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Investment Banker Salary in India

Update on 2024-04-15

Investment Banker Salary in India - For Beginner & Experienced

Beginners are those who have both less than a year of experience or no experience and such specialists get around 5 to 8 Lakhs Per Annum as per the survey from different employees. Investment Banking is one of the esteemed and gainful career options in the Finance trade.

Details of Salary of Investment Banker in India 2024

Investment Bankers are so in great demand because they are the financial advisors for corporations and even the government. They are liable to help their clients in raising money either through stocks or by negotiating while buying an opponent’s company. These financial advisors help in positioning the sale of the company itself.

Entry-level investment banking associates can easily earn good for themselves, with salaries of Rs.6-7 LPA being more frequently paid in their first year. Experienced investment bankers who work the way up the ranks can easily earn up to 12 LPA to 85 LPA.

Investment Banker salary in India

The demand for Investment bankers is potentially high in India and in the rest of the world. One of the reasons behind these profitable compensation packages is that financial advisors provide confidence in investments and help in increasing the treasure of organizations.

After the pandemic, there have been a lot of doubts about the stock market and investments. Yet, Investment Bankers have continued this sector as one of the fastest-growing sectors in India and in the rest of the world. The expert who works in the investment banking sector is those who enjoy a large amount as a salary platform.

Investor Banker Salary in India Vs Other Countries

The average salary of investment banker in India would is approx. Rs 12 LPA and the salary can be extended to Rs 85 LPA as the qualified gains experience in the field.

However, if any candidate is just beginning his career in this field then he might get up to Rs 4-7 LPA and the salary package also depends upon the talents a professional has grown over time.

The revenue of investment bankers has been greater than before in recent years, as businesses sought their assistance in raising financing and capital for their projects. Investment banking has become a very desirable profession in the Indian financial industry as the country’s investor base raises.

Investment banking activities in India made Rs. 8.5 million as a salary package, an increase of 10.7% over the former year.

Skills for an Investment Banker

Apart from educational experiences, an investment banker must have some detailed knowledge of assured finance management skills and these skills can even help in earning a good salary or better than other people.

The skills that are required to surpass in the investment banking field are mentioned here:

  • Investment Management
  • Banking
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Microsoft Excel

Investment Banker Salary Experience Wise

Investment Banking is one of the most exciting professions in the finance business and that’s why its salary rises steeply with time and experience. As we get more experience in this particular field, companies or banks will start recognizing our worth as we will get a better idea of the market. Here are the details to get an idea of how much we can earn after achieving experience.

Investment Banking is a thought-provoking career at the start but after some time as experience upsurges the package, they are proportional to each other. As with experience, we will get to know more about the fluctuating market.

Delhi, the second wealthiest city in India also has the second-highest GDP per capita in India. Delhi stands as one of the main business cities and its economy has also been increasing in the last few years.

Starting Salary of Investment Banker in India

Freshers are those who have either less than a year of experience or no experience and such professionals get around Rs. 5-8 Lakhs Per Annum as per the study from different staff.

Investment Banker Mid-Level Salary

When the individual gets more than a year of work experience in the investment banking field or 1-4 years of work experience then he can claim a salary above 8 LPA. A mid-level experienced investment banker can easily demand a good salary package that is Rs. 8-10 LPA. Also, if we got experience of 5-9 years then we can claim a salary of about Rs. 15-20 Lakhs Per Annum.

Investment Banker Senior Level Salary

A senior-level investment banker is somebody who has more than 10+ years of work experience. The investment banker having 10-19 years of work experience can get a salary of Rs. 40 LPA. However, if an investment banker has more than 19+ years of work experience then they will get Rs. 50 Lakhs Per Annum.

It’s not an investment banking profile but it’s with every profile that the salary package varies with the country. So if we are working in a country other than India then the investor banker salary package will be very dissimilar from India. The financial situation or the economy of the country plays an important role in paying salaries to investment bankers.

The first base wage of investment experts in a financially healthy country such as the United States is expected to be between $85,540 and $1, 50,000 per year. These numbers are not perfect because they do not include signing incentives, which can vary from $6000 to $16,000 depending on the scope of the firm.

Future of Investment Bankers in India

The current tendency in India’s financial activities proposes that the investment banking sector is probable to expand. Digitalization, combined with emergent technologies, has established a good route for the future of investment banking in India. Investment banking is predicted to rise to become one of the largest sectors of the banking industry in the forthcoming.


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