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How Much Can You Earn as a Journalist?

Update on 30 Sep, 22

How Much Can You Earn as a Journalist?

How much you earn as journalist | Journalist Salary Structure

Digital Journalism Pay Scale

If you are an aspirant of Journalism and mass communication, then it is one of the best fields to consider. In this career line, your salary is dependent on several factors. There are certain posts in the field of journalism where the salary package does not have a limitation. So, let us read, How much you earn as a journalist?  

Average Earnings of Correspondents and Reporters

As per the reports issued by Bureau of labour statistics, the average salary earned by the correspondents and reporters is 43,780 dollars per year or you can also call it more than $21 an hour. This salary package rate is dependent on several factors such as the kind of employer and the location where you have been placed. For instance, the best states to pursue your journalism career is Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Columbia.

The average salary package per annum is more than 60,000 dollars where you are hired by the top employers in the field of television broadcasting, radio, cable and programming and information services. If you are hired by an employer from one of these fields, then the salary package that will be offered to you is not going to be less than 53,000 dollars.

Earnings of Broadcast News analysts

If you have done majors in Journalism, then, in that case, you can become a news analyst. One needs to have good work experience to be able to earn a handsome salary in this field. The average salary of an analyst is 72,710 dollars per annum. Out of which top 10 per cent of the people will be earning a salary of 146,230 dollars per annum. The locations where a broadcast analyst can acquire a high paid job are Massachusetts and Florida.

Media Salary Rates

If you have done majors in Journalism, then you can get a high paid job in the field of new media. So you must know how much you earn as a journalist. As this field is not so popular in the market, there are no fixed salaries. You can easily get a job in the media branch in a conventional print media firm. In this case, the salary that you will be paid will be compared to the salaries of a printer worker. You can also work as a freelancer where you will get a payment per assignment or per article. Another choice that you have is to create your own news website. 

If you decide to run a business like that, then you will be able to earn money through sponsorships, advertisements and by selling affiliate products. There are no salary bounds if you are running your own news business. But you need to be acquainted with the reality that there are other website owners and bloggers, which cannot make liveable income. So, if you choose this path, then you are at your own risk.


Summary: So this article was all about the career options that a journalism student is available with. There is no fixed package or remuneration for journalist candidates. The earnings that you will get is dependent on the type of tasks you do and also depends on the location where you work. In the above article, we have discussed the remuneration received by broadcasts news analysts, media salary rates, earnings of reporters and correspondents. So, this was all about digital journalism pay scale.

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