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Forensic Science Courses

Update on 2024-04-15

Forensic Science Courses

If you are an aspirant of forensic science,then this article is particularly for you. Given below is the list of the best forensic science courses that you can opt for. Before you start looking for an academic program,  you must gain knowledge about its alternatives as well. You must be aware about the available postgraduate courses and their related information.

In other words, this article is going to provide you with necessary information in order to make a good choice. You must carefully look at the list and then select the best alternative. This article can be of use to a XII pass students, a postgraduate and event to a graduate degree holder. It does not matter what kind of degree you are holding currently, you can get to know about the right type of forensic course here.

If you have certain questions associated with forensic science such as what is forensic science? What is the scope if one pursues this line? Is it worth pursuing a career in this line? You will get answers to all these questions once you read this article.

Basic Information about Forensic Science

In normal words forensic science, the application of techniques and scientific methods for the cases which are being investigated in the court of law. You must have seen forensic experts in famous movies and TV shows. They get into action during the crime scenes. You must have seen them acquiring information related to the evidence in crime scenes, analyzing the evidences and then obtaining the results, which will ultimately help them in making progress. Forensic science is a great domain and there has also been noticeable improvement in this field. For instance, cyber forensics is a new branch.

As it has been previously mentioned, forensic science is a huge field. It has several sub branches. Many of the popular forensic science sub-branches are:

  • Forensic accounting
  • Forensic chemistry
  • Forensic microbiology
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Forensic DNA analysis
  • Computational forensics
  • Digital forensics
  • Forensic pathology
  • Forensic linguistics
  • Forensic toxicology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Forensic engineering

You must have seen forensic science experts working in a crime scene. In crime scenes you must have seen forensic experts working together with the police force. In crime scenes, these are the main tasks that they have to perform.

  • Studying and analyzing the crime scene
  • Collecting important evidence
  • Labelling and marking the evidence properly
  • Preserving and storing the evidence safely

In the labs, these are some of the tasks that they have to perform

  • Maintaining records of evidences that have been collected so far
  • Analyze the evidences through the use of scientific equipments and methods
  • Once you are done with analysis, then you can move ahead with the conclusions
  • Creating reports associated with the findings

Other than the crime scene role and lab work, forensic experts may have to appear as a witness in the court. The jobs performed by the professionals and forensic scientists depend upon their educational qualification as well as his or her specializations. A digital forensic expert may not have to analyze the patterns of bloodstain.

Also, a forensic chemistry expert cannot do analysis for the frauds committed in the financial field. Therefore, it is clear that a person needs specialization or expertise while being in this field.

So, forensic experts play a significant role in solving crime problems. It is all thanks to the inputs that the forensic experts provide, the investigating agencies are able to obtain important clues and inroads associated with the crime. Before moving forward with the main matter that is the list if forensic courses. Here are some important facts related to the academic programs. They involve:

Course Formats

In India, students can study the programs of forensic science at doctoral, graduate, and postgraduate level. Thus depending on the academic degree s level, these courses can be classified into these types:

  • Doctoral level courses
  • Post graduate level courses
  • Undergraduate level courses

Other than that, there are no-credit programs for forensic science and workshops associated with this subject.

List of forensic science courses in India

Undergraduate courses

  • Bsc in forensic science
  • B tech in computer science

Postgraduate courses

  • Msc in information technology and digital forensics
  • Msc in forensic chemistry
  • M tech in incident report and cyber security
  • M tech in forensic and scientific technology
  • M sc in forensic odontology
  • PG diploma in fingerprint science
  • PG diploma in forensic accounting
  • PG diploma in forensic toxicology
  • MBA in finance (forensic accounting)
  • PG diploma in Forensic document examination

Doctoral degree courses

  • PhD in digital forensics
  • PhD in forensic science
  • PhD in forensic chemistry
  • PhD in forensic pathology

Eligibility criteria

Those who have cleared their XII class exams in the science streams are eligible to study Bsc and B tech undergraduate programs.

Postgraduate programs: Candidate should have completed the necessary undergraduate or bachelor’s degree programs in order to pursue postgraduate forensic courses.

Doctoral degree programs: In order to pursue relevant doctoral degree program, one must have completed a Master’s degree program.


  • Bsc programs are 3 years long
  • B tech programs are around 4 years long
  • M sc programs are generally 2 years long
  • Post graduate diploma programs are generally two years long


Engineering, science and other post graduate diploma programs are provided by several self financed and government programs all around India. Such colleges are spread across various districts in a state. Government colleges generally charge lower fees in comparison to the self financed colleges. Forensic science University of Gujrat is the best University that provides forensic science programs.

Admission process

Reputed institute gives admission to the students on merit basis. Such colleges or institutes conduct entrance exams so that they can select deserving candidates in their college or institutes. Such institutes conduct their own entrance tests for choosing the right candidates. There are certain institutes that conduct donation-based or direct admission process.


Fee charged may differ from institute to institute . The fees of the course is also dependent on important factors such as:

  • Status and rating of the college
  • Location of the college
  • Type of institute that is aided, private or government
  • Scholarship status of the student if possible.

Government colleges charge low fees whereas the average fees charged by the private institutes can lie anywhere between 60,000 to 100,000 INR per annum.

Career prospects

Professionals of forensic science are available with numerous job opportunities. They can get private sector and government jobs very easily. They can also go for self employment.

Let us first talk about the government jobs that a forensic science student can get. These professionals are generally hired by the agencies of law enforcement, forensic laboratories, tax authorities, investigation agencies. Here are some of the recruiters:

  • Government forensic labs
  • Income tax department
  • Intelligence bureau
  • Crime branch
  • Commercial tax department
  • Government hospitals
  • Armed forces
  • CBI
  • Financial institutes and government banks

Now, we are going to discuss about the private sector jobs that the forensic students are available with. Forensic experts can easily get a job in detective agencies, law firms, consultancies, security agencies, and private investigation agencies. In case you wish to remain self employed, then you can start giving consultancy services and create your own agency.

In these firms, here are some of the roles that a forensic expert is going to perform.

  • Cyber forensic expert
  • Law expert
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Laboratory in-charge
  • Forensic accountant
  • Investigative officer
  • Forensic scientist
  • Forensic expert

So, these are some of the things associated with the forensic science courses.

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