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How to Choose The Right Stream After Class 10th?

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Choose The Right Stream After Class 10th?

Are you a student of Class 10? Well, then you are at the crucial juncture of life where you have to think about choosing a particular stream—stressed out? No wonder! You are not the only one. There are many students like you who freak out at the very thought of how to choose the right stream after Class 10th.

There are several reasons for a student of Class 10th to be indecisive about choosing a stream. In some cases, they are unable to figure out their own interests, so they select the streams that most of their friends take up.

Other students of class 10 fall prey to pressure from parents or relatives who want them to take up a certain stream even though their interests may lie elsewhere.

Which Stream to Choose After 10th?

There are three major streams after Class 10th and these are Science(PCM/PCB), Commerce(with Maths/without Maths), Humanities, and Vocational courses. Most students of Class 10th select their streams based on their academic results.

Going by the conventional norms, the toppers select Science, mediocre students select Commerce and below-average students choose humanities. In fact, this tradition has been in India for decades.

But, should academic performance be the sole parameter for a student to choose the right stream after Class 10th?

The answer is NO.

Studies show that many students who had selected their streams based on only academic results have faced career-related difficulties in the future. They did not perform well in their workplace a result of which their career saw a retarded growth.

Where is the real problem?

A Student who has secured 95% and above in Class 10th and has chosen PCM as their stream may actually have a penchant for writing poetries or knowing about world history. Students who have selected Commerce may be interested in Physics and below-average students who had to settle for humanities may actually be curious about business and transactions.

So the actual flaw lies in the inability to understand their own interests and skills.

This problem is especially grave in India where more than half the students are unable to choose the right stream after Class 10th as they are not aware of their own strengths, weaknesses, and future scopes associated with it.

They are also forced by their parents to select a certain stream owing to societal expectations. This system has been going on for generations.

Find out what you really want to do

In the 21st Century, there are innumerable options in different fields. So, contrary to age-old beliefs that Science has the maximum career options, Commerce few, and Humanities fewer, each and every stream has its share of promising future prospects.

Earlier there were only a few career options like Engineering, Medical, Law, CA, etc, but now there is no scarcity of career opportunities in different fields. In fact, along with Science, students of the Humanities and Commerce streams get many jobs offers immediately after Graduation.

So it is up to you what you want to do and which stream you want to choose after Class 10th. Explore your areas of interest and understand the stream that you really want to pursue.

In some cases, you might be confused or unaware of the different future prospects associated with the different streams. For such students, my advice will be to seek the guidance of a professional counselor.

A professional counselor can identify the actual interests and skills of students and suggest the best possible stream that will help them to nurture those skills.

How can you Choose the Right Stream After Class 10th?

Understand your Real Interest

The first thing that you must be clear about is your likes and dislikes. What is that subject that you feel like studying every day? It could be English. You might be passionate about reading poetry, literature, novels, or knowing about the different nuances of grammar.

In such a case it is best that you select the humanities stream after Class 10. Humanities come with innumerable career options and by selecting the stream of your interest you are making way for a very bright future.

Relate your Interest to your Skills

What do you like to do the most in your spare time? Making airplanes and trucks with Mechanix sets or performing Buoyancy experiments at home? In either case, it is obvious that you definitely have a penchant for the Science stream.

So undoubtedly Science is the right stream for you after the 10th. Don’t give in to peer pressure and choose Commerce as this may only lead to regret later in life.

Analyze your Strengths and Weaknesses

To choose the right stream after Class 10th you must be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. You might take a long time to understand a Mathematical equation or cannot get the Simple Interest Fundamentals right.

Then Commerce is definitely not for you. If you think of the job opportunities and select the Commerce stream, you will have to face rockier paths in the future. Your strength may lie elsewhere. Understand your strong area and choose the stream accordingly after Class 10th.

Get a clear view of the subjects

Check out the combination of subjects that suit your stream. At present, there are numerous combinations of subjects to choose from. So if you have an inclination towards Commerce but are not so confident about Maths, then you can select Commerce without Maths stream.

Similarly, if the subject of history interests you along with economics, you can go for humanities with economics. If you take up subjects that you like, you will easily be able to learn the subjects. Try to select the stream that has your favorite subjects and you will feel no stress while studying.

Try to understand the work environment

It is of foremost importance that you understand and get an idea of the work environment of the career that you want to pursue in the future. So if you have taken up the stream PCB and are interested in becoming a Doctor, try to understand the work environment and the working hours of the Doctor.

Have you felt a passion to serve people, work for long hours in the hospital and acquire knowledge about the different diseases and their treatments? If yes, then PCB is definitely the correct stream for you.

Similarly, if you select any other stream, try to understand the professional commitments associated with it and whether you find it fascinating enough to pursue.

Think about the financial aspects

If you want to choose the right stream after Class 10th you must also be aware of the finances related to Graduation and future higher study options. If you are interested in a stream that offers expensive undergraduate courses, then check the colleges that offer the course at reasonable rates and also if any scholarship options are offered.

You can enquire about the possibilities of securing a student loan in the future if necessary. A Financial introspection will help you to choose your preferred stream without any possibility of future financial hurdles.

Choose your stream wisely

Do not select any stream just because your peer group has done so. It is very important to self-analyze your emotions while selecting the stream. Understand whether you are really passionate about the subjects that you want to choose.

Do not take up Science just because you have topped the class in Science or do not take up Commerce because you feel that there are many job opportunities for Commerce students.

Think deeply about the subjects that you have really liked and have studied in-depth. Don’t give in to pressure from friends or relatives in choosing a stream just because you have performed well in those subjects.

Seek guidance from a Counselor

If you still can’t decide on the stream that you want to choose after the 10th Board exams, take the help of a professional counselor. A Counselor will clear all your doubts and dilemmas and enlighten you regarding all the possible career opportunities associated with the different streams.

A professional counselor will analyze your real interest and aptitude before suggesting the streams that are in sync with those interests. Your counselor will also make you aware of the various trending courses and streams that are associated with those courses.


Students, I hope by now you have got a clear picture of how to choose the right stream after Class 10th. Find out where your true passion lies and choose your stream and subjects wisely. Select a stream that suits your personality and helps you grow as a professional in the future.


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