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How to Select Stream After 10th - Science, Commerce, and Arts

Update on 20 Feb, 23

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How to Select Stream After 10th - Science, Commerce, and Arts

How to Select Stream After 10th:

After passing tenth class, the most important phase in any student’s life is regarding the stream they choose for classes eleventh and twelfth. The basic key of selection of stream not only depends on their 10th class result but also the involvement of friends and guidance they seek from family members as well. Students have to Select Stream After 10th. We have three streams after 10th class namely: Science, Commerce & Arts. 

Select Stream After 10th Class:

Science Stream:

For a student who is willing to choose the science, the stream must be throughout having good commands over mathematics as well as basics of science from 8th to 10th with every minute parameters regarding the respective subjects. Students must grasp the knowledge of subjects of science stream to select stream after 10th. Moreover, a science student should not only be good at numerical values but also the extra skills like he/she is able to analyze the type of new pattern questions which are based on the IIT level as well as a competitive point of view for their future careers like engineering and medical branches. Science students have various scopes for engineering competitive exams like NIIT, AIEEE and IIT, and various other competitive exams. Similarly, students opting for medical branches are applicable for various streams in the medical field which has a vast scope in different streams like pharmacy, ophthalmology, diagnostic radiology, cancer therapy, and various such medical sections which deal with such trends.

Eligibility for Science Stream:  A student who has a minimum of 75% to 80% is eligible for this stream to Select Science Stream After 10th, but the not only a percentage is a parameter, students should themselves inquire about the quality of education in their respective streams especially when they are changing their school after 10th.

You must know the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SCIENCE & ARTS STREAM to Select Stream After 10th.

Commerce Stream:

A student who is willing to Select commerce Stream After 10th must be best at calculations as he/she has to be good at accountancy and mathematics. A commerce student must also know the basics of banking terms, investment, capital, market, GST, GDP, and basic knowledge of Economics as well. All the companies hire CA (Chartered Accountant) for their company’s account and share in a market/corporate world. The marketing job is mostly preferred by the commerce stream students as they are good at generating sales target job and salesman also belong to this category. He/she should also have a keen interest in analytical and mathematical problems like average, percentage, and other daily modes of calculation in daily life. Commerce student has a great scope for Company Secretary and if he/she completes MBA from tread like International business has a great scope in management streams as well.

Eligibility for Commerce Stream: A student who has a minimum of 55% to 75% is eligible for this stream. To Select Stream After 10th, you must familiar with all the subjects in the commerce stream.

Arts Stream:

This stream contains the highly paid officials of our country like IAS, IPS, and various other governmental sectors like police, BSF, and various other competitive exams apart from technical exams which are non-technical like SSC, UPSC, and UPSSC, etc. Marks are not a criterion for these students as this stream has the lowest marks percentage as compared to Science & Commerce streams. The students opting for arts are good at politics, massive speakers, and also influential in their thoughts and action. People from all walks of life mostly good at social interaction choose this stream as they focus on higher exams like IAS & IPS as they are the future controllers of Indian Politics in an indirect way, although they have a great influence on the governmental planning commission and various governmental offices, many political leaders seek the conversation with such brilliant minds to have a look on their political strategies during budgets, etc. Arts students should also be good at subjects like Social Science comprising of History, Geography, Economy, Civics, and basics of the Science from class 6th to 10th.

Eligibility for Arts Stream: A student who has passing marks is eligible for this stream.

Key Points to Select Stream After 10th:

  • Students must be aware of their own capabilities in regard to their choice of streams.
  • Students should not be in competition with others while choosing a stream as all students have different caliber.
  • Students should not be forced by family members in respect of the choice of streams.
  • Students should be given thorough counseling regarding these streams from school management.
  • Students themselves should analyze the future in-stream they choose as it later decides their career.
  • Parents and teachers should always motivate the students for their choice of streams.

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