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How to Become Food Safety Officer 2024

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Become Food Safety Officer 2024?: FSSAI, Courses, FSO, Recruitment, Vacancies

The role of a safety officer is to examine the food samples from different locations. Food sample analysis is conducted by the officers to assess if it contains any harmful or unhealthy ingredients or raw materials in the process of production.

If the officer finds any irregular ingredients, he notifies the food distributors, producers, or sellers. Such officers also surprisingly visit places such as restaurants, hotels, or any food sector to check if they are following food safety rules and regulations and examine the food samples.

The food safety officers are hired by the state or the central government for the position of administration. They should pass the State Civil Examination exams in the particular state.

Students aspiring to become safety officers should join undergraduate or graduate food technology courses such as B.Sc., B.Tech., or BE degrees. After completing 12th grade, they can join an UG course in food science. Students wanting to peruse graduate programs should complete an undergraduate degree with a specialist in the required field.

Food Safety Officer Highlights 2024

Particulars Details
Industry Food & Nutrition
Eligibility 10+2
Average Starting Salary INR 2-6 LPA
Job Opportunity Food & Nutrition Consultancies, Agriculture Sectors (research), Universities, etc

Different Types of Food Safety Officers

A food safety officer can play a role in various ways:

  • Food Researchers: A food researcher is also a food scientist who experiments with how foods are handled and how they can lose nutritive value. They check the food samples to see if they contain any hazardous materials. Food scientists find some innovative ways for food preservation and packaging.
  • Food Technologist: The role of a food technologist is to examine if the food industry is maintaining strict sanitation and hygiene norms when it is manufacturing and packaging food. They also examine the food samples to see if they contain additives or other ingredients.
  • Health Inspector: The role of the health inspector is to administer the safety of food products and reduce the negative consequences of regulated tobacco products on health.

How to Become a Food Safety Officer?

Education required to become a Food Safety Officer: The person aspiring to become a FSO should be a graduate or postgraduate in fields such as B.Sc. or B.Tech. in areas such as biotechnology, food technology, diary technology, biochemistry, or agricultural science from any reputed university.

If a candidate wants to work in the science field, then he or she should complete a Ph.D.

The candidate should also possess some experience.

  • Age criteria: Students appearing for the SSC examination should be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Certification required: The candidates should pass an FDA-authorized exam and also be certified.

Preparation is Required to Become a Food Safety Officer in India

Candidates aspiring to become food safety officers should prepare rigorously, as the profession is tedious. They should know the challenges faced by a food safety officer. The students should choose suitable courses, prepare for graduation, and benefit from a certificate program in food safety.

Preparation at the school level:

  1. Students wishing to work as food safety officers should possess a higher secondary degree in fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, or economics.
  2. To join a bachelor’s degree program, candidates should clear an entrance exam.
  3. The students should also join coaching classes to be well-prepared.
  4. The students can practice properly for the exam when the testing authorities provide mock tests and model question papers.

Preparation for Graduation Level:

  1. The candidates should focus on passing the entrance test if they desire to work as a safety officer at the undergraduate level. They should also apply for a bachelor’s degree program.
  2. Degrees that are acceptable are B.Tech. or B.E., and they can also study other courses such as B.Sc. in Food Technology or B.A. in Food Technology.
  3. When students are studying for undergraduate degrees, they should strive to gain a thorough understanding of the subjects.
  4. The students should at least score between 55% and 60% throughout their UG degree.
  5. Students who want to join a master’s degree program should prepare for the JAM or GATE exam.

Preparation for Postgraduate Level:

After finishing graduation, the students can apply for a post-graduation course after joining GATE or any other exam. Every year, only 15% to 20% of students pass the GATE exam, and hence the students should prepare rigorously. After completing your undergraduate studies, you should preferably obtain certification from a professional organization and complete an internship program.

Recruitment Process of Food Safety Officer

The recruitment for food safety officers is done by the state government after the candidates pass the SCS test. The candidates should appear for the written test, i.e., the main and preliminary written tests. Then they are also accessed on the basis of a personal interview, and their academic records are checked.

To know about the vacancies for the post of Food Safety Officer, the candidates should review sources such as newspapers, media outlets, etc. The announcement is made on the websites of newspapers and media outlets in various states.

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