medical Transcriptionist INR 2.42 Lakhs per annum

Scope of D Pharma in Further Studies

Candidates who are interested in pursuing further study options after the DPharm course have various options ahead of them.

These include:

Many candidates who aspire to complete their Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy after the D.Pharm course can directly join 2nd-year B.Pharm. These candidates not only gain additional skills and expertise but also become eligible for better job roles with higher salary prospects.

Candidates can also pursue the Law course after completing the D.Pharm program. These individuals can work with renowned Pharmaceutical companies as Lawyers or Litigators.

D Pharmacy Jobs in India

  • Pharmacist
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Food and Drug Administrator
  • Assistant Professor
  • Retail Pharmacist
  • Hospital Staff Pharmacist
  • Junior Clinical Research Associate
  • Business Development Executive
  • Assistant Professor
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Medical Writer
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Drug Inspector
  • Clinical Research Associate

List of Government Colleges D Pharm Course Duration and Fees 2024

Name of the Colleges D pharm Course Duration D pharma Fees
Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2 years INR 90,000
Government Pharmacy Institute, Bihar 2 years INR 19,400
Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu 2 years INR 32,760
Government Pharmacy College, Bangalore 2 years INR 1100
Christian School of Pharmacy, Allahabad 2 years INR 1,20,000
B K Modi Government Pharmacy College, Rajkot 2 years INR 4250
Madurai Medical College, Madurai 2 years -

List of Private Colleges of D.Pharm Course Fees and Duration 2024

Name of the Colleges D pharm Course Duration D pharma Fees
Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi 2 years INR 1,90,000
JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty 2 years INR 1,14,800
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Karnataka 2 years INR 1,15,000
Integral University, Lucknow 2 years INR 1,60,000
Bihar College of Pharmacy, Patna 2 years INR 200,000
Institute of Pharmacy and Technology, Odisha 2 years INR 1,23,000
Gahlot Institute of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai 2 years INR 1,40,000

Job Profiles and Responsibilities of D.Pharm Course

The D.Pharm course is one of the in-demand courses in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences at present. The course offers a rich blend of theoretical knowledge along with practical study and equips the students with valuable skills and expertise.

Students of the D.Pharm course get the required training to become eligible for job prospects in the Healthcare industry.

Given below is the scope of D.Pharm in different healthcare environments highlighting the 5 important job roles and responsibilities:

  • Drug Inspector

After completing the D.Pharm course, the job of a Drug Inspector has good prospects. They work in business organizations involved in the storage, sale, and production of drugs.

  • Clinical Pharmacist

A Clinical Pharmacist reviews patient records to evaluate the patient’s condition and determine the effectiveness of prescribed medicines.

  • Pharmacologist

The role of a Pharmacologist is to test medications on cells and their effects on humans. They also analyze the Pharmacological data and develop hypotheses based on research.

  • Retail Pharmacist

The main job role includes training sales assistants for marketing goods, keeping records of stocks, and maintaining accounts. A Retail Pharmacist also advises customers on the safe use of medicines and its side effects.

  • Clinical Research Associate

The main work responsibility includes collaborating with doctors and clients for conducting drug trials. A CRA also selects investigators who will conduct drug trials and maintains accountability of the unused drugs used during the trials.

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