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How to Download DU Provisional Certificate

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Download DU Provisional Certificate - Get Delhi University Provisional Degree

Get your DU Provisional Degree to get the employment you want or for higher education. If you are a fresh graduate who wants to achieve your goals in life and looking for the best career opportunity. Whether you want to join a big company or want to take admission in the desired university to pursue higher education. You need something to highlight your past education to help the recruiter see your strengths and academic performance.

In this case, you need a document that acts as proof of completion of your education in the mentioned stream. Having a degree is the first document that helps you with that but after completing the graduation it takes some time by the university or college to generate the degrees that’s where the need for a provisional degree arises which you can submit as proof of completion of your education to get the desired admission or a job. 

The provisional degree states the following details:

  • Name of the student
  • The course in which he/she has graduated
  • Division obtained

When it comes to stepping into the next phase of your life, a provisional degree will support you. It acts as a  temporary degree and it is volatile. In this article, we have mentioned complete details on how you can Download Delhi University Provisional Certificate and the step-by-step procedure on  Online Application for DU Provisional Certificate. Read the whole article below to know how to  Get Delhi University Provisional Degree.

DU Provisional Certificate:

The provisional certificate is provided as proof that the degree has not been released yet. Thus students of Delhi University who want to apply for higher education or for employment can use the DU Provisional Degree temporarily. The provisional certificate is given by the local authorities on a temporary basis until you receive the original one. 

You can receive your DU provisional certificate by contacting the officials of the university but before that read the whole article below to learn the procedure on how to get one. Provisional Certificate or Degree states that the student has completed the education mentioned in the certificate. The provisional certificate is accepted by most of the companies as well as the institutions that are accepting post-graduate candidature.   

However, the candidates are expected to produce the original degree later as after a certain time universities or institutions may start expecting the original certificate. If the candidate belongs to Delhi University then there is an Online Application for DU Provisional Certificate which must be filled in order to Download DU Provisional Degree.

Why You Need DU Provisional Certificate:

If you are applying for higher studies or want to start your career abroad or get a job in India, academic records play a vital role in getting you these opportunities. Below we have mentioned the important points on why you need your DU Provisional Certificate.

It is the certificate that tells that you have successfully established or completed a particular course or program which acts as proof that you have completed the basic level of education in the chosen field. However original degree takes some time to be issued by the university that is why you need a document that will work on a temporary basis.

The DU Provisional Certificate will work for a small period of time and it will assure you that you can get hired or take admission to the fact that you have successfully cleared your previous education in the mentioned course or program. This is why it is important to Download Delhi University Provisional Certificate.

Guidelines For DU Provisional Certificate:

Below we have mentioned the conditions which a candidate must satisfy in order to Download DU Provisional Degree. Follow the guidelines given below:

  • The application letter and the declaration of the online form should be in the prescribed format and should be filled and signed by the candidate itself.
  • The candidate must verify the hard copy of the application letter recommended by the principal/head/director of the college/department / Institute through which the candidate has studied.
  • Increase if the original degree has been lost or destroyed or defaced. in such a case up candidate should test a copy of FIR and 20 to the nearest police station with his or her complaint. if if the FIR is available on the website the candidate should self attest the copy of the printout.

The applicant must self test a copy of one of the following documents given below:

  • Aadhar card 
  • Driving license 
  • PAN card passport

Online Application for DU Provisional Certificate:

An online application will be released for the candidate who wants to  Download the DU Provisional Degree to make sure they don’t lose any incoming employment opportunity or the chance of pursuing higher studies. After the Delhi High Court Judgement, no university in India will deny the admission of candidates if they didn’t receive their original degree but have completed their education.

In other words, without having an original certificate of previous education, students can still take admission and go for higher studies. In this case, the students can request a DU Provisional Certificate from the concerned officials or directly issue it without any request. The DU Provisional Degree is also known as the transitory degree which is valid until the original certificate is distributed by the university.

Steps TO FIll Online Application for DU Provisional Certificate:

  • The online application for DU provisional Certificate will be available on the official website of Delhi University.
  • A candidate is required to upload the soft copy of the photograph as well as a scanned signature after that upload the copy of the declaration
  • Candidate must pay the non-refundable fee as per the details mentioned below at the payment gateway using credit card debit card and net banking.



Up to 6 years*

INR 500

More than 6 years*

INR 1000

*The number of years is going to be calculated from the month of the last examination the candidate has appeared.

  • After the completion of the Payment procedure, the candidate will receive received Andaz Apna number. The request for the DU Provisional Certificate will be accepted and the hard copy of the online application should be submitted along with all the relevant documents for further verification in the examination branch.
  • Now the candidate must take a printout of the Online Application for DU Provisional Certificate. submit all the required documents along with the original copy of both the application letter and Critical ration. provide your original signature recommended by the principal/head / 3 of the institution in order to complete the Online Application for DU Provisional Certificate.
  • Finally, DU Provisional CertificateMust is collected by the candidate from their respective college/department / Institution. The candidate will receive the DU Provisional Certificate after the15 days of completion of formalities Done by the candidates. 

Instructions Regarding Online Application for DU Provisional Certificate:

Below we have mentioned the application form that you must fill in order to receive your DU Provisional Degree and some important instructions you must keep in mind while you fill it.

  • The particulars in the online application form should correspond with the candidate who is appearing in the certificate or it should be filled by the candidate. The online application form should be signed by the student and in no case by anyone else on his/her behalf.
  • The prescribed fee for the generation of DU Provisional Certificate must be given by the student through CASH or money order by the Postal Order in the favor of Registrar, University of Delhi, Delhi- 110007.
  • At the time of online application submission for issuing the Provisional Degree or Certificate the applicant should bring the photocopy of the original mark-sheet of the last passing examination or the final year passing mark result. Applicant must attest to a passport size photograph on the said certificate.
  • The applicants for the issue of provisional degrees who are having enrolment numbers of North Campus must apply in the Academic Branch-II of the North Campus whereas if the applicant is having an enrolment number of South Campus then he/she must apply in the Academic Branch of South Campus.
  • The applicant who is having an enrolment number of  Non-Formal Cell and Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board should apply in the offices of the Board of Non-Formal Cells.
  • In case if the provisional degree has been lost a duplicate provisional degree can be issued in case it is destroyed or mutilated on submission of an affidavit drawn up by the non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 2/- to be given under before the 1st class magistrate on the following format.
  • This might be noticed that the concealment of facts and furnishing of an inappropriate affidavit will be tantamount to an offense and the applicant if he/she does so, shall do it at his/her own risk and consequences. The affidavit must be signed by the applicant, himself/herself.
  • “I_________________________________Son/Daughterof_____________________________________ resident of ___________________________________________________ hereby solemnly declare that the Migration Certificate No. _____________________ dated __________________ gave to me by the Registrar, University of Delhi-110007, to empower me to join ___________________ University has been lost and that I did not join any other University on premise of the equivalent nor have I presented the equivalent for joining some other University."
  • The provisional degree can be issued only for the particular year in which the student has passed out or completed the education. Students who have applied for the  Provisional Degree but their enrolment record is maintained by the South Delhi Campus and their result is declared by the North Camus are required to fill the points of interest of Column 1, 2, and 3 confirmed from the Academic Branch of South Delhi Campus before saving the expenses in North Delhi Campus and Vice-versa.
  • In case any student has been migrated from the college to pursue some other course in another university and has rejoined the Delhi University for pursuing any course will have to receive his/her enrolment number from Delhi University soon after the time of his/her admission in the College/Department on the production of the original certificate from the other university.
  • Students who seek a provisional degree from the university without completing the course will have to submit/her original certificates or a photocopy of their original certificate.
  • Students who are applying for the special certificate must enclose a copy of each syllabus and statement of marks along with the application.
  • The delivery of a provisional degree will be made in person to the applicant pr his/her nominee at the university office during working hours. With respect to the applicants who failed to collect their provisional degree within one month from the date of paying the online application fee, the document will be sent to their given postal address. If the applicant wants to receive the provisional certificate to be sent to him by the registered Post, then he/she must submit a self-addressed envelope with the postage stamps on them of the prescribed registered letter.
  • The prescribed fee for the generation of DU Provisional Degree is Rs 200 each.

Documents Required To Download DU Provisional Degree:

Here one thing is to be noticed is that the provisional degree will be generated only by the officials of Delhi University and you are required to present the following document while filling out the Online Application for DU Provisional Certificate:

  • Last semester mark sheet (photocopy).
  • Class 12th mark sheet (photocopy).
  • Category certificate.
  • Last semester’s payment fee receipt (if required).
  • And yeah of the course Application form itself (filled with proper details).

How to Download DU Provisional Certificate:

The DU provisional certificate will not be available online for the regular courses but you can download the application form photocopy but the submission has to be made offline physically.

Step 01: Fill in the yellow form (Click Here).

Step 02: Get your required documents attested from your college.

Step 03: Pay the required fee i.e Rs 500 at

Thank you for reading the whole article if you have any queries regarding DU Provisional Certificate. Feel free to comment down below or help your other friends and classmates by sharing this article with them.

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