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Diploma in Fashion Designing Course Admission process, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus and Colleges

Update on 14 Mar, 23

Diploma in Fashion Designing Course Admission process, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus and Colleges

Diploma in Fashion Designing: INTRODUCTION:

A diploma course in Fashion Designing is a simple fast-track diploma course in the fashion designing sector. This 1-year course is focused on a revised curriculum of trends in fashion and design, guiding students to various lucrative careers in this field. The main aim of this course is to allow students to find fashion design creativity and innovation and to impart knowledge of the technical aspects involved in the process.

Aspiring fashion design students participating in this course must have a Certificate of Graduation from any recognized board in the country (Class 12th). This is basic eligibility followed by many colleges but some do offer a Diploma in Fashion Design after 10th as well. NIFT is a synonym for the Indian study of fashion design. Since 2014 in India they have been offering Diploma Degrees. Apart from NIFT, this technical diploma course is offered by the JD Institute and the World Institute of Design.

The following table shows some of India's Best Diploma in Fashion Designing Colleges and Institutes as per India Today Ranking:


India Today Ranking

Admission Procedure



NIFT Navi Mumbai

Written Test & Personal Interview

INR 3,00,000


Pearl Academy New Delhi

Personal Interview

INR 2,40,000


JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore


INR 1,77,000


Pearl Academy, Noida

Personal Interview

INR 2,40,000


Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Jalandhar



Generally, the course duration is 1 year, but some colleges also offer this course for the duration of 2 years Diploma course. The approx fees are about INR 1,00,000, but it may be up as well. The fee may vary from one college to another.

The syllabus is mainly focused on training that helps students improve their core design skills and creative abilities. In addition, the course curriculum includes classroom sessions, project assignments, internships, exposure to business, portfolio development, etc.

Students may find positions as brand managers, pattern creators, design product creation, designers, fashion writers, fashion coordinators, and much more with a Diploma in Fashion Designing.

Depending on the applicant's caliber and experience, a fresh applicant in this sector will receive an average salary between INR 2,00,000 and 6,00,000 annually. Experience in the world of fashion counts more than qualifications, hence your talent and abilities talk more volume than your degree.

But still, students can go for other Bachelor's courses in Design or other related fields after this diploma course, and can also follow one of the many Advance Diploma and Qualification courses available in the design area.

Diploma in Fashion Designing Admission 2023:

The admission requirement is different for each college of this diploma course. Most of the private colleges give direct entry based on Class 10/12.

Some colleges like NIFT admit students in the Written Round based on results followed by Personal Interviews.

Direct Admission Procedure: Students applying for the course are granted direct entry through the online or offline application. When chosen, they are told by the colleges and required to pay the entrance fees to obtain the entry.

Entrance Exam Based Admission: After clearing the group discussion and/or personal interview round, some colleges administer subject-based or aptitude tests to select the students for this course.

Diploma in Fashion Designing Eligibility Criteria:

Students seeking to follow this trendy diploma course should have completed Class 10 or more. After 12th, some colleges such as NIFT, JD University, etc. take admission in this.

Many students who want to change their careers in the fashion industry are also pursuing this course after their UG or PG to learn basic knowledge and skills, so there is no age limit to pursue fashion design diplomas.

Diploma in Fashion Designing Entrance Exams:

For this diploma course, there are no clear entrance exams, but Madras Institute of Fashion Technology, NIFT, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, among others, conduct written tests, followed by other admission rounds. The Written Test may either be based on Aptitude or Subject Knowledge, which takes the college screen students into the final admission round. In these schools, there may be a group discussion and personal interview round for final admission, which tests the students ' interest, intent, career goals, and overall personality.

In preparation for a Diploma in Fashion Designing Entrance Exams, points to bear in mind:

  • Such assessments are used to determine the skills and expertise that lets colleges assess whether or not you'd be appropriate for the course, so you should have used some homework and basic fashion industry knowledge.
  • Check the syllabus for the exam and begin planning accordingly.
  • You should be prepared to take the exam in full. While they aren't very good, you can also follow up and review sample papers and papers from previous years, if available.
  • Give mock tests to feel confident with the sort of questions you'll face on the day of the exam.

How to Seek Admission in a Renowned Diploma in Fashion Designing College?

  • There are several renowned colleges for fashion design studies in India, so based on your qualifications, program structure, and venue, you can choose your preferred college.
  • You can review their admission requirements after choosing the college and fill in the application form on time.
  • If they give admission based on a Written Test or Interview or both, then you should be prepared for it by going through the available sample papers or mock interviews, as well as preparing for the Personal Interview Round.
  • Don't pretend to be someone else in the interview round as the panelists want to see your good side and know your important aspirations and career.
  • If the college provides admission based on merit or marks earned in Class 10/12, then the higher the scores the better will be the chances of admission after the admission criteria have been met.

Diploma in Fashion Designing Course: What is this Course About?

  • The Diploma course in Fashion Design encompasses all of the main fashion aspects. All are included in this course, from the source of design or pattern inspiration to the creation of an initial prototype.
  • It covers topics such as design, advertisement, fabric production, sales and promotion, merchandising, and fashion concepts introduced and developed.
  • Students learn a range of fashion design methods, such as how to create and grow a fashion collection, how to apply garment design standards, and how to concentrate on the target consumer segment.
  • Students then enter the fashion industry professionally qualified and equipped to contribute creatively by demonstrating expertise in all these areas.
  • This diploma program emphasizes innovation and imagination in fashion designing while offering candidates the technical dimension for a successful fashion industry career. 
  • It will also help candidates promote unique skills related to pattern drafting, weaving, fashion modeling, illustration, design, and creation of garments.

Why do a Diploma in Fashion Designing?

  • A diploma in Fashion Design offers the opportunity for students to enhance their skill set and qualifications, making them suitable job applicants in a competitive job market of the fashion industry. 
  • The course also provides candidates practical employment experience & skill development that will assist prepare the students for an excellent exciting fashion career.
  • This program emphasizes developing personal responsibility & identity. The main focus is to assist each student to recognize their core potential and enhance their aptitude in their area of expertise which can be designing, fabric making, garment making, etc.
  • With the foundation based on the industry experts' experience, expertise & workshops, the students will be able to build a strong basis for their skill sets, especially in the design sector.
  • In addition to entering the fashion industry, students are also taking this course only to have the personal satisfaction of having the general knowledge of apparel design, and to associate artistic experimentation with creativity, technology, and consumer understanding.
Diploma in Fashion Design Course: Highlights

Level of the Course

Diploma Level

Duration of the Course

1 Year

Type of the Examination 

Semester or Annual

Eligibility Criteria

Class 10/12

Admission Procedure

Entrance Exam & Merit Based

Approx Course Fee

INR 1,00,000

Approx Starting Salary

INR 2 to 6 Lakhs Per Year

Famous Recruiting Companies

Van Heusen, 

Louis Phillip, 

Spykar jeans, 






Tommy Hilfiger, 



Nigel Cabourn, 


Caliber (Menswear), 

Calvin Klein, 

Camilla and Marc, 


Pierre Cardin etc.

Popular Job Sectors

Colleges & Universities, 


Garment Store Chains, 

Several Export Houses, 

Fashion Show Organizers, 

Jewelry Houses, 

Textile Mills, 

Media Houses, 

Leather Companies etc.

Popular Job Positions

Retail Manager, 

Assistant Designer, 



Fashion Coordinator,

Accessory Designer, 


Pattern Maker, 

Fashion Choreographer,

Pattern Cutter and Grader, 

Fashion Merchandiser, 

Quality Controller, 

Production Manager, 

Design Manager, 

Fashion Stylist etc.

Top Diploma in Fashion Designing Colleges in India:

In India, there are many fashion designing colleges in towns like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, etc. NIFT, Pearl Academy, JD Fashion Design School, etc. are some of the best fashion designing college diplomas that any fashion aspirant dreams of going in.

The table below lists the top 10 fashion design colleges that offer this course according to India Today rankings:

India Today Ranking

College Name

Admission Process

Annual Fees

Placement Offer


NIFT Delhi

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 5,50,000


NIFT Mumbai 

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 4,30,000


NIFT Bangalore 

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 3,00,000


NIFT Chennai 

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 4,65,000


NIFT Hyderabad 

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 3,50,000


NIFT Patna

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 3,00,000


Pearl Academy, Delhi

Personal Interview

INR 2,40,000

INR 3,50,000


NIFT Kolkata 

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 4,50,000


NIFT Gandhinagar

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 7,50,000


NIFT Bhubaneswar

Written Test + GD and PI rounds

INR 3,00,000

INR 4,50,000

Diploma in Fashion Designing: College Comparison:

College Name


Admission Process


International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT)


Merit + Counselling

INR 55,000

JD Institute of Fashion Technology


Direct Admission based on Class 12 scores

INR 1,77,000

International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD)


Direct Admission based on Class 12 scores

INR 2,50,000

Vogue Institute of Fashion and Design 


Merit-Based Admission

INR 95,000

World University of Design


Performance in the Personal Interview round

INR 2,19,000

Madras Institute of Fashion Technology


Merit-Based Admission

INR 1,02,000

There are opportunities for completing this course even online. With so many sites like Udemy, Coursera,, etc., you can easily follow this course at your own speed with recommended readings and helpful videos explaining all the topics involved in this course of diplomas.

Diploma in Fashion Designing Syllabus:

This diploma course trains students in the basic techniques and applications of fashion design, for which they study various courses as shown in the following table:

General Fashion Theory

History of Costumes

Fabric Selection

Fashion Illustration

Principles of Fashion   Design

Fashion Principles

Fashion Accessories

Fashion Tools & Techniques

Basic Silhouettes

Measurements & Patterns

Silhouettes of Garments

Quality Assurance

Drafting of Blocks & Patterns

Stitching Methods & Applications

Saree Designing

Fashion Forecasting

Advertising and Media Planning

Fashion Show

Fashion Exhibition

Industrial Training Report

Diploma in Fashion Designing Future Scope:
  • The fashion industry is currently one of India's most developing industries. The need for skillful professionals in this sector will be doubled by the year 2025, according to the statistics.
  • It is also not unfair to say that the best time to earn a Diploma in Fashion Design is right now. After this course the job prospects in many private companies and units of the public sector are immense.
  • The diploma course helps set your future in the fashion industry, and you learn the basic skills that can get you jobs in sectors like design, clothes, mercanusicnsg, retention, purchasing, etc.
  • Nonetheless, both students and businessmen, fashion authors, bloggers, and influencers can work independently and earn big money by becoming their own bosses.
  • In the fashion world, the experience that a person has more than his / her academic qualification is given far more importance. So we can conclude in a way that having the right skills, innovation and experience will help students a lot in their careers and personal development.
  • Students may also apply for other Bachelor and Advanced Diploma courses, such as Bachelor of Architecture, Advanced Diploma in Interior Design, and many other qualification courses.

Bachelor of Design (BDes)

Bachelor in Fashion Technology 

Bachelor of Fashion Designing

Advance Diploma in Interior Design

Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing

Diploma in Jewelry Design

Diploma in Fashion Designing: Job and Salary:
  • A diploma in Fashion Designing is intended for students who want to work in the area of fashion designing as experts and practitioners and other related fields.
  • This simple diploma employs an apparel buyer, visual merchandiser, apparel influencer, quality manager, accessories designer, fashion manufacturer, entrepreneur, and so on in the fashion industry.
  • The average wage depends on the work position and the work sector but between INR 3-20 LPA, it can be anywhere. See Fashion Designing Compensation Diploma to learn more.

Below are some of the big jobs you can get after this diploma course in fashion design.

Job Position

Job Description


Fashion Designer

A Fashion Designer can design clothing, accessories, costumes, and so on. They can work autonomously or with fashion companies.

INR 3.85 LPA

Fashion Buyer

Wear buyers typically negotiate the need for specific raw materials with various retailers and manage the distribution process.

INR 9.50 LPA

Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandiser designer the presentation of any dress, product, or accessory. They take responsibility for the overall look of a piece of fashion.

INR 4.15 LPA

Pattern Maker

Pattern creators may be fabricators or artists. Typically they are responsible for making various molds and equipment needed to create a specific pattern


Fashion Retailer

They are responsible for the production and procurement of the products for their purpose.

INR 7.94 LPA

Quality Controller

The Fashion Quality Controller tests the product whether it is according to the requirements of the client or brand. If not, they should bring those items into the market.

INR 3.98 LPA

Fashion Stylist

To ensure the best look of the series, the stylist is responsible for maintaining makeup, dress code, hairstyle, etc. They look after the beauty and the runway shows and promotional programs.

INR 4.30 LPA


Dear Students, Here in this article we have laid down all the important aspects of the Diploma in Fashion Designing course. Going through all the points aspirants can easily decide whether to go for this course and what career the students would have in the future. They can easily make the most crucial yet important career decisions of their life.

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