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How to join the Indian Air Force after 12th?

Update on 2024-04-19

How to Join the Indian Air Force After 12th?

How to Get into Indian Air Force After 12th

With regard to both personnel and aircraft, the Indian Air Force is positioned fourth in the world. Securing Indian airspace and engaging in aerial combat while the nation is at war are the Indian Air Force's two main tasks.

It takes courage, dignity, and a strong desire to serve your country to join the Indian Air Force. Many youngsters aspire to join the Indian Air Force, but they're not sure how to join Indian Air Force after 12th.

The Indian Air Force can be joined in a number of ways following the 12th grade. Candidates should be aware that a career in the Indian Air Force comprises the following branches in addition to piloting fighter aircraft: technical, and ground staff.

Many people have the desire of joining the Indian Air Force, and as an IAF officer is both demanding and rewarding. Not to mention the benefits and compensation that one receives after enlisting in the Indian Air Force. The grandeur of a job will bring you so many honors and accolades, which is the icing on the cake.

In addition to that, this job can provide interesting prospects such as traveling to various countries, meeting new people, and experiencing the pleasure of exploring new areas.

This article has covered more about the Indian Air Force and how to join the Indian Air Force after clearing the 12th grade. You will gain a better understanding of the entire process and prerequisites for joining the Indian Air Force after completing class 12th.

Join Indian Air Force Through NDA Examination

The NDA exam is the only way to become an officer in the Indian Air Force after class 12th. The Army, Navy, and Air Force are recruiting unmarried male applicants through the NDA Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

It is typically held in the months of April and November and is held twice a year according to the NDA I and NDA II pattern. The application form is released in January and August each year. In order to pass the NDA exam, you must first pass the written portion, which is the first stage of the selection process.

It is a 900-mark exam that is further broken down into mathematics and general ability test. Additionally, written exams have a one-third negative marking penalty. After passing the NDA written test, the SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview is the next step. The psychological aptitude test and intelligence test are the two main rounds of the interview.

Important Note: India Air Force is such a great field to choose from, but have you ever considered whether the career you choose is perfect for your future or not? Well, it has been noticed that people realise mistakes at the time of jobs. Well, make sure that you are not making any mistakes and choose the career counselling session where counsellors will examine your interests and skills to recommend the honest career option. 

Join the Indian Air Force Through the Agniveer Examination

The Agnipath program was first launched by the central government in June 2024. Candidates who plan to enlist in one of the three services after completing class 12th may submit an application this year. The candidates would be recruited under the Agnipath scheme for a set term of 4 years.

The Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Airforce are all participating in the Agnipath scheme. The candidates will have to take the written and physical tests that make up the selection procedure. To know more about the Agnipath scheme kindly check the website.

I hope this article brings clarity on how to join the elite Indian Air Force after passing the class 12th examination.

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