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How to Become HR Manager

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Become HR Manager - Check Eligibility, Qualification, and Process

An HR manager, in simple words, is a person who is in charge of the department in a company, that deals with the recruitment, training, and development of the employees of a company.
Human resources specialists are responsible for interviewing, testing, screening, and placing workers. They are responsible for the quality of the workforce in the company and the kind of employees the company has. The work culture, environment, and goodwill of the company depend on the employees, who are in turn recruited by Human Resource management. Before jumping to "how to become HR Manager let's first understand The Major HR Functions.

The 5 Major HR Functions:

The HR department does not function in a vacuum but is very much a part of the strategic level of management, as the overall success of the organization depends on the type of workers it recruits to fill its job vacancies. 

Some of the 5 Most Major HR Functions Include

  1. The Human Resource manager is a big part of the top-tier management as its role in the planning of short-term and long-term objectives is very crucial.
  2. The department of Human Resources, under the guidance of the HR manager, is responsible for the training of current and future employees. The higher the standard of trainees/employees, the better the profit and goodwill of the organization. 
  3. HR is responsible for the administration of an attractive salary and incentives for the newly hired and long-time workers of the organization. They may also assist in guiding the workers of the organization in insurance and other related matters.
  4. They are also responsible for making the employees familiar with the company policies, rules, and procedures of the organization. 
  5. One of the most important functions of an HR manager is to make sure his department adequately ensures cordial, amazing labor relations among workers and upper management. They are like the middle man between the upper level and the lower level of management. Okay now let's come to the point "How to become HR Manager"

How to Become HR Manager in India:

The most important step to becoming an HR is the acquisition of a Bachelor’s course after the 12th, (preferably in the commerce stream, although not necessary).
Once, the 12th is completed, the student can go for a Bachelor’s in human resource management (BBA in Human resource management)

Eligibility for Becoming an HR Manager:

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Human Resource Management offers students skills and fundamental knowledge in the managing of human resources. They study different aspects of organizational and human behavior, communication skills, retail management, etc. The following is the eligibility requirement for a BBA in human resource management in India:

Aspirants should have completed their 10+2 from any stream (preferably commerce stream) from a recognized university.

Best Courses for HR Management:

A student should start with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (Human Resource Management). If he wants to gain multiple skills and enhance his career in a way that makes him stand out from the competition, he can opt for further education such as an MBA (Human Resource), M.Phil in (Human Resource Management) further certifications, etc.

The syllabus for BBA is listed below. Information for the various certifications will follow ahead:

Business Law

Business Ethics and Ethos

Corporate Law

Human Resource Management

Fundamentals of computer

Compensation Management

Business Communication skills

Employee growth and training


Morale and motivation

Managerial economics

Legal aspects of management

Performance appraisal

Statistics for Management

Principles and practices of management

Industrial relations and labor law

Financial accounting

Business environment

Production management

Operations management


Certifications in HR Management

While a Bachelor’s is a good way to start, students should also focus on getting certifications that narrow their specialization. This enables them to stand out from the crowd and get recruited in companies they want. The following are the three most popular certifications in Human Resource Management:



Admission Process


The student in their final year of Bachelor’s degree must hold a 500-hour internship experience to be eligible to sit in the SHRM-CP exam.

The student must visit their official site.

Create a userID and password by registering. 

Complete the application form, submit the payment.

After that, you will receive an (ATT) Authorization To Test, with which you can schedule your exam.

ISTD (Indian Society of Training and Development)

Graduate from a recognized university.

Enrollment in the ISTD Diploma program requires the student to register the form and pay the fee, which is Rs.1500/-. The exams are held twice a year (June and December) 

ISABS (Indian Institute for Applied and Behavioral Science)

Graduate degree in any professional course.

Experience of 5 years in any managerial position.

The candidate should fill out the form and register himself/herself. The academic council will review the form, and call you for an interview if you are selected. The payment is made after you receive the call.

Certifications can boost your resume, show your potential employer that you are self-motivated and have what it takes to become a great Human Resource Manager.

Top 5 Colleges for Human Resource Management

College Name Average Fee

XLRI- Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur

16.8 - 20 Lakh

NMIMS, Mumbai

2.8 - 3 Lakh

Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai

1.28 - 5 Lakh

Amity University, Noida

10.2 - 12 Lakh

Galgotias University, Noida

1.5 - 3 Lakh

Career Scope of a Human Resource Manager:

Only knowing how to become an HR manager is not enough, you should also know the career scope of an HR Manager. A BBA degree is the best first step in establishing a career in Human Resource Management. It is a continuously adapting and ever-changing course in Management degrees so that graduates from this course can have up-to-date job skills and relevancy in the current marketplace. The scope in Human Resources is wide as it is an industry that is in need of professionals throughout the year, at all times. A skilled professional that deals with consumers and knows the complexities within organizational management is always wanted.

Job profiles of an HR Manager:

The graduate can hope for a job as HR Recruiter, HR Manager, Regional Manager, Product Developer, Regional Manager, Public Relations Manager, IT recruiter, HR Consultant, Quality Control Manager, etc. Apart from this, the student can also aspire to go into the government sectors, the medical sector, telecommunications, insurance, etc.

Top 5 recruiters for BBA in Human Resource Management:

  • Kelly Services
  • TeamLease
  • Manpower Group
  • RH Factor
  • HR Footprints

Salary Package after becoming an HR Manager

Entry-level (No professional experience) 1,00,000- 10,00,000
Mid-Career (Limited Experience) 3,00,000- 20,00,000
Experienced 4,00,000- 50,00,000
Late-Career 10,00,000- 90,00,000


An HR Manager is an all-around individual with the most important skill-set. He is a versatile and experienced person, with key knowledge in how to handle the most important part of an organization- the employees. The scope and need for an individual with a base skill set in planning, development, and ability to keep together multiple facets of the organization running, is and will always be in demand. I hope you liked this article "How to become HR Manager"

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