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How to Prepare for Class 12th CBSE Board Exam?

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Prepare for Class 12th CBSE Board Exam?

Ques: How to Prepare for Class 12th CBSE Board Exam?

Ans:  There are the following strategies that are required to should adopt to prepare for class 12th CBSE board exams which are given below:

Accept every subject as it comes:

To score good students are required clear and learn the entire subject equally. You can set up as per your wish like suppose you have enough command on any particular subject and some subject in which you are weak can give more time to control command on them

Note: one of the most important things is each subject is necessary to pass, so students treat all subjects as important and try to give them equal time.

Knowledge of the syllabus:

You should know about the syllabus of your subject which is more important to cover all the courses. You should know the weightage of all subjects. Then start from the topic which is good to make grip on that particular subject. If you find any topic which is difficult for you, you need to focus on them and do not leave the concept unattended or you can keep it long-lasting.

Perform a SWOT analysis on yourself:

This kind of analysis is basically used to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of any industry, but you can use it for yourself also to know your strength, and weaknesses too. Know which subjects or topics you have a strong command of and on which you do not. Plan your study as per the swot analysis. This swot analysis will help you to plan your studies and pick topics accordingly.

Study material:

These are the most important things when you are preparing for the Class 12th CBSE Board Exam. You have to arrange essential study material before starting the preparation for the CBSE board exam. But you have to be very careful not to take many reference books for the study, stick with your syllabus only because you are preparing for gaining good marks in the CBSE board examination not for preparing for any competitive exam. So make a list of the topics and start preparation as per the list with one of the best reference books.

Take mock test trail:

These are the most important things to get good marks in the CBSE board exam. This mock test trail will help you in the following ways.

  • This mock test will come close to the pattern of the exam

  • You will get familiar with the kind of questions paper you are going to face in the CBSE Board examination. How to write in the answer sheet

  • You can participate in the mock test trail with the time. So you will be familiar to solve papers within the given time.

  • This mock test trial will help you to analyze yourself with the subject wise. You will get to know in which subject your preparation is good and in which subjects you need to keep more focus.

  • As you know the class 12th CBSE board exam is never ending with the solving of mock trials.

Note: Mock test will be taken when you have finished one or two chapters in each subject.

Ques: How to start my preparation for the 12th CBSE Board Exam?

Ans: As per the review, you can start 12th CBSE board exam preparation by following any coaching institutes or you can start preparation at yourself by creating some following strategies.

  • For physics, you can watch daily one video of Pradeep kshetrapal regarding the topic to understand those topics with simple and real-world examples. Sometimes if you read the text it is quite complex to understand the concept as compared to the video format. Practice as per the video to understand the topic and memorize for a longer period.

  • For English, you have to devotee your valuable time because English is high scoring subject which is enough to boost your percentage in the 12th CBSE Board exam. For the English grammar preparation, you can discuss it with your friends and seniors or you can take part in the debate to clear your concepts in a very easy manner

  • For chemistry, you can revise whatever you taught in the classroom. Apart from this, you can start to watch a topic-related video that will help you to understand the concept in a deep manner. If you follow Arihant's book, there might be a chance to get 95+ numbers in chemistry. All the asked questions and important topics are being covered in the arihand book. You have to practice the question which is given in the book.

  • For the maths subject, getting good marks in the maths, practice is most important, so during the preparation, whatever topic you are covering in present time, do not leave it just by reading it. Solve as many questions on that particular topic to understand those particular topics in a deep manner. For the reference books, just follow the NCERT book with Arihant publication book. By following these books, you can get 95+ marks in the maths section. Do not take the reference from RD Sharma by following these two books. One of the important things you need to note down is that you do not make silly mistakes in the examination.

  • For biology, understand the text and make some shortcuts to memorize the text due to the lengthiness of the text. Learn every day, because biological names are too lengthy. You must revise and learn the topics every day throughout the year. Read and learn each line of NCERT. Do practice of previous paper and if you wish to learn more, you can take help from the Arihant book which is a good guide. The key to getting good marks in biology is to revise and keeps learning at regular interval. Understand the theory part in attentive mode and love the subjects.

  • One of the important tips is that in the last two months just make yourself to determined worked hard

  • You can start preparation by taking help from the above tips and strategy which we have discussed above.

  • There is one indirect strategy that works very well during the preparation for the 12th CBSE board exam consistency. Never lose your motivation. You have to maintain regular study from every day-1 which will not take you into an overloaded situation during the exam period. Stay motivated for your exam. 

Ques: How should I study for the Class 12 CBSE Board Exam?

Ans: One has to study for the class 12th CBSE board exam by following proper ways:

Know your syllabus:

These are the most important things; first, you visit your syllabus in a profound manner, which will make you familiar with your syllabus.

Once you memorize the syllabus, you will be understood to correlate your different topics with each other in a perfect way. One of the best tips is to prioritize practicing weak chapters in order to get their weightage.

Study material:

First, you have to make sure that you should have the essential study material which is required to prepare for the class 12th CBSE board exam. Do not end up with too many books to confuse you.

Always take a good reference book which is enough to clear your concept as well as your doubts; a good reference book is enough to get good marks in the 12th board CBSE examination.

Take Mock test:

Always focus on the mock test. A mock test is very essential to get familiar with the exam environment. This mock test will tell you in which particular subjects you are required to much and more attention.

Class 12th CBSE board preparation is incomplete without the mock test. So try to attempt more and more mock tests to get familiar with the exam pattern and you will understand to solve the question paper within a specific period of time.

Previous year paper:

Always look out for the previous paper which is essential to get familiar with the question paper and you will also get to know which topic-wise questions are being asked regularly in the CBSE 12th board examination. You can get previous years' papers online and offline mode.

Time management:

Time management is essential in the board examination. You have to complete your paper within the time frame. Sometimes you would have no answer but could not attempt due to the time limit.

So always do practice within the time frame because time management is an essential part of the CBSE board examination.

Ques: How to get good marks in the CBSE board exam?

Ans: There are some following tips that are required to get good marks in the CBSE board exam which are given below.

  • Solve previous year's paper means the last ten years' paper on particular subjects to get good marks in the exam

  • Always be part of the Pre-board exam which is essential to get good marks in the CBSE board exam

  • You should follow reference books that are listed on the syllabus. Do not take references from so many books to study any particular topics

  • You need to identify your weakness and start working on them. Suppose you have any weak subject, you have to give extra time to that subject to understand those subject in a deep manner and make grip on the subject

  • Stay away from distracting elements like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. All these portals are time-consuming which might distract you from your target. So keep avoiding this social media portal till the exam is complete.

  • You need to clarify your thoughts, expressions, and handwriting for the class 12th board upcoming exam.

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