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How to Become Indian Air Force Officer

Update on 2024-04-11

How to Become Indian Air Force Officer

An Air Force Officer is a leader in the army holding a prestigious position. They are engaged in ground duties, monitoring a team of Air Force personnel, or even flying. During wartime, they play an active role in defending the nation. Such officers should be self-motivated and courageous enough to face any perilous situation.

Ways to Become an Indian Air Force Officer

If you are aiming to become an Indian Air Force Officer, then you should develop leadership skills. Also, you should willingly accept any challenge to fight with the enemies at any time. You should also develop communication skills and work closely with the team.

A genuine army officer is dynamic and confident and can devise the best strategies during wartime. Along with social skills, you should also follow the ethics of life. A True soldier is always ready to sacrifice his life for the country.

Steps to Becoming an Air Force Officer

The written examination conducted for aspiring Air Force Officers is AFCAT, known as the Air Force Common Admission Test.

  • Flying

You can opt to become a helicopter pilot, a flying pilot, or a transport pilot during wartime or even otherwise. You can enter this stream of flying as a graduate or engineer.

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What is the eligibility requirement to become an Air Force Officer?

The age limit to apply for the post is 20 to 24. The candidates holding the authentic and present Commercial Pilot License issued by DGCA are allowed to apply at 26 years of age.

The candidate should be an Indian citizen who is single. Both men and women can apply for the post.

  • Education Qualification

The candidate should score a minimum of 50% in Physics and math in 10 + 2. At the graduation level in any discipline, the candidate should score a minimum of 60%. Even candidates completing engineering with 60% or more are preferred.

The candidate should clear Sections A and B of Associate Membership of the Institute of Engineers or Aeronautical Society of India from any recognized university, scoring a minimum of 60%. Even final-year students who have no backlogs during AFSB testing can apply for the post. Such candidates should also produce a degree certificate within the specified time. The candidate requires an NCC Air Wing Division ‘C’ certificate.

  • Ground Duty

You manage a team of Indian Air Force personnel, choosing the ground duty branch. So, as a ground duty officer, you are responsible for the most sophisticated equipment in the world, joining branches like mechanical or electronics. You monitor a team of Air Force pilots to ensure they remain airworthy.

You should be 20 to 26 years old at the time of joining the course. You should be an Indian citizen and married if you are under 25 years old.

  • Non-technical branch of Ground Duty

You are responsible for managing human resources and materials. It is a force that motivates the Indian Air Force or the soldiers. It includes various fields such as administration, education, meteorology, accounts, logistics, etc.

What are the eligibility criteria to become a ground duty officer of a non-technical nature?

The candidate should be between 20 and 26 years old at the time of joining the course. The candidate should be unmarried if under 25 years of age. The applicant should also be an Indian citizen; both men and women can apply.

  • NDA

The candidate can appear for the NDA examination conducted by UPSC only. The advertisements for the examination are held in June and December. To appear for the written test, the candidate should be between 16 12, and 19 12 years old. The candidate should be an Indian citizen, and male candidates can also apply. He should be an Indian citizen with educational qualifications between 10 and 2 in physics and mathematics. Candidates appearing in the final year can also apply.

  • CDSE Examination

A candidate can get a permanent commission by entering through this mode.

At the time of joining the course, the candidate should be 20 to 24 years of age. He should be single and an Indian citizen. Only men can apply. The candidate should be a graduate of any recognized university with Physics and Mathematics at the 10 + 2 level. Even B.Tech. candidates are preferred. Even final-year students can apply and should produce a degree certificate issued by the university within the stipulated period. The percentage is not a constraint for CDSE, and the candidates should pass.

  • SSB Testing

The candidates receive a call letter to any concerned locations and should undergo tests to determine their caliber.

Stage I testing comprises an Officer Intelligence Rating test, a picture perception test, and a discussion test. At stage II, psychological tests are conducted along with group tests, including interactive indoor and outdoor activities. The candidate should also converse with an interview officer. On the second day, the CPSS or PABT Pilot Aptitude Battery Test is conducted along with psychological tests. From day 3 to day 6, group tests and interviews are conducted.

  • Medical Examination

Once you are confirmed by the Selection Board, you are sent for clinical assessment at the Air Force Central Medical Establishment in New Delhi or the Institute of Aviation Medicine in Bangalore.

Preparation of the All India Merit List

Based on the composed test and AFSB talk of being fit, the All India Merit List is prepared.

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