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How to Become a Nutritionist in India 2024?

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Become a Nutritionist in India 2024?

Details to Become a Dietitian or Nutritionist in India 2024

Being physically fit and strong is a million-dollar dream in India. These days, each of us wants to be fit & strong physically as it has a genuine impact on things around us in this way or the other.

If we stay physically fit and strong, we will be able to deal with all the problems in life. Therefore, there is a demand for Nutritionists in India.

Become a Nutritionist in India

Are you also the one who’s conscious about being healthy & strong throughout your life? Or, you are the one who wants to help people in the journey of being fit & healthy.

If “YES,” then the information mentioned here will help you to do so. We have explained the steps & process following which you can become a nutritionist in India.

What Does A Nutritionist Do?

Nutritionists are the professional who plans our diet charts so that we live healthy & strong life. Nutritionists are professionals having proper knowledge about food service and nutritional programs to ensure that all the people around them lead a fit and healthy life. These people are trained about the general diet, health & food. And thus, they help others to achieve other diet plans.

Become a Nutritionist in India

Firstly know what tasks have to be done by nutritionists/dietitians.

  • Understand the nutritional values of different food items.
  • Undertake the nutritional assessment of patients with medical conditions.
  • Advice and educate patients with diet-related disorders.
  • Provide befitting nutritional care plans to patients with disorders.
  • Promote health and well-being by informing the public about the importance of diet and nutrition.

How to Become a Dietician in India 2024?

One can become a nutritionist after the completion of the 12th std. There is a proper course to become a nutritionist in India, that is B.Sc in Nutrition. This is technically a 3 years undergraduate course where you’ll have to learn - Clinical Nutrition, Health Nutrition, Food Technology & Sports Nutrition.

The B.Sc degree is followed by the Master’s degree in Nutrition where you’ll get an option to do your master’s in any of the four specializations.

Become a Nutritionist in India

Career Exposure After One Becomes A Nutritionist In India 2024

Here we have listed the career exposure for the Nutritionist in India:

Public Health Nutritionist

Public Health Nutritionist oversees the integration and application of scientific ideas of Human Nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, food systems, and others to plan and execute promotional strategies related to or based on nutrition so that a change is made in the health and fitness of a certain group of really who needs it.


  • Evaluate the nutrition requirement of a targeted group of people in the community.
  • Demonstrate the source of health problems associated with nutrition.

Clinical Nutritionist

A Clinical nutritionist provides important and standard nutritional solutions for people dealing with nutritional health issues. The clinical Nutritionist first carefully examines the health issues an individual is facing due to the shortage of nutrition or other related issues, and accordingly, they provide them with the right diet chart and supplements.

Become a Nutritionist in India


  • Guides and counsels patients facing nutritional disorders or health problems for not following proper nutrition
  • Examines nutrition choice and status of the patients, and handles their queries and concerns
  • Plans the nutrition therapy for the patients so that they can get a healthy and fit life soon

Sports Nutritionist

A sports nutritionist is a trained and experienced professional who evaluates & examines the nutritional requirements of the body, at the time of all activities, during the day, and at night. The sports nutritionist will prepare a diet plan or chart for you after looking into all the factors in your mind.


  • To prepare a suitable diet plan for their clients.
  • To ensure that the diet chart prepared regulates body metabolism & ensures necessary energy to the body.

Food Science & Technology Expert

Food Science & Technology Expert researches the content regarding different foods. And this is used to develop new food items. Enhance the packaging, value, production, and other stuff.


  • Conducting research on the color, flavor, and texture of the food.
  • Experimenting with food samples on different parameters.
  • To make sure that the food processing or food manufacturing process is going according to the govt. guidelines.

Top Degrees and Diplomas in Nutrition and Dietetics 2024

Programs After 12th Standard Programs After Bachelor’s Degree
B.Sc Nutrition & Dietetics M.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics
Certificate in Dietetics M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition
Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics PG Diploma in Dietetics
Diploma in Diet Assistant PG Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health

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