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how to score good marks in class 10

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Score Good Marks in Class 10?

How to Prepare for Board Exams Class 10 in 2024?

Getting into prestigious colleges is a million-dollar dream. All the students want to make this dream come true. And for this, the board exam plays a crucial role. You can say that it's a turning point in a student’s life.

This makes a student and breaks a student. Since this stage is very crucial for the students, they need to know how to deal with the boards carefully & calmly. Therefore, this article is dedicated to the students going to appear in the 10th board exam 2024.

Tips To Study For Your 10th Board Exam 2024

During the board exams, the students need to follow certain tips & guidelines. This ensures that they not only completely focus on their subjects but also understand the subjects in depth.

Here are some essential tips for you all to study for your 10th board exam 2024:

  • Plan A Schedule

Sometimes, it is difficult for the students to figure out what to study & how to complete the syllabus before the exam. So, it's always advised to the students to make a clear schedule about how they will study. How many hours they should dedicate to the subjects? And other things.

  • Practice Answer Writing Regularly

A lot of od students avoid this step. What they do is, just read. But answer writing is a very crucial point. The examiner gets to know about the potential & understanding of a student from the answers one writes. So don’t comprise in answer writing. And answer writing also helps a student to remember things more transparently.

  • Sit For Self- Assessment

Students appearing for the board exam 2024 should understand that completing a chapter textbook is not enough. Practice is important because no one knows what will be the format of the questions. Sometimes the questions are asked in an indirect way to test the IQ of the student. Only the self-assessments & practices can help the students to solve the questions smoothly.

  • Avoid Continuously Studying For Hours

Studying continuously for hours can affect your mental peace. And if this happens, you won’t be able to grasp or remember anything no matter how much you sit & study. So, you avoid sitting consecutively for hours. Take small breaks in between. Refresh yourself.

  • Prepare The Notes For Every Subject

For a student, it is important to prepare notes for every subject. If a student will prepare the notes for each subject on his/her own, the student will get a known lot of important points in context to the subject matter and this will also help the student recall the subject matter easily.

Tips to study smarter for Board Exam

How to Score Good Marks in Class 10 in 2024 Subject wise?

Class 10 Science Preparation Tips

  • Closely observe & practice all the diagrams; it is very important.
  • Learn time management.
  • Learn all the definitions & theories well.
  • Be clear with the fundamental ideas.
  • Remember all the formulas & practice the equations & previous year's papers.

Class 10 Mathematics Preparation Tips

  • Core Fundamentals are very important. So make sure to understand them well.
  • Practice all the problems and equations to get a clear idea.
  • Prepare the important questions for last year's papers; a lot of questions repeat.
  • Do work on your seed & develop the habit of doing accurate calculations faster.

Class 10 English Preparation Tips

  • Do prepare yourself for article writing, letter writing, essay writing & summary writing.
  • Make sure that you have practiced the grammar and vocabulary well.
  • Read the poems & try to understand the depth of the poets’ voices.
  • Be careful with the formats in English.
  • Remember the grammar rules in English.

Class 10 Social Science Preparation Tips

  • Practice writing long answers.
  • Recall all the crucial points.
  • Don’t forget to practice the map works & map pointing.
  • Remember the events & dates clearly.
  • Use valid points in your answer writing.

Class 10 Hindi Preparation Tips

  • Revise the Last 10 years' Paper.
  • Practical Essay writing, letter writing & long answer writing.
  • Focus on Hindi Grammar and make sure to revise all the poems carefully.
  • Recall all the grammar rules.

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